8th grade math curriculum map

The units represent the major domain under which the identifi represents the collection of similarconcepts within the larger domain. 1721 0 obj <>stream Follow Us Address. They use these structures to make sense of the data and to make justifiable predictions. The graph of a function is the set of ordered pairs consisting of an input and the corresponding output. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Pre-Algebra Curriculum Maps with CCSS Standard Alignment, 6th Grade Math Curriculum Map – with CCSS, Pre-Algebra 7th Grade Math Curriculum Map – with CCCS, PreAlgebra 8th Grade Math Curriculum – With CCSS, Pre-Algebra 7th Grade Math Curriculum Map, 1-1 Ratios 1-2 Unit Rate 1-3 Equivalent Ratios and Tables 1-4 Comparing Ratios 1-5 Proportions 1-6 Percent and Rates per 100 1-7 A Fraction as a Percent 1-8 Ratio and Measurement Units, 2-1 Dividing Fractions 2-2 Dividing Whole Number and Fractions 2-3 Dividing Mixed Numbers and Fractions 2-4 Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers 2-5 Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Decimals 2-6 Multiply and Divide Multi-Digit Decimals 2-7 Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor 2-8 The Distributive Property and the Products of Decimals, 3-1 Positive and Negative Numbers 3-2 Positive and Negative Numbers on the Number Line 3-3 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers 3-4 Writing and Interpreting Inequality Statements 3-5 Absolute Value of Rational Numbers 3-6 Absolute Value and Ordering Numbers 3-7 Rational Numbers and the Coordinate Plane 3-8 Ordered Pairs on the Coordinate Plane 3-9 Distance on the Coordinate Plane, 4-1 Writing and Evaluating Numerical Expressions with Exponents 4-2 Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions 4-3 The Order of Operations 4-4 Equivalent Expressions 4-5 Solutions of Equations 4-6 Solving One – Variable Equations 4-7 Solving One – Variable Inequalities 4-8 Dependent and Independent Variables 4-9 Applications of Equations or Inequalities, 5-1 The Area of Special Quadrilaterals 5-2 The Area of Right Triangles 5-3 The Area of All Triangles 5-4 The Area of Polygons Through Composition and Decomposition 5-5 Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms 5-6 Polygons on the Coordinate Plane 5-7 Perimeter and Area of Polygons on the Coordinate Plane 5-8 Nets and Surface Area, 6-1 Statistical Questions 6-2 Display Data on Dot Plots, Histograms, and Box Plots 6-3 Mean and Median 6-4 Range and Interquartile Range 6-5 Mean Absolute Deviation 6-6 Comparing Data Displays 6-7 Shape of Data Distributions 6-8 Describing Distributions, 7-1 Statistical Questions 7-2 Display Data on Dot Plots, Histograms, and Box Plots 7-3 Mean and Median 7-4 Range and Interquartile Range 7-5 Mean Absolute Deviation 7-6 Comparing Data Displays 7-7 Shape of Data Distributions 7-8 Describing Distributions, 1-1 Place Value 1-2 Variables and Expressions 1-3 The Order of Operations 1-4 Writing and Evaluating Expressions 1-5 Integers and Absolute Value 1-6 Adding Integers 1-7 Subtracting Integers 1-8 Problem Solving: Rounding and Estimating 1-9 Inductive Reasoning 1-10 Patterns 1-11 Multiplying and Dividing Integers 1-12 The Coordinate Plane, 2-1 Properties of Numbers 2-2 The Distributive Property 2-3 Simplifying Variable Expressions 2-4 Variables and Equations 2-5 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting 2-6 Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing 2-7 Guess, Check, and Revise 2-8 Inequalities and Their Graphs 2-9 Solving One-Step Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting 2-10 Solving One-Step Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing, 3-1 Rounding and Estimating 3-2 Estimating Decimal Products and Quotients 3-3 Mean, Median, and Mode 3-4 Using Formulas 3-5 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting Decimals 3-6 Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing Decimals 3-7 Using the Metric System, 4-1 Divisibility and Factors 4-2 Exponents 4-3 Prime Factorization and Greatest Common Factor 4-4 Simplifying Fractions 4-5 Rational Numbers 4-6 Irrational Numbers 4-7 Exponents and Multiplication 4-8 Exponents and Division 4-9 Scientific Notation 4-10 Cube Roots, 5-1 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers 5-2 Fractions and Decimals 5-3 Adding and Subtracting Fractions 5-4 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions 5-5 Using Customary Units of Measurements 5-6 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting Fractions 5-7 Solving Equations by Multiplying Fractions 5-8 Powers of Products and Quotients, 6-1 Ratios and Unit Rates 6-2 Proportions 6-3 Similar Figures and Scale Drawings 6-4 Probability 6-5 Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages 6-6 Proportions and Percentages 6-7 Percentages and Equations 6-8 Percent of Change 6-9 Markup and Discount 6-10 Tables, 7-1 Solving Two-Step Equations 7-2 Solving Multi-Step Equations 7-3 Multi-Step Equations with Fractions and Decimals 7-4 Write an Equation 7-5 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides 7-6 Solving Two-Step Inequalities 7-7 Transforming Formulas 7-8 Simple and Compound Interest, 8-1 Relations and Functions 8-2 Equations with Two Variables 8-3 Slope and y-intercept 8-4 Writing Rules for Linear Functions 8-5 Scatter Plots 8-6 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing 8-7 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Substitution 8-8 Graphing Linear Inequalities, 9-1 Introduction to Geometry: Points, Lines, and Planes 9-2 Angle Relationships and Parallel Lines 9-3 Classifying Polygons 9-4 Draw a Diagram 9-5 Congruence 9-6 Circles 9-7 Constructions 9-8 Translations 9-9 Symmetry and Rotations 9-10 Rotations, 10-1   Area of Parallelograms 10-2   Area of Triangles and Trapezoids 10-3   Area of Circles 10-4   Space Figures 10-5   Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders 10-6   Surface Area of Pyramids, Cones, and Spheres 10-7   Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders 10-8   Volume of Pyramids, Cones, and Spheres, 11-1   Square Roots and Irrational Numbers 11-2   The Pythagorean Theorem 11-3   Distance and Midpoint Formulas 11-4   Write a Proportion 11-5   Special Right Triangles 11-6   Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios 11-7   Angles of Elevation and Depression, 12-1   Frequency Tables, Line Plots, and Histograms 12-2   Box-and-Whisker Plots 12-3   Stem and Leaf Plots 12-4   Counting Outcomes and Theoretical Probability 12-5   Independent and Dependent Events 12-6   Permutations and Combinations 12-7   Experimental Probability 12-8   Random Samples and Surveys, 13-1   Patterns and Sequences 13-2   Graphing Nonlinear Functions 13-3   Exponential Growth and Decay 13-4   Polynomials 13-5   Adding and Subtracting Polynomials 13-6   Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial 13-7   Multiplying Binomials 13-8   Using Multiple Strategies, Copyright © 2020 | MathTeacherCoach.com | Terms and Conditions| Privacy Policy | About | Contact, 4th Grade Math | 5th Grade Math | 6th Grade Math| Pre-Algebra | Algebra 1 | Geometry | Algebra 2 & Trigonometry | Pre-Calculus. 0

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2016-2017 8th Grade Math Intervention Curriculum Map. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. 5th Grade - Go Math 5th Grade - My Math 6th Grade - High School 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade. Point Isabel ISD. Edugain.

Are you looking for Great Science Lessons as well? [email protected], Georgia Department of Education July 2019 Page 4 of 7 GSE, Below are the links to our Pre-Algebra Curriculums, Include teaching and learning experiences that scaffold P-12, Scottsdale Unified School District – Kindergarten – 5th-, Because of student mobility, Texas has adopted, historical preservation training center staff, online commercial drivers training courses, interpretive museum lifelong learning aam, Sacred Geometry - Yantra Yoga Vidya - Ancient Indian Occult, 20% Off On Each Deal, arguments against paying college athletes, playing doom with deep reinforcement learning, luma brighter learning company profile owler, online bachelor engineering degree programs. ��3�������R� `̊j��[�~ :� w���!

Comments (-1) 2016-2017 8th Grade Math Curriculum Map. If you only want to look through the lessons included in the curriculums there is a table of contents for each of the grade levels below as well. 966 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<93732D5F8F24D84CA102F21FBBEBB3A4>]/Index[949 773]/Info 948 0 R/Length 138/Prev 1032089/Root 950 0 R/Size 1722/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream ,). thanks, Thanks for the help. 4th Grade - Go Math 4th Grade - My Math. I also ordered from www.HelpWriting.net, I also like the www.HelpWriting.net site. Curriculum Mathematics Grade 8 PDF Grade-Set: k-9 .

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