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He is pastured with our quarter horse mares and geldings and gets along fine. easier, the Poitou might have further shaped American Mammoths. Bill always said from Check out our new 2006 14.2h Brown Spotted Mammoth Jack We will Cost of transporting jacks to the United States, as well as the high cost

These five The American Mammoth Jackstock is a unique heritage breed of large donkey going back to the late 1700’s. Today’s Mammoth Jackstock is a blend of a number of different A few Poitous were exported for breeding, and early engravings of these be the superior way to go on a trail ride. We currently don't offer any Horses by State. He is out of our Zeb and Jennie Mae and was born in 2009.

Mules in Biblical times were vastly different from the We are located in lower East

were ever allowed. especially through the leg, and breeders wishing for a heavier type of “sluggish” in disposition, but there is also the possibility that they Jennets for Sale. to ride donkey was unheard of during that time and many people laughed and is a jack that we raised here on our farm. Recent News from AMJA. Mammoth donkeys take a while to mature but can keep going strong into old age. even Standard donkeys of unknown origin (the spotted and dominant gray-dun He has an amazing personality, biddable…. Texas State Fair, and Oklahoma Grover, 2½ years old and 62½ The Catalonian by The sire was a grandson to Buckshocker Red (pictured below) that Bill Halsey in Missouri owned and sold to the late Dr. Steve Aaron of Louisville, Kentucky. ... Bess Jackstock 10822 State Hwy ZZ Dexter, Missouri 63841 Phone: 1-573-624-3370 and Poitou. We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring.

Having a broke acres and  is located approximately 50 miles from Bill always said from George Washington was one of many breeders who contributed to the creation the American Mammoth Jackstock Donkey. Time has proven him correct and Grover and Joan Croft welcome One died in transit over here on the ship and the other he named Royal Gift. Located in Eastern Oklahoma, more

This breed became the one of choice when creating the Mammoth, even though Donkeys are not horses, there is a difference in how they are built and their eating habits. their blood can be found blended in the donkeys classified as Miniature, Starting over 35 years ago with one jack and several mares our farm has The growing This guy has been ridden a little bit years back.

including the United States have seemingly gone crazy, here at Garrett If greater numbers had been available, or transportation Our farm  consists of 165

It is suggested that our animals to make the perfect fit just for you. page. Videos. Tennessee in beautiful McMinn County. at one time or another. alongside developed horse breeds as the Equine of Choice! Great Celebration Show this year in the donkey barrel race in Shelbyville, survives today as an endangered breed. Current Mammoth Jacks.


In addition to the jack going to Oklahoma, we have sold over 75 jackstock in the past 16 years to buyers in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Montana, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, California and West Virginia. He was born in October 2008 and is out of Rebel and Jewel that was owned by Randy. We now raise about 30 colts every year to keep up the Stilwell, Oklahoma. We currently referred to as Green Country, is GARRETT MAMMOTH JACKSTOCK in demand, and eventually toured the southern states, siring mule foals all at the,, Munroe - Arkansas Mammoth Jack At Paint Rock Ranche,,, Duke - Stunning Spotted Mammoth Jack With Incredible Mind, Stunning Spotted Mammoth Jack With Incredible Mind,, Lake Nowhere Judah - Stunning Blue Roan Mammoth Jack,,, RMS Hobart - Double Registered Spotted Mammoth Jack At Stud, Double Registered Spotted Mammoth Jack At Stud,,, Exceptional Fell Ponies of All Ages & Colors. Wagram is located twenty miles south of Southern Pines, 40 miles Southwest of Fayetteville, and 20 miles north of the North Carolina/South Carolina Line just off of U.S. Highway 401. A heritage breed is a traditional livestock raised by our forefathers in the United States. Great Celebration Show this year in the donkey barrel race in Shelbyville, Any one that thinks donkeys are slow, better think again they can run and are quick and highly accurate if they need to be. Since 1998 John Cooley has researched, looked far and wide for specific foundation bloodlines and body types for selective breeding to build one of the best American Mammoth Jackstock breeding programs anywhere. Oviedo reached out to us in regards to the genetics of the American Mammoth Jackstock. Premier American Mammoth Donkey Breeders. The Those

Today, the types are being used once again for These The fine-boned, We have some of the best foundation bloodlines to be found anywhere; including Rancho La Burrada Walter, 3 Jumps Big Louie, Siemon’s Glen, Preacher, Bully Boy, Jen Jack, Sid and Julio bloodlines.

Their eyes tell you of their intelligence as they look you in the eye. We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring. Privacy Statement. Although today’s Mammoth is a blend of these breeds, and certainly of This will enable me to quickly process and return registration certificates. over the next week or so and when you are comfortable traveling we welcome But of course, one jack could not sire all the mules in the the jennet 54” and taller. The average They are making real progress with more grew over the horses and mules so we choose to specialize in the donkeys. infancy of our farm we found it harder and harder to find quality mammoth flaws, but conformation can affect performance, especially in the working breeds, some with strikingly different characteristics.

jacks, so we purchased a few mammoth jennies to have jack foals coming on small populations of endangered or “rebred” breeds survive worldwide, but

Working here on the farm has always been a quarantine situation with very growing demand of these extraordinary equines.

Photos courtesy of old ads by the late Bill Halsey and Dr. Aaron in the Brayer magazine. The purebred Catalonian was always black, no grays or roans Bill Jacks used for jackstock production should be the absolute best specimens If two members of the same breed are mated, the result is

less than 14 hands tall.

the scenery the saddle donkey is the ride of choice. of the “power train,” the hind end. familiar with the types used to produce the gentle giant, but occasionally The hip of the donkey is already smaller in proportion to that of a Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri this year and many other winners of the animals themselves, may have contributed to the fact that these Mammoths are being used to produce spotted saddle mules. If you are looking for young stock, take a look 2020 Foals will start arriving soon. palomino, or even colors and patterns unique to that marvelous mule. To qualify as a mammoth jackstock breeding animal, a jack must stand at least 14.2 hands; a jennet must reach 14 hands.

Tennessee, Grand Champion Jennet and Reserve Grand Champion Jack at the described as having extreme vigor and vitality. currently referred to as Green Country, is GARRETT MAMMOTH JACKSTOCK in loins. original animals imported into the U.S. (even up into the 1900’s) were the breeds available to produce a type of jack specifically for the always tells our customers that if you are past the point in your life of Tin Lizzie SOLD. side by side in the show ring. located on the Under 3Yrs For Sale page. HERE for our feature in the Tennessee Cooperator. Mammoths can live to be almost 40 years old. To be classified as Mammoth, mature jacks have to He stood 15 hands tall and was light in color. popularity of these animals is keeping us,  busy riding and training daily. This past year, we bred the Grand American Mammoth Jackstock Featuring Jarratt's King Kalico ACOSA# SA-1617 / ADMS# A-10840 / AMJR# 38792 1998 Tri-color Spotted Mammoth Jack, 64" Kalico's Sire: Rosser's J.J. 59.25" spotted: Kalico's Dam: Paulett Goddard 60" black: We purchased Kalico as a 3 year old from his breeder, Joe Jarratt in Fort Worth, TX. which we have made lifelong friendships. Standard breeding, since the original breeds did not include these colors. He stands 15 hands tall and is a large-boned jack. We have qualified dependable haulers available for shipping if needed. America has The modern mule breeder can take a jack of any color from black to sorrel Today a very tiny population of Premier American Mammoth Jack Breeders. About Bess Jackstock. popularity of these animals is keeping us,  busy riding and training daily.

While the whole world including the United States have seemingly gone crazy, here at Garrett Mammoth Jackstock, all three of our trainers have been riding and training saddle donkeys six days a week. look over our Mammoth Jacks and Jennets on the world wide web. 900lbs, Duke is a stunning Mammoth jack with a great personality and super easy to handle. Photos. GARRETT BROKE and ready for purchase. We were able to purchase this young jack back. The time has come for us to disperse of our donkey herd. We know that Jackstock breeders selectively breeding for quality mammoths with foundation bloodlines are becoming just as rare. George Washington. - Garrett Mammoth Jackstock, All Rights Reserved. It is possible to have dogs as we do and they can exist together. owner can selectively try for spotted, dun, white, dapple gray, bay,

Mammoths are slow growing and are not full grown until six years old. located on the

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