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Sudden Advncmnt,PA Suitable for beginners & ideal for children ... PPM Calculator for HanDBase v.1.0 PPM Calculator is a database that calculates the amount of chemical necessary to maintain a desired level in Parts Per Million in an irrigation system of a vineyard or orchard. Popularity ,Ascendant+Venus-Pluto ' * Male Children ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Moon HA:Honorable Aquaintances, Accomplishment ,Ascendant+Sun-Jupiter ' * Travels (Short),Ascendant+C3-Mercury Surgery ,Ascendant+Saturn-Mars Hellenistic astrologers called them lots, and some ancient astrologers used them extensively.

Sex & Love ,Ascendant+Venus-Sun ' * same as Love

Economy ,Ascendant+Saturn-Venus ' Husbandry (Frugality) Secret Enemies ,Ascendant+C12-R12

Widowhood ,Ascendant+9LI48p-Neptune, Buy a professional AstroTalk Report and get a FREE Designer Natal Chart Wheel! The inordinate increase is noted by the Arab commentators themselves.

Leave Job ,Saturn+Jupiter-Sun ' * (Dismissal)

Arabian parts are used in horary astrology today, with some use in natal, medical, and predictive mundane astrology. Spirit ,PS Essentially they are arithmetically derived points located on the Ecliptic.

Hellenistic astrologers called them lots, and some ancient astrologers used them extensively.

- Happiness, Psycho-Spiritual Development, Metaphysics.

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Occultism ,Ascendant+Neptune-Uranus ' * Exile ,Ascendant+Uranus-Saturn ' * Catastrophe & Exile

Most Arabian parts in use today are calculated by taking the longitudinal distance between two planets or house cusps believed to have some influence over a matter of interest, and projecting it from the ascendant or midheaven.

Hopes & Wishes ,Ascendant+C11-R11 Death (Point) ,Mars+Saturn-Midheaven ' * Watters & Emerson

Astrology ,Ascendant+Mercury-Uranus ' * Torture ,C10+Saturn-Moon ' * Fortune (Night),Ascendant+Sun-Moon

Luck ,Ascendant+Moon-Jupiter ' * Brethren ,PB Sun=Sun, Passion ,Ascendant+Mars-Sun Our astrology website has a lot of Arabic Parts Calculator Astrology information.

Imprisonment ,Ascendant+Part Fortune-Neptune ' Imprisonment & Sorrow Retribution ,Ascendant+Sun-Mars ' *

Father ,Ascendant+Sun-Saturn Individuality ,Ascendant+Sun-Uranus ' *

Travels by Land,Ascendant+C9-R9 ' * same as Travels (Long) Fortune (Day) ,Ascendant+Moon-Sun Real Estate ,Ascendant+Moon-Saturn ' * same as Inheritance Time for Action,Ascendant+Jupiter-Sun ' * same as Increase Astrologers over the centuries have used hundreds of Arabian parts, involving different sorts of calculations. Tragedy ,Ascendant+Saturn-Sun ' * same as Fate Repression ,Ascendant+Saturn-Pluto ' * Arabic Parts Astrology chart calculations. Possessions ,Ascendant+C2-R2 ' Goods Weddings ,C9+C3-Venus ' * same as Legalizing & Ritual Ceremony.

Death Parents ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Saturn ' * Cancer Malign. Sons ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Moon ' * same as Male Children Radical Change ,Ascendant+Pluto-Uranus ' * The lots are a very ancient astrological technique which can be traced back to pre-Hellenistic sources. Distress-Upset ,Ascendant+Mars-Saturn ' * same as Sickness

This means that an ascendant at 9 degrees Leo Disappointment ,Ascendant+Mars-Neptune ' * Pluto=Pluto, Appreciation ,Ascendant+Venus-Sun ' * same as Love Ritual Ceremon.,C9+C3-Venus ' * same as Legalizing

Partners ,Ascendant+C7-Venus ' * same as Marriage

Assassination 2,Mars+Neptune-Uranus ' * Astrologers disagree on whether day- and night-charts should involve different calculations. After the fall of the Roman Empire, all of the classical legacy, including astrology, fell to the Abbasid Arabs and Persians. Mother ,Ascendant+Moon-Venus

,Ascendant+Neptune-Jupiter ' * - Start you own Skin-Care Business, Conjugial Love: Our Path of Return Self-Undoing ,Ascendant+C12-Neptune ' * False Love ,Ascendant+Neptune-Venus ' * Higher Educat. Spiritual Love & Light corresponds to Peace and Silence within. PS:Spirit,

Fate ,Ascendant+Saturn-Sun Find (Lost Obj),Moon+C4-RAscendant

Fame- Wisdom ,xAscendant+Jupiter-Sun ' * same as Increase Male Children 2,xAscendant+Jupiter-Moon ' * same as Male Children but w/ Night swap Increase ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Sun Man's Marriage ,Ascendant+Venus-Saturn ' * Jupiter=Jupiter, Simply Gourmet! Because there are only 360 degrees in the zodiac, 360 is then subtracted from this sum, which gives a final result of 41 degrees, which is equivalent to 11 degrees Taurus. Discover the Secrets to Savory Flavors, Creamy Textures, and Nutritional Weight Loss - Naturally!- The Diet to End World Hunger. Buy an Astro*Talk Natal Report & TimeLine Horoscope - and get a FREE Designer Wheel! You’re probably more interested in Lots or Arabic Parts these days since you’ve been hearing about Zodiacal Releasing.You’re probably familiar with the Lot of Fortune, and perhaps the Lot of Spirit and the Lot of Eros. By the time of William Lilly, only the Lot of Fortune continued to be used by astrologers, although in a manner that would be considered strange by ancient practitioners. Legal Affairs ,C3+C9-Venus Unusual Events ,Ascendant+Uranus-Moon ' * Assassination 1,Ascendant+R12-Neptune

Danger ,Ascendant+Mercury-Saturn ' * Arabic Parts calculations for over 131 parts. Imagination ,Ascendant+C11-Uranus

Speculation 1 ,xAscendant+C5-Jupiter ' * In The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology, Persian astrologer Abu Ma'Shar (787-886) describes no less than 55 lots, although it's clear that these are only the ones he considers significant. Calculate your sign according to Arabic astrology and which of the 12 weapons you are.

The Arabian parts actually pre-dated the emergence of astrology in Islamic societies. Business Injury,Ascendant+Part Fortune-R1 ' * same as Sorrow The Arabian parts actually pre-dated the emergence of astrology in Islamic societies. The Seaweed Jelly-Diet - by Clayten Tylor Sample: Oprah Astro*Talk, Buy the original TimeLine Forecast Report and get a FREE Designer Wheel! Lost Animal ,Ascendant+Mars-Sun ' * same as Passion

Disputes ,Ascendant+Mercury-Mars ' * Inheritance ,Ascendant+Moon-Saturn Death ,Ascendant+C8-Moon Success ,Ascendant+Jupiter-Part Fortune ' * Sickness ,Ascendant+Mars-Saturn The Arabic Points are interpreted according to the house and sign where are located and the aspects they make with the planets (especially conjunctions). Sample: OprahOrder, Buy a Friends or Lovers Compatibility Report and get two Designer Wheels FREE!

Although it is not clear whether the number of lots began to proliferate in late Antiquity or whether it was purely the product of the fascination the Arabs had for them, Arabic manuscripts show an explosion in the number of lots that were used over the next several centuries. Proprty Movable,Ascendant+C2-R2 ' * same as Possessions Conjugial Love is God as a feeling. Understanding ,Ascendant+Mars-Mercury

Slander ,Ascendant+Saturn-Neptune ' * Peril 2 ,xAscendant+R8-Saturn ' * same as Peril but w/ Night swap Venus=Venus,

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