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If you buy OEM there’s typically just the one part for any given need. All that choice makes it hard to figure out which type of part to use when, at least for the layperson who isn’t living and breathing cars. Isuzu parts UK sourced at 24/7 Spares are easy to locate from the variety of Isuzu spare parts offered on the site. Check out the latest parts deals here. It’s pretty simple, just use your brain, just like you’d avoid a $25 set of “Ray Ban” sunglasses. Simply, if it looks too good to be true then it is. Don’t take risks with car parts, it can be deadly. We pride ourselves on being a Isuzu spares UK based supplier with a …

I owed $3,600-$3,800 (interest, so it's between those figures). For example, I recently bought a CV joint for my Ranger. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Both OEM and aftermarket parts are available in different degrees of ‘newness’: The safest way for the average consumer to figure out what to do is to find a reputable, trusted mechanic who specialises in your type of vehicle and follow their advice. Once you have selected your Isuzu car parts, our swift and simple ordering system results in your Isuzu spare parts being quickly dispatched. Notice there’s nothing in that definition about who makes the part. Whether to use OEM, aftermarket or how new the part should be depends on a range of factors.

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS: BENEFITS OF OEM SERVICING AND PARTS. If you clicked on a link to get here, the link is outdated. This is an implicit acknowledgment that the standard part cannot fit everybody’s needs. They then go on to say that “fake car parts from Asia are a growing part of that trade”, but there is no source for this statement. I’ve replaced radiators and exhausts with HD versions (which were cheaper than “genuine”) which outlasted the original effort by years and years (my Renault in ’77 exhaust didn’t last the 12mths warranty, and the dealer suggested aftermarket which lasted till I sold the car). Just recently. So if we take those two graphs together, and indeed the rest of the report, then what FCAI cited as evidence does not support their argument by implication that there is an increasing number of counterfeit parts coming into Australia or that we need to start getting worried. They have an extensive range of aftermarket and original Isuzu Dmax parts, which you can purchase easily online, at discounted rates! ACCORDING TO MOST dictionaries, “genuine” means true and authentic, or in other words, not a fake or counterfeit. FCAI’s Genuine (better read as “OEM”) is Best website. However, the key point is “good aftermarket company”. If for example the OEM wheels are $400 each from a dealer, then the OEM wheels are not going to be $100 each brand new from Joe’s Car Parts. Anyway, if anyone was considering one for purchase, I can probably answer your questions. Do you mind if I quote a little from it and link to this page in our next issue? The only “problem” is that the manufacturers and dealers want to make money on the huge mark-ups on parts which they supply. Aftermarket parts are produced by other companies. In trade for over two decades, KS International Ltd. is the largest and most reputable supplier of Isuzu Dmax parts in the UK.

An A/C compressor I needed, I bought from FORD to fit my VW, identical other than the badge on the box – for much less (and Jaguar used the same compressor and charged double again). Aftermarket parts on the other hand, don’t sell in anywhere near the same volume and have to be better than the OEM, the default choice, for anyone to buy them. Any part could be worn beyond safe limits, or the wrong part could be fitted, or it could be incorrectly fitted. Accessories; Merchandise; Warranty; Current Promotions. However, it is true to say that you very much get what you pay for, and that company off eBay who doesn’t seem to have a proper website and has forgotten to list their phone number…that would be what is known as a false economy.

There are plenty of cheap knockoffs, and these parts can be outright dangerous to fit to your car.


The second generation of Isuzu D-Max appeared in 2011. Just because a part is made by the OEM and fits your car doesn’t mean to say it’s appropriate or legal in Australia. I own a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo that was financed through Wells Fargo.

What you definitely want to avoid is counterfeits of any part.

Isuzu D-Max IInd generation. ISUZU Worldwide EPC 2018 Parts Catalog. This report’s 2.5% includes pirated goods which include reproducing intangibles such as software, songs and films, as well as counterfeits which are created fake versions of products. Let’s now look at what the FCAI is warning us against, which is not “non-genuine” as they call it, but in reality counterfeit parts. However, aftermarket parts can be made by a variety of different manufacturers, and can be split into two types: So, OEM or aftermarket parts – which to choose? Aftermarket parts may be a direct equivalent of the original part, or designed differently for different uses. When in need of Original Isuzu Dmax parts or Aftermarket Isuzu Dmax parts, UK Isuzu pickup truck owners go to KS International Ltd. Read More » ISUZU CSS-NET EPC 2021 – Parts Catalog +VIN Decoder. If a car will sell say 500,000 across the globe then saving $2 on a part is a $1 million saving, which is why tiny costs are cut. Seek expert advice, but don’t listen to anyone that says one is always better than the other. Reputable aftermarket companies absolutely do not want their goods passed off as OEM, and in fact go to great lengths to market their name and products as different to, or better than the OEM equivalent. Some systems are a cakewalk to work on.

Other systems, like the brakes, can be a challenge. K.S. Over the years we have established and specialized in ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, TOYOTA truck and Subaru parts. This graph, also from the same report, shows the top countries whose IP has been infringed: The USA, Japan and German have sizeable car production economies… Switzerland, and others not so much. Examples are Bilstein suspension, Dana axles and Brembo brakes. The FCAI says that “imports of counterfeit and pirated goods make up around 2.5 per cent of global imports”, which is a quote from a European trade report that we’ve linked to at the end of the article. Then there are a range of companies who produce parts that are not manufacturer approved or supplied, and the usual term for these parts is “aftermarket”.

Today, I have friends with high-value classics who are very careful to preserve their car’s value, so they use only OEM parts because future owners will want that purity. © Copyright Practical Motoring 2020. We deliver worldwide, including countries like Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and more. We have logistics in place to deliver your required orders in a fast and efficient manner. All Rights Reserved. So by now it should be obvious that it’s simplistic and wrong to say that either OEM or aftermarket parts are always better than the other. Latest From the Blog. Factors affecting part choice include cost, fitness for the intended use, age of the car, how long you want the car to last for, availability, and owner preference. ISUZU parts: 304 offers, search and find ads for new and used ISUZU parts for sale — Autoline South Africa So we had a look in their source report and found this graph which shows what’s actually being faked: Car parts don’t appear to be anywhere near the top of the list, and the report is very light on for mention of cars.

Our Isuzu car parts UK wide delivery ensures your genuine Isuzu parts are with you quickly. In some cases, the aftermarket company has a better name for quality than the OEM, so manufacturers actually fit those parts and boast about it in their advertising. Your choice gets more complicated again.

Genuine Parts; Drivetrain; Best Value Parts; Batteries; Lubricants; What lubricant should I use?

OEM parts are made or approved by the manufacturer. Call our sales team whether you need a maintenance part, or a major truck part to get your vehicle back on the road and we will deliver your requirement to you quickly and in time. Here’s some pros and cons: Quite a few factors to consider, but that’s not all. Later my ’78 VW had Toyota Landcruiser piston rings which well outlasted VW’s effort. Copyright © 2012 - 2020 KS International. All rights reserved. 2021 Isuzu D-Max SX 4×4 dual cab-chassis review, Testing Bluesteele’s 1000Nm Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, Toyota Australia worked with Chinese people to discover a big stash of fake parts, How to get a good deal from your 4WD accessory supplier,, Slot car sets you can drive to survive lockdown with, Five best trick dual-cab utes for fifty-odd grand. Simply, the good aftermarket companies wouldn’t exist if they didn’t supply quality gear, and in many cases they work closely with the car manufacturer to produce their products. Any part can be supplied as new, used or reconditioned. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. The cars were defined by a richer package, and some elements of the interior and exterior. They outsource design and manufacture to a vast array of companies who send them components to be assembled into a complete car, and a lot of those companies also design and sell aftermarket equivalents of the same parts they send to the OEMs. If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct. The power window control buttons have been transferred to the door armrests. There are counterfeit versions of both OEM and better-known aftermarket parts, although the former are far more common. This is something which has happened for ever – replace bearings, change a belt, bulb etc go to the Auto Parts store. “Non-genuine” parts could be counterfeit aftermarket or OEM parts. Another interesting point to make is that sometimes car manufacturers offer different parts for the same vehicle, for example, heavy-duty suspension for towing. Generally, such mechanics pick and choose between the OEM, aftermarket and the level of ‘newness’ depending on what’s best at any given time, although dealers will almost always opt for the OEM part. But not many cars sell half a million? The Isuzu D-Max cars were produced in limited series. Isuzu Motors India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan and was established in August 2012. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Autoline is online marketplace for selling commercial vehicles, trucks, construction, agricultural vehicles and spare parts. Isuzu NPR Hino FA Just because a part is branded OEM or from a quality aftermarket manufacturer doesn’t mean to say it is safe. We value our reputation for accuracy, integrity, quality and personalized service that we provide to clientele.

The parts are fairly expensive, but it's rare that they need major component replacements if they are maintained.

And another example – when Toyota created the 86 Race Series they didn’t fit Toyota gear to their racecars, they fitted aftermarket suspension, wheels and brakes. Join the Isuzu Parts Trade Program.

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