blaser r8 accuracy test

No matter the caliber, the rifle knocks out the bullseye. The Christensen Arms lightweight Mesa Titanium Edition bolt-action hunting rifle is a peak... For decades, things were quiet on the .22 centerfire front. Longer magazines may have to be removed to access the tab. Moving forward about 130 years, we have a straight-pull marvel of German engineering called the Blaser R8.
After chatting with the Blaser folks, I think I might have found a definite answer. All Rights Reserved. Pushed forward, this compresses the firing pin spring and the bolt is cocked, while a push down and back releases the tension on the spring and makes the rifle safe. Does the R8 Ultimate have those characteristics? The wheeled cardboard target has two full-size, back-to-back, head/neck/shoulder/rib cage areas of a bull moose with the nose of one pointed left and the other to the right. This rifle is the bane of limb rats everywhere.

Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. The Blaser R8 Ultimate is the latest iteration of the R8 straight-pull bolt-action rifle and gives about as much flexibility from a shooting system as anyone could ask for. After going through the barrel/bolt head/magazine changing routine, he started that raised-eyebrow-cocked-head look he gives when he’s thinking about giving his approval. This allows the rifle to be broken down for storage and styles or grades of wood can easily be replaced or exchanged. The Lee was manufactured by Winchester, and the Sporting Rifle version produced until 1916 probably made it the first straight-pull rifle intended for sport hunting rather than for war. The test rifle came with a Blaser Infinity 2.8-20×50 scope that featured a fine duplex reticle and an illuminated center dot. Using the same scope for the two calibers, I had to make an 8-inch elevation adjustment and about 2 inches of windage. There’s a retainer latch underneath the bolt assembly. Because both barrels were sporter barrels, I decided on three-shot groups for accuracy testing. While trying to determine excessive pressures in Blaser test barrels, researchers subjected them to 125,000 psi pressure without failure. If I had to find one major issue with the rifle system, it would be in the safety/cocking system. Using a fingernail, small screwdriver or the tip of a pocketknife, move the latch to the left and outward (while keeping the slightest amount of rearward pressure on the bolt). The stock is available only in a right-hand version. It and the .308 Win. Most of the rifles were Sako turn-bolts in .30-06 or .308 Win., but mine was in 9.3x62 Mauser. The swift bolt pull and magazine feed is reliable and fast. One of the most fun comparisons I was part of took place in Finland where obtaining a moose license requires passing a shooting test.
It can be broken down and housed in a compact case and is wonderfully repeatable. Cycling travel is a bit less than four inches, and the carrier glides to and fro like hot grease on glass. Why are sidelock shotguns more expensive to buy? Reloads consisted of 100-grain and 156-grain bullets. is not only a classic round. My wife sometimes reads my stuff, so let me rephrase: I have all the rifles I need and some for hunting buddies.

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