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The GIANTS will announce a replacement for Bassett in the coming weeks. I didn’t get out on court again after that conversation, so the club was clearly looking to move forwards without me.”. “I went to the Giants with great intentions, but given the lack of court time I’ve had this season, it’s bewildering to think this was a team that chased me down to play for them. “And of course there’s E (Erena Mikaere) who after our time at the Fever and Lightning is like a sister to me. Images of Bassett riding the bike, and looking removed from the team, were often shown during telecasts, which Bassett described as disappointing. I know women who have had abortions and they tell me it still haunts them to this day, then again, I also see women like this one and other in Hollywood celebrating their abortions as if they are serial killers adding another body to their tally. But ultimately she thought it would be a good environment for me, and that her Ferns’ defenders would also benefit playing against me as much as possible.”. “I couldn’t have made the move, however, without the level of understanding I received from Stacey. While I was struggling, not being able to go home to my own bed, my partner, or see the people that I love was quite challenging.”, Shooting from under the post against the Vixens’ Kate Eddy. Facing her growing uncertainties, Bassett was touched by the people who made an effort to help her. Brigid Walsh, the National Wellbeing Manager was regularly in contact, as was Stacey West, the Executive General Manager of Performance. She told me that it would be a challenge moving to New Zealand, because things are different in club land over there, and that I would have to embrace it. Image Simon Leonard. She said, “Teammates, ex teammates, friends and family have really supported me. “In the end I felt that I was in an environment where I was increasingly unhappy, feeling that I wasn’t valued or respected, and I was just becoming more miserable.”. Bassett has secured a one-year deal, with the option of a second year, with the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic in New Zealand’s ANZ Premiership competition.

Bassett will remain eligible for the Australian Diamonds despite not taking part in the Suncorp Super Netball competition in 2021. “I’ve always loved playing netball in New Zealand, and their fans are so passionate.

I understand the arguments for abortion … in some scenarios. Illicit Info is not in the business of breaking news, rather we comment on news that other sources have broken and/or reported on first.

There isn’t much Caitlin Bassett hasn’t done in world netball. “Having been my franchise coach for two years, Noeline knows me inside and out, and I knew she’d be honest with me. I really loved that we were able to get the best out of each other, and that’s been massive for Australia.

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