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Do you use financing?We are working on it. What are the shipping costs?The cost of each shipping is indicated next to the prices of each item. Shipping delays are not FTM Shopping's responsibility once the item has shipped but we are available to help you with package tracking and infos . This is the best play packer that I have bought- and trust me I have bought so many prosthetics for transmen. – Kayden, The EZP is the first FTM packer that I’ve ever used, and I was able to pee standing up no problem on my very first try! Do you ship abroad?Yes, we regularly do. The rod should be always, strictly inserted with water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the prosthesis. I can feel my wife orgasm! Is it normal?Yes, they don’t influence negatively on your prosthesis performances. the size is very realistic without being too much, the texture is spot on and the aesthetics are just jaw-droppingly amazing. You will find your prosthetic, a harness and a Rod (if you choosed a Multi Use). It was crazy awesome and kinda a weird feeling being able to stand to pee knowing that I wouldn’t pee all over myself.

The answer is yes, but you need to use it correctly. It’s super comfortable, and was well worth the investment! Ups delivers in 48h and CRONO in 5 days. FTM Prosthetics Designed to complete every FTM's transition, all penile prostheses are made by a Professional Prosthetist. If you have any tips on how be more comfortable in your own skin could you pls let me know, my email is Welcome to Reelmagik. There are air bubbles on my prosthesis' surface. This FTM prosthetic has completely eliminated my bottom dysphoria during intimacy and I cannot thank Alex enough. It’s great in every way and is my new best friend. How can I keep my prosthesis hygienic and soft? This is to cover the costs of boxes and packaging materials. My prosthesis does not seem to be as long as advertised, why?The length of the male genitals is generally measured from the base (just below the pubic arch) to the glans' tip. Can I change my product?We make changes only if there is a production error. Unsere Mehrzweckprodukte haben einzigartige Eigenschaften: Sie sind StP-Prothesen und gleichzeitig bequeme Packer, die täglich oder beim Geschlechtsverkehr getragen werden können. – Sai, I have had this FTM product for under a week and I feel confident in stating that it has been worth the price and wait. Die zusätzliche Hautfunktion sorgt für ein äußerst realistisches Erscheinungsbild. Please, don’t ask us to mark the orders as gifts: it’s illegal. BEST! the size is very realistic without being too much, the texture is spot on and the aesthetics are just jaw-droppingly amazing. they are new but very promising, wonderful work!! LGBT owned and operated. Your email address will not be published. Not only is it beyond words incredible to see, but I can also feel things, much like you described in your video. Erfahre mehr oder passe deine Einstellungen an. LR2-400 penile prosthesis has urination system (STP).Size: length 16 cm, girth 13 cm, weight 300 g Regular price 449$ Unsere Prothesen werden in Italien handgefertigt und von professionellen Malern bemalt. If you choose our product for intercourse, we strongly recommend the use of condoms to preserve yourself from both damaging the prosthesis and your skin.

Last but not least ist unsere Mehrzweckprothese für das Vergnügen und den Spaß beider Parteien konzipiert und gedacht. We strive to bring you the best in FTM prosthetics for play, STP (Stand To Pee) prosthetics, and packers. How should I insert the shaft?The rod should be always, strictly inserted with water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the prosthesis. All Transthetics FTM products are highly realistic and practical Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings (6 customer reviews) 280.00 $ – 460.00 $ This Hyper-Realistic FTM Prosthesis is our new Model named “Golia. Unsere 4-in-1-Produkte haben einzigartige Eigenschaften: Sie sind StP-Prothesen und gleichzeitig bequeme Packer, die täglich oder beim Geschlechtsverkehr getragen werden können. If needed, you can ask to Pay with a recurring payment or Bank Transfer. Wenn du diesen Cookie deaktivierst, können wir die Einstellungen nicht speichern. This particular silicone is not toxic and it is safe to your skin, but it isn’t intended to the sexual penetration. The answer is yes, but you need to use it correctly. How long does the prosthesis last?The silicone is very resistant, but the life expectancy of the products is subjective - it depends on daily use and cleaning routine. – Justin, I absolutely love this FTM prosthetic!! Die zusätzliche Hautfunktion sorgt für ein äußerst realistisches Erscheinungsbild. – Cade, After purchasing the EZP, I expected the Joystick to be a quality product. Realistic Ftm Prosthetics and packers designed for your comfort.

They say that your brain is the largest sexual organ, and this product caters to this ideology. I can now change in the right locker room which makes life much easier! – Elliot, This is the best trans packer I’ve encountered for my needs and has met or exceeded all of my expectations…My first impressions were that it looked amazingly realistic…it looked much more natural than any FTM packer I’d ever had AND felt significantly more comfortable…It feels natural, doesn’t get too sweaty, molds to your body, and stays where it needs to be…As an STP, it’s also great…After less than a week of practice I’ve used it successfully in public bathrooms. Disinfectants such as gel Amuchina and similars, which are based on ethyl alcohol, are not recommended. Dies bedeutet, dass du jedes Mal, wenn du diese Website besuchst, die Cookies erneut aktivieren oder deaktivieren musst. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. FTM Shopping is a project born from e-Research, a group of physics and biology students who intend to improve and innovate the quality of products for transgenders. How can I pay for my item?We accept Stripe and Paypal as standard Payment method. We often receive questions about the correct use of this product during the sexual intercourse. Will I receive a tracking code with my order?Yes, tracking code will be provided via email as soon as the shipping has been booked.

However, this does not apply to personalized items: due to the nature of the customized products, returns, modifications or cancellations are not accepted once an order has been placed. cordialissimi gentili e mi hanno mostrato tutta la procedura… appena posso proverò quello con pelle… . I am extremely satisfied! Is cheap binder and cheap stp packer safe? We got some negative reviews from the trans guys and for that, we suggest buying FTM binder – … We recommend neutral and mild soap and water. Please read the Frequent Asked Questions related to our Ftm prosthetics before Buying to avoid troubles and misunderstoodings. FTM packers and prosthetics for trans men, including stand to pee (STP), pack and play devices. Our prosthesis should be washed simply with soap and water, we do not recommend using alcohol-based or fat-based products but only water-based products due to the chemical nature of silicone. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. – Michael, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Our products are all proudly handmade by our talented artists in the USA. Nobody could tell that it’s not a real penis! How can I use the prosthesis to urinate?All of our 3in1 products have been designed to urinate normally. I am absolutely blown out of the water by this FTM product. I feel that the reviews speak for themselves. No adhesives are needed, its ergonomic and concave shape guarantees the adherence to the pubic area with a tight panty. You might find it challenging to urinate correctly when having a generous flow.

It also stays on very well! Best Work! The prosthesis can only be washed with water-based products. Cookie-Informationen werden in deinem Browser gespeichert und führen Funktionen aus, wie das Wiedererkennen von dir, wenn du auf unsere Website zurückkehrst, und hilft unserem Team zu verstehen, welche Abschnitte der Website für dich am interessantesten und nützlichsten sind. Erhältlich in mehreren Größen. – Mat, First and foremost, this FTM product has changed my life! The prosthesis can only be washed with water-based products.

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