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My 7004r outlasted 3 engines and it's a 30+ year old transmission. Theres a list that rolls around every once in a while listing how expensive all the different makes are to maintain, and Toyota has the lowest cost on that list.

I recently had to spend $1100 on replacing the TSS and OSS in the transmission of my 2007 Ford Edge and I'm worried about future expenses that will likely come about given the way the mechanic talked about the car. Image: QuickPic. SUV sales have skyrocketed, but they haven’t made quite the same strides in reliability. I just can't stand the interior -- it looks like they didn't even try. Reliability is going to be on par with what you would get from a Toyota. Here's our latest list of the 10 Best SUVs Under $10,000, putting added ride height and cargo flexibility within easier reach of most buyers. I'm sure there are a lot of options and I've seen family members in Mexico with cars as old as them that just won't die, but sadly cars like the Nissan Tsuru and Dodge Atos are not sold in the US. I am a little jaded with all the car problems I've had in the last few years and I'm itching for a Toyota for that reason. At your price point, either is going to have some age and mileage on it, so you really would be best served if you can find one with maintenance records showing it’s been properly serviced. The interior was pretty dull, though, but it did so in a spartan manner. This is a subreddit for people seeking advice as to what car would best suit them. If OP lives in the rust belt any '90s Honda isn't going to be an option at all unless they get very lucky, and unless I'm mistaken, theft is going to be a serious threat with those. Need advice re: reliable, fun, SUV/crossover Hey Reddit, I recently had to spend $1100 on replacing the TSS and OSS in the transmission of my 2007 Ford Edge and I'm worried about future expenses that will likely come about given the way the mechanic talked about the car.

I was under the impression that Mazdas were less reliable and had expensive repairs. I've narrowed my search down to Subaru (Forester/Crosstrek), Toyota (Rav4 and Venza), Honda (CRV), and Ford (Escape). I can't believe you find the pre-2013 Rav4 gaudy - subdued is what comes to mind. My metric is $1000 per year is a really good deal. In the latest survey, owners didn’t report a single thing wrong with the GX. So for some reason I'm really stuck on finding a car that'll never breakdown or rarely need to see a mechanic, however, I don't know much about cars and I'm afraid I'll buy the wrong thing so here I go: It depends what you mean by "last a lifetime", but IMHO this there is no car at any price that will last a human lifetime, never break down, and rarely see a mechanic. If u want some luxury, go with an Lexus ES.

I'm near San Jose and I've seen 2013 Crosstreks for around $18k. If you don't need a sedan, there's Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit too. It’s rare for a redesigned car to score so highly in reliability after just one year, but that’s the impression the new Subaru Crosstrek gave owners in the survey. The brand shot up nine spots overall, nudging its way into third place right behind Toyota. Get an EG civic (1991-1995). This verdict has remained mostly unchanged since 2016, and this is why NX is among the best again this year. If I sell a $5k car after a year for $4k, that's $1k/yr so still a good deal. SUV sales have skyrocketed, but they haven’t made quite the same strides in reliability.

Corolla. Although Toyota has a reputation for reliability well-past typical cars. It muscled its way on 2019’s list of the most reliable SUVs. CR and TrueDelta both give 2007 Edge's a reliability rating of "good".

Here is a list of the best and cheapest 11 4X4s to get you going down the trail: Jeep Cherokee Old school Jeep Cherokees are a dime a dozen and are one of the cheapest and most reliable … What Car? If you want to track the “most-improved” automakers, look no further than Mazda. Like Toyota’s version of this model, the 4Runner, the GX runs on a mostly flawless truck platform. It's at 127k miles. Because see above? Currently I can get around $6,300 for trade in value. What has your mechanic said about the overall condition of your Edge?

You can find a lot of great used Japanese cars around the $10k price point. So here's where I need help. Just FYI the Nissan Tsuru, upon a quick google search, is actually sold as a Nissan Sentra in the US. The 4Runner’s overall score (78%) lands it among elite company — unless we’re talking about advanced safety equipment or a redesigned transmission. Once I start law school I won't have the money to afford $1000 repairs. The most reliable used SUVs: Owners say these are the 4x4s that are least likely to break down and leave you with huge repair bills. Every year, it’s basically a coin-flip between Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus for which ranks best in reliability. Press J to jump to the feed. Owners haven’t reported a single flaw with the Sorento since its redesign a few years ago. Cuba is an extreme case, those 50's Chevys have marine diesel engines in them now, none of the original dash is still there, the interior is all changed, and so on. The standards here for solid reliability are Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. For 2019, the RAV4 received another top score (90%). No one really makes fun of Kia’s lineup anymore. Is there a point of diminishing returns? Should I go with a Toyota even if it is older and has more miles? Sifting through Consumer Reports’ 17 categories, you won’t find a single problem for this model. In addition to a strong performance by the Q3, the larger Audi Q5’s high score (72%) put it among the elite for 2019. Older Buick park Avenues or Volvo 240s are also viable, but harder to find. Would allow you to keep the $10k in the bank for school, repairs, whatever. You are right to get a standard, good chance it will outlast an automatic. True, but those have one of the worst car ratings out of any car. 4 among Consumer Reports’ most reliable vehicles in America for 2019. While Toyota preps a new RAV4, there have been no complaints about the current model. The ideal companion for any afternoon on the town. Fortunately, this was the only bad news. Over the past few years, owners haven’t reported any issues with this model, which has one of the highest overall crossover scores. 2. #Outlander #EclipseCross #ASX #cars #vehicles #redcars #carcolor #carphotography #RedDiamond #OrientRed #MitsubishiFamily #DriveyourAmbition #MitsubishiMotors, A post shared by Mitsubishi Motors Official (@mitsubishimotorsofficial) on Oct 18, 2019 at 1:32am PDT. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Fun to drive. Mechanically, it’s nearly flawless.

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