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In 2000, Loesch married music producer Chris Loesch. Chris Loesch Fans Also Viewed .

Family Member Born in Oklahoma #17. "[40] When the videos resurfaced after a mass shooting at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland in 2018, Loesch said she had meant she wanted some news stories to be curb-stomped and was not encouraging violence against journalists.[41]. Chris Loesch is happily married to Dana Loesch. Family Member.

49 Year Olds. After dating for several years, the couple got married on 28th October 2000. He got associated with the company for five years. Louis. Here's What You Should Know About Her", "My paternal grandmother was of Irish descent. Family Member. At CPAC today, the Conservative husband and wife duo of Dana and Chris Loesch were in a whole heap of trouble. [21][22] She also guest hosts for other national radio hosts such as Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. However, he has not shared any details on his body stats. He married Dana Loesch in 2000 and later gave birth to two sons named Liam and Ewan. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth..."[44][45], The video, known as "The Violence of Lies", was condemned by some commentators. His earnings as a film score composer are in the range of $29k – $122k.

[25] In January 2012, Loesch spoke on her show in defense of U.S. Marines videotaped urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban fighters, commenting that "I'd drop trou and do it, too. As the manager of Dana Loesch, he has met and worked with numerous stars and celebrities, including wrestler Ken Shamrock.

[9] While there, she was a Democrat and worked on Bill Clinton's reelection campaign. Chris Loesch is renowned as the better half of the television and radio personality, Dana Loesch. Also, he happens to be LPN. However, the names of the children are unknown. "[47] Conservative columnist Anne Applebaum said that it called on Americans "to arm themselves to fight liberals. Now I'm not saying that you love the tragedy. Talking about net worth, his wife, Dana Loesch has an estimated net worth of $2 million. [11] Loesch became disillusioned with the Democratic Party after the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal[12] and fully rejected it after the September 11 attacks. [13] Loesch started hosting her radio show in 2008; it became a nationally syndicated, daily program, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative, on Radio America from flagship station KFTK-FM in St. First Name Chris. Loesch was raised by her mother, Gale, in an extended family of Southern Baptists. She stated, "We've had it with your constant protection of your Democrat overlords, your refusal to acknowledge any truth that upsets the fragile construct that you believe is real life." Gorgeous Dana Loesch is married to Chris Loesch on October 28, 2000. He manages The Dana Show for her wife.

[42] She hosted The DL on NRA TV until the NRA ended production of the channel on June 25, 2019,[43] and she has featured prominently in other NRA-produced videos. It paints liberals as liars and as violent, unruly protesters who law-abiding gun owners need protection from. [44] U.S. I want a million cool points for these guys (Marines). In 2014, he launched the creative concept company Intuation Studios. I'm happy frankly to see them curb stomped. Also, he happens to be the producer of the recording label. Chris Loesch- Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Education, View more / View fewer Facts of Chris Loesch. The clock starts now." Loesch subsequently lost her role as a paid spokesperson for the NRA. [17] In October 2010, Loesch was hired to be editor-in-chief of Big Journalism, a conservative website created by Andrew Breitbart. Besides that, as a manager, he makes $34k – $109k. [30], On January 10, 2014, Loesch debuted her new daily TV Show, Dana, on Glenn Beck's TheBlaze TV. Former musician and manager of his wife, the renowned television and radio personality Dana Loesch.

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Loesch left in November 2017. [10] Following a pregnancy, Loesch dropped out of college and married, having her first child when she was 23.

Dana Loesch, an American conservative talk radio host, television host, and an author, is currently married to Chris Loesch, a film score composer, since 2000. Being in a relationship with Chris, Dana became pregnant with their first child.

In 1994, he graduated from the College in nursing. [8] She graduated from Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri. [2][61] The Loesches homeschool their two children together. Heidi D'Amelio.

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That's me though. Being protective parents, they have not shared any details on his children. – In January 2009, he became the manager of his wife, Dana Loesch. Together, he and his wife are blessed with sons. Bottom line: It is un-American to threaten journalists.

Chris Loesch is a very talented,diverse, professional, mentor in the music industry. Trump.

On Instagram, he is following the personalities like Mindy Robinson, Roxanne Mckee, and Ryan Fournier. Her salary as a political analyst is $400 Thousand. American Chris Loesch is a Film score composer and manager. © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

Dana Lynn Loesch (/læʃ/ LASH; née Eaton; born September 28, 1978) is an American former spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. Loesch claimed in court documents that owner and operator Breitbart LLC bound her to "what amounts to indentured servitude in limbo" after she said she was forced to terminate her contract as the result of a hostile working environment. Also, he managed the booking in the studios. At the time, he used to be active in the college’s choir group.

She later attended St. Louis Community College at Meramec before transferring to Webster University to study journalism. Loesch has appeared as a guest on television networks such as Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, and HBO. They dated for several years before they got married. 6,129 Followers, 1,935 Following, 418 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chris Loesch (@thechrisloesch)

[31] In 2016, KFTK-FM in St. Louis, her original radio station, dropped her show. Most Popular #197119. He has a decent height and an average weight. Dana with her husband welcomed two children is living happily together. They dated for a several years before they got married.Being in a relationship with Chris, Dana became pregnant with their first child. [46] DeRay Mckesson, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, said that the ad was "an open call to violence to protect white supremacy". You may also read the bio, age, family, career, net worth, education, salary, body stats, and social media of Jermaine Dupri, Ashley Hebert, and Hunter Johansson. Cancers. [14][15][16] She was recognized by the Nielsen ratings as one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Mom Bloggers. In short, we're coming for you. Loesch's early politics as a Democrat clashed with her husband's more conservative views early in their marriage.

Now might be the right time to cancel your membership. He is of Germanic ethnicity.

The far-right troublemaking duo left CPAC in order to lash out at Occupy protesters, as Adam Shriver at the St. Louis Activist Hub reports: Earlier this week, CNN suspended Roland Martin, telling Politico's Dylan Byers in a statement: Senator Chris Murphy (D, Ct.) said, "I think the NRA is telling people to shoot us. She has worked as a political commentator on television networks like Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, and HBO. "[51], In October 2017, Loesch spoke in another video for the NRA, saying, "We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president and the people who voted for him, and the free system that allowed it to happen, in American history.

[29] Loesch returned to the show in January 2014 after their producers, who were friends, arranged for Loesch and Morgan to work out their differences amicably. Statements made by Loesch in advocacy for the NRA have stirred controversy, and she has received death threats as a result. Warning that her video should be considered "a shot across your proverbial bow," she concluded, "We're going to laser-focus on your so-called 'honest pursuit of truth.' "[50], After the second video received increased attention in August 2017, Michael Luo, the editor of, described the video as "strikingly bellicose even by the standards of the association.

Chris Loesch has brown eyes with light hair. [56], In September 2018, she said that the police shooting of Philando Castile was justified. [32] The show was picked up by WSDZ shortly thereafter. But I am saying that you love the ratings." "[51] Press group Digital Content Next wrote a letter to Loesch in which it said, "Ninety-nine people out of a hundred would interpret this language about 'coming for' as threatening and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best and dangerous at worst. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran "Mamalogues" as a weekly online column 2006–2008, winning Loesch Riverfront Times' "Best Newspaper Columnist St. Louis" for 2007.

Keri Seavey. Gorgeous Dana Loesch is married to Chris Loesch on October 28, 2000. [19] In 2009, Loesch co-founded the St. Louis Tea Party along with its board president, Bill Hennessy. [18] In February 2011, CNN hired Loesch as a political analyst in preparation for its 2012 election coverage. Chris Loesch Popularity . Both their children are boys.

[20], In 2012, Loesch was the recipient of Accuracy In Media's Grassroots Journalism award. Apart from that, he also makes through his career as a creative director. "[52] She added that critics of Trump are trying to "drive their daggers through the heart of [America's] future. Also, he oversees the bookings for speaking engagements and marketing campaigns. After dating for several years, the couple got married on 28th October 2000. [20] Loesch left the organization in December 2011.

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