clam musky net

See the article and video HERE! Likely because folks tend to lift the fish by the gripped jaw? At a musky seminar a couple years ago, talked to a guide who was in the audience. |    GDPR & Privacy Policy, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google.

Manufacturer: Stowmaster 0 review(s) Purchase. RSS Feeds, ShortURL: Here's the new Clam net, from panfish to muskie. Too many hooks in his hands over the years. Related Videos. Price: $279.99. I like a little competition in the event that I have to replace my Drifter XXL, though the only way I see that happening is if I drop it overboard or run over with a truck.
RS NETS Not made from plastic! - Military-grade aluminum hoop provides superior strength, yet lightweight for easy handling and use, - Handle features a laser-etched ruler that serves as a measuring stick, - With a limited lifetime warranty, Clam nets are tough and built to last, “After several years of rigorous testing and development, we’ve built a net that outperforms our expectations,” notes Clam Engineer John Lahood.

RS Nets are manufactured in the ROLLING HILLS OF OHIO. One issue I have with my Power Catch is that in very cold weather, the net is so stiff. Quantity. Just gotta play them a little more before they go into the net, but that runs the risk of losing the fish.

In my experiences, those smaller fish...seem to always be the most feisty and wild in the nets. Constructed from quality materials and engineering, Clam nets are designed with a conservation focus as well as ease of use to give anglers confidence in their net. The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm … The Fortis Series are designed for multispecies including panfish, bass, walleye, and catfish and the Collosus is designed for large fish including muskie, pike, sturgeon and salmon. My netting of my stow master is terrible for this. We've had the Pike net for a year, well made, works as advertised. Write for Us I've also seen other net's handles bend. - A telescoping handle features a push-lever deployment system that makes for convenient storing but quickly extends to lets anglers get to fish faster. Here are a few key features that set Clam nets apart…. As a professional musky angler/instructor I am very serious when it comes to catch and release along with big fish durability. Product ID : 120-034. It has thick heavy mesh and it's much harder for them to tangle up so much. m, Those fine mesh nets such as the ones on the Power stow are good to the fish for saving fins, but after 20 minutes of trying to untangle and cut free an especially frisky muskie, I got rid of the bag and put on a heavier bag. Find a large selection of Nets in the Fishing department at low Fleet Farm prices. Tom Dietz – August 4, 2014. This allows them… Naturally a fish that was hooked just 5-10 seconds before being netted is going to go apes#!t in the net. Interested to handle these. Since the netting is RUBBER LATEX-INFUSED, there are no strands to snag hooks and cause you to loose fish while landing. Constructed from quality materials and engineering, Clam nets are designed with a conservation focus as well as ease of use to give anglers confidence in their net. I think having the bag in the water can provide some resistance. It seems as if the consensus is the fish is gonna do what it's gonna do. My last trip up north, caught one about the same size that nearly cleared the net twice after my boat partner put it in the bag.. Don't think there is anything you can do then. My net is a 37" hoop, with a 42" deep bag.. probably a bit too deep, but it is a fine knotless mesh manufactured down here in Knoxville (google Loki Nets), and have yet to see a split fin, or any other injury. Shipping Cost: Due to the oversized nature of these nets, we are unable to extend our free shipping offer to these items. Fortunately water temps were in the low 60s, the fish remained feisty through the entire process, and took off like a scalded dog when released. I also have a thin mesh net and stopped using it for mushy as they cocoon themselves in it. He said he keeps a Boga grip in his boat for just this scenario. Email: [email protected], Copyright ©2019 OutdoorsFIRST Multispecies NetworkAll Rights Reserved. Review My Product Review My Product Sign Up, FaceBook Submit a Press Release OFM Partners

Largest selection of Musky Lures, Tackle, Rods, Reels, Equipment and More! Why you need to make the new Clam Outdoors Nets your next net! Zoom - | Zoom 100% | Zoom + | Expand / Contract | Open New window (Clam_Nets_Pricing.png) Attachments-----Clam_Nets_Pricing.png (643KB - 29 downloads) North of 8: Posted 3/5/2020 4:29 PM (#955458 - in reply to #955455) Subject: Re: Net Size: If I am comparing apples to apples, the largest Clam net is … Caught a sub 40" yesterday fishing solo. YouTube Interested in seeing the actual net material. Thanks for the replies gents.. Whereas the bigger...older fish...tend to be a bit more docile in the net: less energy. Powercatch is great. These nets are also considerably lighter than the competition, yet they still … And that tradition continues with its launch of open water landing nets. After rigorous testing, the net series has been endorsed by numerous Pro Anglers and renowned guides throughout the Midwest. Submit a Press Release ... Stowmaster tournament Series Heavy Net TS116YH. I was able to cut hooks, and unravel the mess, but it took considerably more time than I'd like. Instagram

That thing is BUILT and swallows 50's. Sign In I've had fish up to 56 inches in it. I think frabill makes a good bag.

Main thing is to have a handle with a stopper so you don't over extend it.

Email: [email protected], Copyright ©2019 OutdoorsFIRST Multispecies NetworkAll Rights Reserved. As soon as it hit the net, it rolled several times making a pretty impressive mess of netting, trebles, and fish. On the Road 17:16. I know some of the above mentioned do not have that. Dock Side Demo … On the Road Does not use to lift the fish but to keep as still as possible, both for his and the fish's protection.

OFM Partners But, in the scenario you describe, the fish has rolled and tangled before you could even get to it. Not cool. Sign In - Low drag in the water enable anglers to net fish faster. I wouldn't mind having a big kahuna though. Shop online or in our Minocqua, WI retail store.

It is a pain to untangle, sure, but I am more patient after a fish put a treble in my hand. Canadian … Unless you're Dr. Doolittle, or have a Stun gun, the fish is going to do pretty much what it wants to... unless I'm missing something here. - Utilizing conservation-focused, rubber-coated netting, Clam nets are easy on fish.

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