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Thanks, but I prefer to be noticed for my intellectual capacity. Here are a few clever answers that might come in handy next time your trying to impress some hottie. Why are you drooling? I'm actually not funny. Stand up to the bully and they lose their power. Yeah...I wanted to ask you out, but my friend said I'm now out of your league. My point is to keep the conversation flowing and but if text wait at least 1 minute to open the chat if they replied immediately but if they take 1 minute wait 3-6 and if they take 10 wait at least 10 minutes to reply. I would like return the compliment, but I swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Next time some hottie points out how funny you are, use one of our clever comebacks so you don’t appear big headed.

• It’s my duty to spread beauty in the world. You’re right / I assume you’re right 2.

“My rent” This is a funny response, especially when your rent has actually gone up. And some are spoken with all sorts of purposes in mind. If I had a dollar for every compliment I’ve received so far, I’d be a billionaire. I’d tell you how, but you would have to pay me. Recently he has been dating Naya Rivera, 30, and in the past, he has been linked to Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson. Mwahahahaha....the human sacrifices I offered have finally worked! Help us out and vote, let us know what you think is the best comeback. I think these are really helpful for the people who get tongue-tied or do not know what to do when given a compliment. Give me a pen and I’ll give you my autograph. Hi, I’m Bryn and I created this site to help people with, Funny answers to what are you thinking about, Funny things to say when someone calls you funny. I know.

I’m warning you, I’m too hot for you to handle. Are you a spy? Oh, really? Tagged With: best answer you are so funny, Funny things to say when someone calls you funny, how to answer you’re so funny, how to respond to you are funny, rude comments you’re so funny, snappy comebacks you are so funny, snappy You are so funny comebacks, what I should have said, witty comebacks, you are so funny, you are so funny clever comebacks, You are so funny comments, you are so funny great answers, you are so funny how to answer, you are so funny how to respond, you’re so funny, you’re so funny how to answer, Need a help ,comeback or a roast ,when somebody says u r phone is very ridiculous thing ever, “Unlike you, the only ridiculous thing about me is my phone.”. Lovely to look at, delightful to hold. Cheeky Kid is a cybernaut who spends a lot of time browsing the web, grasping infinite information, and reveling in entertainment and fun. Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone else. Who sent you? Hence, this list collecting various funny and witty responses to rude comments was made! I didn’t hear you. I was too busy thinking about how gorgeous I am. After hearing what you just said, I realized that honest people still do exists! Here’s a handkerchief.

What should i done not to seem desprate . For some strange reason, it can still make you feel uncomfortable when someone points out how funny you.

Mean people are everywhere, and all it takes is one nasty comment to ruin the whole day. Your IP: Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be an ugly duckling. I can see that honesty is still the best policy. Just remember: “Always be gracious and kind whenever you can!” You know you’re better than any compliment in the world. Me when someone compliments me: *silently tries to pretend that didn't happen and walk away*. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Anything funny (not desperate) just joke a little but act like you’re serious in a funny way. Due to this, your response should be quick and short, though you can include an emoji or two if you want. Oh, I see you overheard me telling jokes to my friends today. Thanks, would you like to borrow it for a second? You can use an emoji if you decide to say something clever so people know that you're being witty.

If they persist, tell them in a very strong way to leave you alone. Usually, if you are funny with quick wit you kind of know it. Our starter guide will show you how in 3 simple steps. I think I’m just ahead of you by one bath. But often when girls compliment they are EITHER testing you (which doesn’t happen often) or they really mean it and if so you shouldn’t talk it out. Pretty busy. Finally, I found someone who agrees with my mom/dad. Thus, a discerning eye is needed to properly skim through them all and see what is good and what is bad. Yeah, I’m getting tired of being mistaken for *insert name of good-looking celebrity here*. I'm mean and people think that I am joking. It is only natural that you will want a quirky response other than the old and bold “I’m fine, thank you.” If you want to show off how unique and witty you are, these responses are good to go with. Your email address will not be published. A simple "thank you" is always welcome, but it just doesn’t cut it anymore in some other cases. Read more, Comebacks when people make fun of the way you look, Funny relationships, dating and hook up comebacks, Funny replies to everyday sayings and nosy questions, Funny replies to rude parenting questions, Snappy Comebacks for All Situations Bundle, How to answer stupid breastfeeding and pregnancy questions, Vote for the best comeback when people call you funny. (Acting all paranoid, huh? You have no idea what I traded with the devil for it. What's could you say when someone says, "You are just so funny!"

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