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The protagonist of this story is Wu Qiqiao, who changed his name to Wu Suowei (Literal meaning: it doesn’t matter/whatever) after a bad breakup with his girlfriend of 7 years.

Powered by. While I’m travelling, in-between classes, during breaks, when I’m queueing, during meals, before I sleep… All the time. Kayanya sih yang jadi seme Li Wang xD pas banget, Can any kind soul share with me where can I read the english version of the Addicted novel? tau gak...? series ini juga ga sengaja trailernya nongol di YouTube, dan gw cukup tertarik The two gay couples which the story revolves around act like a couple in behind-the-scene videos and during fan meets even though they are straight. The bromance between Wu Suowei and Jiang Xiaoshuai is also strong because they have become each other’s pillar of strength. I’ll be waiting the next chap of your translation and will read it gratefully. Novel, manga, anime, drama – most of them are made to fulfil our fantasy.

Those in the beginning are extremely funny as we see how Wu Suowei tries to attract Chi Cheng, the middle part is cute as we see the two falling in love for real + our secondary couple (Guo Chengyu and Jiang Xiao Shuai) gets together, and in the end, it’s extremely touching as Chi Cheng does everything he can to make Wu Suowei feel like he has family (the arc about the nephews is like the cutest and funniest thing ever!) “You knew? o(╥﹏╥)o And the episodes are so short too. Chengyu yang ternyata sahabatnya Chi Cheng juga dengan kejadian yang ga enak. yup ceritanya menarik ,, tapi syg nya baru sampai episode 8, mudah" an ada season 2 ,, soalnya ceritanya masin nge gantung .. Karakter mereka istilahnya cuman 'bantuin' karakter utama, jadi cerita khusus mereka berdua gak ada. Gw masih nunggu episode 7 dst, Kita tunggu aja ^_^. "Counterattack" was edited so much that you became confuse on what stance the two guys had in their relationship. Mereka straight kok cuman bromance doang :D. Lagu openingnya pengen punya .. Judulnya apa yahhh...... Di youtube cuma sampe 8 sebenernya lanjut atau stack sampe 8 nangung pengen liat ending nya. I love watching the behind-the-scenes/fan meets/interview videos because the way they are acting are exactly how Chi Cheng and Wu Suowei, the two main characters in the novel, behave. There are many story arcs throughout the whole story that I love. bernama Jiang Xiaoshuai yang merupakan seorang dokter, ia bertemu dengan Guo tayang di YouTube (jadi ini masih anget banget), dan web series ini bukan web mohon balasannya. haha *dilempar, jadi web series ini berjudul Counterattack a.k.a

kalo untuk yang "Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) and Cai Zhao as Guo Chengyu (seme)" story ada gak? Hi, I haven’t read that novel nor have I been following any news about it. DON'T WORRY! kalo sontreknya di cut durasi sekitar 15-17 menit. [Warning: This book contains explicit scenes of a homosexual couple.

Karakter utama Counterattack adalah Chi Cheng (seme) dan Wu Just wondering, for the chinese online novel link you provided, is the full story uploaded there? Yes, Chai Jidan’s novels seem to have a tendency to be pretty lengthy. I was disappointed that … Semoga kasus pembajakan dvd Counterattack gak bikin season 2 tayangnya dipending ><, novel eng trans ada gak ya, boleh minta linknya. I realized that they are all combined in the different chapters!! The international fans like me are very “happy” to have you “guys” doing the translation.

Please note that this blog is not a review blog nor do I clam to be a professional.

It’s wonderful to have someone wanting to work on this as well There’s so many chapters and the other translator and I have been so busy recently…. Where there is a will, there is a way so I promise to not stop posting here. Thanks for writing this–I started watching the drama tonight and when things didn’t make sense, I just knew there had to be things that were being cut out–it made me think of Like Love. Saving Mr. Wu(解救吾先生) Chinese Movie Thoughts, Nightmare Teacher(악몽선생) Korean Drama Thoughts, A Midsummer's Equation(真夏の方程式) Novel Thoughts, The Mermaid(美人鱼/美人魚) Chinese Film Thoughts. As for Heroin series, I’m sure there must be fans out there doing translation , When will the next chapter be out? Tunggu info selanjutnya ya~, Udah ga sabar nunggu Counterattack Season 2. Ah I'm carzy about this series, ah by the way I have some recommendations for you (if you like BL theme) you can watch likelove movie series, lovesick series, loveloveyou, the blue hour, my bromance and red wine in the dark night well if you know more about the movie please tell me I would be glad to sharing interest with you :D thank youuuuuuuuu, Welcome~yes, dat's true!! (Japan, South Korea, and China. “I know.” hi, where I can find the rest of chapter?, on facebook I only find until chapter 17? And the link you gave us to the English translations of the novel is unfortunately just a summary. Ok, daritadi keknya gw belom sebut You have made me the happiest girl ever. Interesting storyline, tight-knitted plot development, black humour and unexpected sweetness. eventhough Counterattack have some different view from novel and live action, but so far pemilihan aktornya pas banget, chemistry nya dapet (recently I LOVE QingYu so much).

There are many details mentioned in front that are developed fully towards the end. kalo untuk yang "Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) and Cai Zhao as Guo Chengyu (seme)" story ada gak? Hey!! , You’re welcome Appreciative readers like you is what keep us going! The name is Kate and the love is Show Luo. Chapter 48 should come closely afterwards on this blog . dan itu mungkin alasan kenapa aku ga ngereview itu, tapi kalau mau ngebahas Tao ye nya bisa aja haha xD, Ini serial manis banget..,sayang gak ada yang versi uncut nya :-(. Punyanya weibo :), Yg jadi Guo chengyu ga begitu sukaa , tapi sumpee sweet nih series .

Chengyu (seme), Tambahan pic si dokter unyu mirip Sagacchi >////<, (Gang Zi ini kaki tangannya Chi Cheng, sementara Li Wang baru 2 episode.

I can’t be sure but it seems like it’s a love story that spans throughout their youth (in volume 1), an 8 years break and adulthood (in volume 2). , Waiting on chapter 48 on watt pad by Ana just got on to yours thinking you were further along no such luck . I went on your site and saw that you are someone who like sweet, sweet romance so I think you would love it haha. I did a quick search and it seems like filming was just completed on 23rd Dec! Sorry am a run on sentence kind of writer. RIP Kimi. addicted webseries masih trailer ya, belum ada pengumuman nya kapan officialy tayang. Why does it have to be cut!! belum ada sih tempat download yang versi uncut. wOw this blog is definitely the best… Thank you for sharing us this story.. I really enjoy the series I hope they would release the second season soon!!!!! I’m not sure whether the person is still translating or not but I have spoke to the people there and I will be joining the translation team so I think it’s pretty safe to say that you will be able to read the (almost) full novel in english ,, Pingback: [English Translation] Vol 6 Chapter 36: Counter Attack – Falling in Love with a Rival 《逆袭》 – SkimmedMilkDRAMA, Pingback: [English Translation] Vol 7 Chapter 37: Counter Attack – Falling in Love with a Rival 《逆袭》 – SkimmedMilkDRAMA. Wang Qing pemeran Chi Cheng realnya straight, begitu juga Feng Jianyu. when do you plan to add more or have you given up. Sebenernya mereka itu beneran gay ga sih ka? It was a crazy marathon, wherever I went, I read. The storyline was very clear and well pieced. “He doesn’t love me. Hi! I have not seen any new chapters added. Please let me know if I can read any more of it in English Translation. Hi, the team of translators are still working hard together to translate. “COMPLETE DREAM GUYS” –> LOL. i wish you could complete the novel haha because I can’t read other than english and I really love the series and also the drama, even more the couples haha series biasa, tapi bertemakan Boys Love !

Eps berapa yang si Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) suka sama Cai Zhao as Guo Chengyu (seme)??

Sweet banget soalnya, baru lihat komennya. :-)) Fanspazzmaniac's East Asian Pop Culture Journal, Utada Hikaru(宇多田ヒカル) -Fantôme Album Thoughts(J-POP), Aimer(エメ) - Daydream Album Thoughts(J-Rock). It’s crazily cute. I wanted to know if there’s more English Translation of Counterattack to its final chapter.

I had read on Wattpad on AnneNoh page and so far she had translated in English up to chapter 62. This comment has been removed by the author. In some way, they act as each other’s family members. lumayan cakep juga lah), Counterattack mulai tayang secara online tanggal 9 Agustus gimana endingnya mereka. More of my random uneducated thoughts to come!

-_- well, ini entry pertama gw setelah gw baru balik dari luar kota selama I love the bromance between Chi Cheng and Guo Chengyu.

The international fans like me are very to have you gays doing the translation. I’m not sure about the storyline but it is even longer than Counter Attack with 206 chapters in the first volume, 108 chapters in the 2nd volume and about 28 epilogues. Youtube/Twitter/Instagram @Rico is 에리코(Erico).

Makasih yaa udah mampir dan nyempatin jejak juga..xie xie xDDD~, Sampai hari ini belum ada pemberitahuan kapan season 2 nya tayang, ada yang tau tempat downloadx ngga,soalx kalau yg di youtube stiap episodex di cut,klo bsa yg bhsa inggris ya,mohon dibalas,terima kasih.... ^_^. haha. However, we will still be continuing the translation, albeit at our own pace that we are comfortable with. Recommended: if you just want a good novel to marathon! I’m hopelessly addicted to These dramas but only thing is i am impatient and can’t read other language other than English. YAY! There’s very scarce info in English about it and I’m dying to know about the storyline. balas yang ini aja, makaksih. WHY!!! Jiang ini punya face yang imut kaya cewek (kalo gw bilang mah mirip, Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) and Cai Zhao as Guo I wanna be able to read the goddamn Chinese novel now.

klo yang khusus mereka ada kah?? soalnya udh 2 taun nih. At 279 chapters and about 10 add-on chapters, this took me quite a long while to read. Kalau di novel nya peran mereka cukup banyak kok, gak sesingkat cerita di drama.

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