ct90 engine swap

In my installation, I used the stock 15 tooth Honda front drive gear, (I modified it to fit the Lifan), with a 45 tooth rear gear. ToXiKAvEnGeR New Member. I tried denting my frame with a hammer and chisel, but the main frame tube is the part that hits the vent, and it was pretty thick steel… a 90-deg bend might work, but if I remember correctly, it was the metal barb fitting coming directly off the engine that hit, so there wasn’t much I could do I haven’t read about anyone else needing to do this though, so maybe my bike and engine were a little tighter than normal?

What a answer! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Joined: Sep 16, 2019 Messages: 3 Likes Received: 0. This is totally my little dream machine now.

All your lights would be AC off the yellow, stock headlight on lots of CT90s is AC anyway.

This page helped me swap things: http://www.dratv.com/ct.html as well as the Honda Clone yahoo group The honda clone group has an image folder with good (better) wiring diagrams. JUST_SOME GENERAL_INFO THAT_MAY_ANSWER SOME_ENGINE SWAP_QUESTIONS, LEFT_TURNOUT 22MM MANIFOLD_KIT GREAT_FOR_SWAPS 300002 (TBQ22KIT) (S1128), ATC110_1983_to_85 ATC185/S_ATC200 1979_TO_1983 ATC90_READ ATC110_79/82_READ LEFT_BRAKE LEVER/BRACKET ASSY WITH_PARK_BRAKE (76C/8191), SILVER WIRE HARNESS TUBING 8MM_X_2METERS 1/16M (300S), SILVER WIRE HARNES TUBING 10MM_X_2METERS 1/17M (300T), SILVER WIRE HARNESS TUBING 13MM_x_2_METERS 1/19M (300W), ENGINE_SWAP PARTS_LISTS FOR_SOME_BIKES CHECK_IT_OUT, 6 WIRE CONNECTOR_SET (MOST_CHINA_CDI'S) 1/17A (TMS/8946/15/16), GREY/SILVER TUBING/CONDUIT 5MM_ID_OR_7MM (SOLD_PER_FOOT), 90_DEGREE_ANGLE AIR_FILTER 32MM_ TO_39MM MOUTH'S S1036, SPECIAL FENDER WASHER 6MM ID 29MM OD (SOLD_EACH) (316I), NEW SMALL 90 DEGREE FUEL FILTER 1/4" BARBS (SOLD_EACH) 7/20W (8424-01-9909), ..TWO IN ONE OUT PETCOCK WITH SCREEN ON OFF RES 6MM THREADED ATTACHING HOLE 3/16" HOSE (AFT300010), LEFT HAND LEVER/BRACKET ASSY W/CABLE ADJUSTER W/MIRROR MOUNT 1/16W (323G), RIGHT HAND LEVER/BRACKET ASSY W/CABLE ADJUSTER W/MIRROR MOUNT W/BRAKE SWITCH MOUNT 1/16W (322D), KITACO 755-1000100 HEADLIGHT SWITCH UNIVERSAL (CT90_KILL_SWITCH) FITS 7/8" BARS 7/19M (327B), **(OEM_HONDA) HEAVY DUTY WIDE ADJUSTABLE SMALL BIKE HANDLE BAR SET, (SEE_MEASUREMENTS) 7/20A (329T), UNIVERSAL FORK BOOT SET (2) fits (27mm_TO_30mm) OD FORK TUBES, STANLEY (MADE_IN_JAPAN) 6V_35W_25W REPLACEMENT BULB_FOR 400019 HEADLIGHT ASSY (REBULB) exed sorry discontinued, REPLACEMENT SOCKET FOR OUR 400019 HEADLIGHT also WORKS WITH OUR 12V LED BULB 1002W (S1170), BLACK UNIVERSAL HEADLIGHT FOR BIKES AND ATC'S PICK_YOUR_BULB [(INCLUDES_OPTIONAL) (DC_LED_LENS)] (BK/UNI/HL) S1089, *BAR STEP VERY HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM BAR FOR PROJECT BIKES (OHV_90/110_BOLT_PATTERN) 1/18M (334D) temp out of stock, *SPRING BRAKE PEDAL 2" IN TO IN 1/18M (334J), *OEM HONDA "WING" VALVE STEM CAPS SOLD IN A SET OF 2 EACH 1/18M (273D), *RIGHT SIDE THROTTLE HOUSING SW.ASSY, WINKER (NO_KILL_SWITCH), *KEY SWITCH OEM HONDA UNIVERSAL AND ENGINES SWAPS BUILDERS 7/18 (91F), *ADD A SAFETY KEY SWITCH TO YOUR ATC70 1981 AND OLDER, *FRAME KEY HOLE / DRAIN HOLE PLUG CT70 1980 TO 1982 81329-567-020 (281G), CHROME CLAMP, IGN. If money was not an option.... What would you put in your ct-90. I installed the same engine in my ’83 Passport same issue with frame. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I've been considering the Lifan swap, but doing so means I lose value. Measured the CT90 & CT200 engine mounting lugs today, the difference is that the CT90 is only 1/8 inches wider. brianvickeryusa@comcast.net. Do you think the transmission is geared the same? No battery, nice, but possibly weaker lighting output from stator I think, depending on what year. It can be adapted though, the same way people swap in the Chinese engines, which are all mostly copies of Honda 50/70 series engines. As part of the installation you will need to get a Honda 110 coil as the engine doesnt come with one. only 1000 original miles! The intake manifold and carb also fit PERFECTLY… well, when fully torqued the carb is just barely resting against the frame, so I may use a drill and slot the holes on the intake manifold where the manifold meets the engine. ooo! (And a glass of Belgian Wit – loosens me up so I can chit chat with the paint canisters.). Hello and thanks for posting this!


I get about 15vac off the two yellow wires from the stator. ( Log Out /  Cam swap adds duration but not lift, and you lost the decomp feature.

I have a honda ct200 with a ct90 engine in it, I just fit the new engine in it. St90 engine swap (lifan) Discussion in 'CT90, CT110, ST70, ST90 Discussion' started by slickmick, Sep 24, 2019. I am not interested in improving/raising the top speed- 45 MPH is more than fast enough for me. I would like to know, will a 1970's atc90 engine swap into a 1970's ct90? So back to what I was saying before the unfortunate tire accident – MORE. I think I'd get a Takegawa DOHC or Kitaco thats if you can afford $5000 on a motor. The harness was easy. I need MORE. Lifan 1st gear has a higher ratio than the CT90 in normal range, giving you monster pulling power.

That red color doesn’t really suit me… and there are some rust spots here and there… ooo! Aweeee snap. OR AFTERMARKET UNIVERSAL FIT 6 VOLT HORN, 12_VOLT HORN_ASSY CAN_FIT_MANY MODELS (6V_TO_12V_SWAP) (S1184), 12V UNIVERSAL HORN 4" diameter & LOUD !!!! Just want some suggestions. In fact, I can start from a dead stop with the bike in 4th and it takes off just fine. This entry was posted on July 15, 2010 by malleabis. Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ToXiKAvEnGeR, Nov 30, 2006. I have written them but not heard back.

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