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And she views several disturbing incidents — like the six bullets fired through the storefront of a local Democratic Party headquarters where a Tims sign and Black Lives Matter sign hung in the windows — as a threat to her. An official with the Xenia Police said there was “no overt indication” of a racial motive or hate crime.

He added that he appreciated Tims’ visit. Black. A month earlier someone had chucked a piece of concrete through the storefront window. “We all want access to the American dream. In reality she was more than 200 miles away in McLean, an affluent DC suburb. Born to a teenage mother.

After attending a Democratic presidential debate near Columbus last fall, Tims and a Black aide were stopped by suburban police while trying to find late-night food. “This could be an interesting year for this district.”. There have been no arrests, and the cases are closed.

I thought he nailed it.” She recalled the part where, while studying at Yale, Vance panicked over which fork to use at a fancy dinner. The experiences of Desiree Tims — this little Black girl from West Dayton, as she internalized it for all those years — form the core of every argument she makes to be the next representative for West Dayton.

How do you spell this word?’ And, you know, I’m doing something else, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, add an E.’ I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but not everyone was sitting with their grandparents or their parents, teaching them English, and how to spell, and how to say things.”.

Peter Matthews, Tims’ pastor at the McKinley United Methodist Church. “They didn’t leave a calling card saying it was that,” she said. Tims had opportunities to stay at the White House after the internship ended but wanted to learn more about policy and legislation. She is a role model for the entire Hooters brand. Whaley, the mayor, sees the race as tough but winnable.

To her supporters, this only reinforces that Tims has the fresh eyes the district needs.

And Gillibrand has joined forces with two other senators with national profiles, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California, to raise money for her campaign. But suddenly Tims’ case against him had a fresh angle: He had come late to something that was good for Dayton. And that is the best language that I can speak: opportunity. damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings, plunged Dayton’s drinking water system into chaos, Turner announced his support for several measures, such as the abortion rights group Emily’s List, her would-be generational peers in Congress. Maybe COVID-19 can make us all slow down for just a second, and reflect on what we want this country to be.”. “Do something!” Mendenhall, the proprietor of Blind Bob’s, cried out as DeWine spoke, starting a chant that became a demand for tougher gun safety measures. Desiree was born and raised in Dayton, and she is a proud product of Dayton Public Schools. Grandma, though, insisted she try for a White House job. The Oregon District, one of Dayton’s oldest neighborhoods, is a particular point of pride in the city.

Her work included a rotation through the Office of Presidential Correspondence, where she “read all of Obama’s hate mail,” and through the Office of Public Engagement, which Jarrett ran. Mike DeWine, a Republican who as the state’s attorney general had courted the gun lobby, visited that evening.

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Eventually she was elected president of the Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus, but she could not shake the same feelings she had at Xavier: that her life experiences, not just her skin color, placed her squarely in the minority. Turner did not respond to requests through a spokesperson to comment for this story.

Desiree Tims has worked in Washington, and she didn't see people like her — a Black woman who knows what it means to be working-class.

Desiree Wallace separated from Bubba Wallace’s father, Darrell Wallace Sr., due to some personal issues.

The Ohio Democratic Party and other allies, such as the abortion rights group Emily’s List, are helping Tims litigate Turner’s voting record and paint him as too close to Trump.

She would think of Papaw playing Wheel of Fortune with his pencil, writing down the words he didn’t know.

Turner, 60, has waffled a bit in the Trump era. It’s a question that now underpins her campaign for Congress in Ohio’s 10th District.

Ohio candidate Desiree Tims returned home in 2019 after a stint in Washington, D.C. as a congressional aide and White House intern, intending to work at a …

A few months after that, a mass shooting in a popular nightlife district left nine dead. “We were looking for directions, I’m super hungry, it was a very long day, and I apologize for my perception of what I thought was bias.”. Tims’ mother and father were 18 and 20 when she was born and divorced not long after that. “I was like, Oh, we’re going to a festival or a parade.

There were few kids her age on the block. Vance, whose 2016 memoir Hillbilly Elegy tapped into a white working-class zeitgeist that surrounded Trump’s election. Turner, the Republican incumbent, has won high National Rifle Association ratings, thanks to his staunch opposition to gun control. They have. His views, though, began to shift after his daughter and a family friend found themselves across the street from Peppers when the shooting began. The book became highly politicized — Vance used it to promote a conservative point of view.

And that, really, is the point of the campaign.

But the timing was convenient.

Webb, who won a four-person primary last month, would be the first Black doctor to be a voting member of Congress. “It’s a challenge, because she didn’t come to it the way some do,” Brown said in a telephone interview.

“I get very passionate about it, because it's very frustrating when you see that up close, the neglect that is consistent in the halls of Congress,” Tims, 32, said in an interview at her childhood home. The brick-covered East Fifth Street features buildings dating to the 1800s and a lineup of establishments known for solid pub food, craft beer, and live music. Tims’ grandfather — Papaw, she called him — loved watching Wheel of Fortune. Tims, the passenger, interrupted several times as one officer questioned the aide and another approached her side with a flashlight, according to dashcam video and audio obtained by the Dayton Daily News. “I think she'll need tremendous turnout out of Dayton, particularly West Dayton and Trotwood and Jefferson Township,” she said.

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