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Old-fashioned boy's name. Scattergories Categories ideas can range from anything, from science to television series, from geography to food items. 1 — Everyone gets a set of four category cards. Creating lists sounds like fun also so we will probably try to play that way also. Would Bora Bora work?

The most common issue involves the Scattergories lists because the players will often argue as to whether or not certain words are acceptable. One person will close their eyes and choose one letter at random.

Here’s an example, if you are working with the letter “P” and need to come up with an answer for the category “a bridesmaid dress color” you could say “plum” instead of “purple.” More people will most likely think of the color purple, instead of plum, which will give you the most unique answer! The first thing you’ll want to do it cut out the letters on the instruction page provided. Not really! Feel free to check out some of our other fun free printable scattegories games here: Yes, definitely!

In these new lists, we created 16 different categories that you can play with your family. Learning how to think quickly and strategically will help ensure you score more points than your friends! It just helps support this blog so we can continue to bring you more content like this. If the first letter is "D," then "dog" will be a very common answer.

If you have a newer version of the game, you can cut them to fit your game. Sooooo cute! Sounds like we have the same DIY brain! 12 Scattegories lists to print, ready to use. Your email address will not be published. That said, certain occasions can call for a touch more… design inspiration… if you will. This bridal shower scattergories game includes categories and cards for two rounds of play. Love the printables. Made by Swellgarfo. The bridal shower scattergories game was designed to print on standard 8.5×11 inch pieces of paper. It definitely gets a ton of use and I can highly recommend it! This looks so fun. The best part about this game is that you can create your very own categories according to your or your guests' preferences. This just means that we make a little money if you buy something through one of our links. Television shows from 2000. Read our Cookie Policy. From shop PartyandBride. Would San Diego be considered tropical?

While the die introduces a random element to each round, the list order can become repetitive if this is one of your favorite games (speaking from experience).

The objective is to score points by uniquely naming objects that fit the categories in a timed setting. :D Thanks for reading Natalya! Founded in 1995, Winning Moves is a leading producer of iconic board games, card games, and handheld puzzles. Students of all ages will enjoy this fast paced game! 28 Topics included! Marching band instruments.

There are 16 different categories that we created. Then, print out as many copies as you need for the number of players you have and you’re all set. If you want to make it so six people can play, you will want to print six copies of all the cards. R. e. s. t. a. r. t. Scattergories List Generator. You can cut them by hand or use a corner rounder.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is important to be graceful if one of your words is not accepted or when another player receives a point even though you thought their word was incorrect. Since 2 sets of categories cards and 2 sets of answer cards will print per page, you will need to trim everything apart using scissors or a paper cutter. Cut out your game pieces. This DIY Printable Sattergories Game is as cute as it is easy to prepare for however many guests you might have over.

You can change your preferences any time in your Privacy Settings. For instance, you can have a fruit category and must name fruit that starts with the corresponding letter. Scattergories is very easy to learn how to play because the directions are straightforward and simple.

These cards were gifted and we have no idea where they were purchased from! With so many people spending a lot of time at home right now, we thought that we would create some more Scattergories printable lists. All you need to do is download the PDF from the link in the materials section above. If you happen to get stumped on one particular category, feel free to skip it and then return back to it at a later time, if time allows. Awesome DIY.

Where did you get the playing cards?! Each guest will write down as many answers as they can before the timer runs out. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter.

This looks like something my family would be all over!

Feel free to download and print as many copies of the bridal shower scattergories game as you would like. Thanks for the printable.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the images or fonts that are used to create this game. Double bonus is that you can print as many as you need and switch up the categories for however big or small your game night is. XOXO. Players are not going to fight very hard to help one of their competitors score extra points.

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