eeth koth clone troopers

Eeth Koth was an Iridonian Zabrak Jedi Master before and during the Clone Wars. He aids the Rebel Alliance in stealing the plans for the Death Star in, A mercenary and friend of Chirrut Îmwe who aids the Rebel Alliance in stealing the plans for the Death Star in, A Rebel and New Republic starfighter pilot, who was in the battles of, Portly X-wing pilot codenamed "Red Six" who is killed in, Fighter pilot and founding member of the elite Rogue Squadron, who is featured during one scene in, Jedi Knight and Dark Lord of the Sith, whose fall and redemption are depicted throughout the first six, Jedi whose coming of age and rise as a Jedi are portrayed in the original, Leader in the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic, and the Resistance. He is the team's sniper, possessing genetic mutations that give him exceptional eyesight. He is killed by Darth Vader in. Ewok is a small, sentient furry creature who lives in trees on the forest moon of Endor.

Rebel General who comes with the plan of destroying the shield generator for the second Death Star. He was stationed on board the Jedi training cruiser.

Both he and Gundi are killed while fending off Separatist forces during the Battle of Ryloth to buy the Republic enough time to deliver supplies to the Twi'leks. Humans are a species in the fictional Star Wars universe. Faust scientist who worked with the CIS during the Clone Wars. The company was led by Captain Lock and was stationed on the Republic cruiser Steadfast.While the clones were stationed on their cruiser, General Grievous launched an attack.

Horn Company was a company of clone troopers under the command of Jedi General Eeth Koth. Some of these characters have additional and alternate plotlines in the non-canonical Star Wars Legends continuity, the characters found in that body of works are compiled in the list of Star Wars Legends characters and List of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic characters. They wore sandy colored armour with green markings.
[9] Tales of the Bounty Hunters reveals that he was badly injured in a race by Han Solo on Corellia and rebuilt by the Empire as a cybernetically enhanced assassin, serving the Empire until he refuses to kill children on the planet Asrat.

Assistant and pilot of Leia Organa in the novel, Commander Solange was an Imperial officer assigned to the Five Points station in the Outer Rim.

Ewok who helps Princess Leia and the other Rebels in, Geonosian separatist who survives Darth Vader's slaughter of the remaining separatist leaders and creates his own droid army. In the Marvel Star Wars comic, he and IG-88 try to freeze Lando and Luke in carbonite.

Crime lord and rival to Jabba the Hutt, recognized as the "fastest blaster on Tatooine". Most of twi'lek economy is based on slave trade. CT-1211 on the left of Eeth Koth. Grandmother of Reeve Panzoro, she befriends Leia Organa in an attempt to foster Resistance support to her cause in the 2017 novel, Youthful member of Bravo Rising Resistance group holding out on the planet Atterra Bravo against the First Order.
Minister of the Pyke Syndicate during the Clone Wars who joins the Shadow Collective and participates in the attack on Sundari with his criminal allies. His father is special forces soldier, Kes Dameron, and his mother is A-wing pilot, Shara Bey.

In, Commands the Rebel fleet in their attack against the second, Green-skinned Mon Calamari Admiral of the, Male Mon Calamari who serves as the padawan of Jedi Master, Mon Calamari starship engineer who created the Blade Wing, a prototype of the, Mythical, immortal and god-like being who resides on, Mythical, immortal and god-like being who resides.

He serves on the Separatist Council during the Clone Wars and helps fund and supply the Confederacy of Independent Systems. She is confronted by Obi-Wan Kenobi when her starship is taken by Ziro and his girlfriend Sy Snootles. Later, Leia Organa Solo was able to prove how they were duped into service, and they swore allegiance to her and her family. Many are very greedy and very gluttonous. Personal aide to Chancellor Valorum, who accompanied Sifo-Dyas on his mission to Oba Diah. Bounty hunter hired to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. He is more grateful than his father when Ahsoka Tano, Aayla Secura, and Anakin Skywalker return to protect their village from the Separatists. Lasat Jedi Master who trained Cal Kestis and sacrificed himself to help his Padawan escape during Order 66.

General of the First Order who presides over, Corellian Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council.

Female Neimoidian that serves as both pilot and communications officer on the Trade Federation ship, Delphidian pirate, with a distinctive red Kaleesh mask. He partners with R2-C4 to knock out the droid control ship's shield generator in. Countess of Clan Wren and mother of Sabine Wren. Mandalorian warrior and brother of Sabine Wren.

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