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That’s not how this contestant interpreted it. Family Fortunes took an uncharacteristicly un-family friendly turn on Sunday night when a contestant gave a very X-rated answer to one of the questions.. If you guess the top answer in each round you’ll score 5 points, The second most popular answer is worth 4 points and so on … Try to think what the majority of people would say, to win the highest number of points available. �����6B�Ftό�ID�. If the second player duplicates an answer, they must guess again.

If you and your children enjoy this quiz…If your child comes up with quirky answers…If your child wants more activities that entice their enthusiastic and enquiring mind…then take a look at the Learning Resources, our Blogs or more information about how we support Families.
If they guess correctly, they get to steal all of the points of the correct answers given by the other team. And don’t all shout at once, people…. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Split the rest of the players into two teams.
If you are planning to play this game with your family, then this post is for you, as MomJunction brings you 151 Family Feud questions. Contestant Kash had other things on the brain though and as she quickly hit the buzzer before her competition, she blurted out her response. 4. Our survey said: No points. Donate We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

BuzzFeed Staff, UK Aug 19, 2019 - Family Fortunes Quizzes are a great way to add a little bit of debate to your quiz nights …. Family Feud, the US version of Family Fortunes, has also served up some gems over the years, none more so than this one. 1. Have I said that I have a crazy imagination and have a dog. endobj If you matched these answers give yourself an extra point.

Les grandes fortunes qui s’investissent sur ces questions veulent avant tout transmettre des valeurs – au sens noble du terme – à leurs enfants et petits-enfants. And it’s not so much the answer that’s jaw-dropping (if inevitable) as host Steve Harvey’s reaction to it…. stream 100 people were asked the following questions 1 NAME A CHARACTER FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ 2 NAME SOMETHING THAT HELPS YOU FALL ASLEEP 3 …

Family Fortunes From 100 people surveyed, we have taken the Top 5 answers. Vote this chat session. ‘So these questions are very inappropriate,’ observed one awkward viewer. If you had any of these, award yourselves an extra point. Our Partners <> This round is usually timed (60 seconds), and really puts people on the spot. I am going to use it for my direct sales games!! Sherwood Drive Our survey says: A big old pile of nope, in case you hadn’t already guessed. I liked this game I would consider it to my friends but this is a tough time for me I found out I am moving to Norway in June and have to leave the best friend anyone could ask for! %���� Our survey says: 12 points. stream even Water Skiing –  they all sound just a touch too active for us in hot weather – napping and eating ice-creams sounds much better. I dont get to play and the game takes my coins.this is not fair. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Liked the huge list of creative questions! Can someone remind us NEVER to get in a lift with Melinda Messenger…?

Add up the total for the answers that were correct. But first, let’s understand the procedure of the game. Every George was mentioned except George 1st, the first of the Hanoverians, (1714-1727) – we did wonder what he did to be left out!

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