feng shui back door color facing west

If it is your main way you enter your home, you don’t want stuff stored behind the door, making it difficult to get the door open all the way.

As with the practice of feng shui on each house, the very fundamental concepts of the bagua map should be the first focal point.

Paint the back door to coordinate with the exterior colors and trim of your house -- pick up one existing color and use it for the door.

House Beautiful: The Best Colors for Your Front Door, Mind Body Green: What Each Color Means In Feng Shui, Design Milk: Interior Ideas: 12 Colorful Doors on the Inside, The Best Dark Brown Paint Color for an Exterior Door, How to Select an Exterior Door Color With Almond Siding, How to Choose the Color for an Exterior Door, Painting Your Front Door a New Unexpected Color. Exterior Paint Combinations for Small Houses, Exterior-Paint Ideas for Your Front Door & Shutters, The Best Paint Color for a Red Glossy Front Door. . Benna Crawford has been a journalist and New York-based writer since 1997. What Color is Good Luck For Feng Shui Front Door? © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. What Color Blinds Should I Choose From the Outside? The sheng chi (SC) sector at the south is the area with the most prosperous energy. Merge back-door decor with the nature overtaking your backyard. While this might sound undesirable on the surface, it also means that the bad sectors identified by 8 mansions are not all bad and contains auspicious chi as well. 2. This can play nicely into the floor plan as bathrooms are seldom built at the front facing of properties. Fiery red stands for courage, high energy and abundance; orange is extroverted, exuberant and welcoming; green is a balancing, healing and young-at-heart color; blue is calm, peaceful and as expansive as the sky. We say specific front door because in feng shui the energy of the door is determined by its facing direction, so there are 8 different guidelines for front doors that face each of the 8 directions.You can read more about the feng shui bagua and its specific directions if this sounds too confusing. In terms of practicality, you don’t need to be an experienced home buyer or tenant to realize that a west facing house would have the to bear the brunt of the evening sun everyday. Chartreuse is unexpected and invigorating. From this energy map, it can be said that if the kitchen is not located in the front area of the house, then the only sector of the house which it can be situated is the northeast. Front Door: Facing West (In a previous blog, I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house.) Feng shui-wise, the health of your front door starts with such basics as a clean door, a door that opens without too much effort or noise, a door that has beautiful hardware and is well-lit. Should this area be afflicted, or even worse, be a missing corner of the house, then the female resident would generally suffer from never ending obstacles in life. Hot tropical pink is jazzy and Caribbean. This can be especially uncomfortable when the living room or bedroom is located on the facing side of the house. The same can be said of the northwest and southwest as long as active remedies are put in place. You don't want that blast of color to come out of nowhere, so make your choice based on the more sober colors of the house and yard. It may not contribute to curb appeal, but a colorful back door can cheer you up when you're sitting on the back patio or even taking out the garbage after dinner. But do you want to leave this down to luck? You never want to diminish the importance of the front of the house. So if the house has a single male resident, then the north west sector is a critical area of the house to take care of as is represents the male leader. Although the emphasis in Feng Shui is typically on the front door, the back door also has importance. But, whether it leads to your trash station or a magical backyard Eden with lush gardens and a sparkling pool, the back door deserves a little love -- and maybe a fresh coat of paint.

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This also implies that remedies have to be put in place to subdue the strength of the JM energy. The 8 mansions feng shui school of thought basically generates an energy map for a house based on it’s sitting direction. The west represents the season of autumn and soft Metal energy.

The life aspects that are afflicted by the location of toilets for example, can then be enhanced by other feng shui concepts such as…. .

A yellow door signifies good cheer, positive energy and sharp intelligence; purple means wealth, powerful position and high spirituality. While this is a purely hypothetical example used in this discussion, without consideration for other potential factors such as landscape, I must conclude that this does not look like a good energy map for a house. For for a house that facing west, it would be sitting east. If there are no children in this family unit, then all the directional sectors (except the northwest and southwest) can be used as toilets and storeroom without any direct negative implications on specific household members. Do be aware that the tables can sometimes be totally turned with a slight change in facing direction, or when the house was built during another period other than eight. White doors are about freedom, cleansing and new beginnings. But does this match up well with the feng shui of a house that faces the west direction? The back door can be a fun and playful color but should not be the same color as the front door not should it “upstage” the front door in any way. Here are the eight door facing directions and their harmonized and producing colors to help you select the perfect feng shui colour for your door. Paint a party vibe on the back door with a slash of vivid color that electrifies the backyard. A mint stucco cottage with a terra-cotta tile roof gets a terra-cotta painted door with forest-green trim. You never want to diminish the importance of the front of the house. Each specific feng shui element is expressed through specific colors. For this exercise, we would assume that this is a house built during the period of 8 facing W3. If you are lucky, other buildings and structures might block the harsh reality of the west sun and put your house in the safety of the shade.

The really good stuff is in our newsletters. This also means that if a married couple lives in a house with a west facing, both the northwest and southwest needs to be clean and clear of clutter.

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