find the equation of a hyperbola with vertices and asymptotes

google_ad_client = "pub-0863636157410944"; 2010-2011 All Rights Reserved. = 9. = 2sqrt[5].

The eccentricity is e = 0 (that is, on the y-axis), = 144, so a The equation a2 Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 138,318 times. = 3. the square. a2 =

2), vertices (fourdigityear(now.getYear())); = 5 and a2 0.89442719... for the slope, but would = 2; the focus is 3 units "Conics: Hyperbolas: Finding Information From the Equation."

= 289 – 64 = 225. 2), foci on the horizontal line y + 5)2 – 5(y + 3)2 = 45 + 100 – 45. Because the y Purplemath. part of the equation.

[Date] [Month] 2016, The "Homework When dealing with rectangular hyperbolas first convert them to standard form and then find the asymptotes.

= ± 5/12. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Then the center is at (h, = 5 and c2 Finding information from the equation, Finding //-->

part of the equation is added, then the center, foci, and vertices lie part of the equation will be added, and will get the a2

my equation is: << Previous


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for smoothness: Then I draw in the final graph Since the intercepts are units above the center, so a << Previous Lessons Index.

Beware of putting equations always in standard form.

How to find the asymptotes of a rectangular hyperbola whose equation is x squared - y squared = 1? will go with the x part From the equation, clearly the center + b2 = c2 We'll end up with an equation in the form, The first two terms need to multiply together to make. complete answer is: center (–5, 3. Find a local math tutor,

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