first law of thermodynamics conceptual questions

What force is applied to the driver by his seat belt during that fraction of a second. An ideal diatomic gas at 80 K is slowly compressed adiabatically and reversibly to half its volume.

Consider the process shown below. As shown below, calculate the work done by the gas in the quasi-static processes represented by the paths. 9. 32. ? What is the kinetic energy of either proton when they are 6.92 nm apart? 43.

(a) Find the final volumes of the two sides assuming the ideal gas behavior for the two gases. What is the heat transferred for this case?

5. dQ is negative or positive according to the resultant sign of du and dw.

61. Steam to drive an old-fashioned steam locomotive is supplied at a constant gauge pressure of \(\displaystyle 1.75×10^6N/m^2\) (about 250 psi) to a piston with a 0.200-m radius. ). (b) Find the internal energy change in processes AB and BC. Increase of temperature implies increase of internal energy. Basic Physical Quantities And Their Units, Conductors Insulators and Semi Conductors. Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. (a) How much heat does the gas exchange along BC? Register now! If volume is kept constant, P/T is a constant.

(c) Find the internal energy difference between states C and A. (a) How much mechanical energy is dissipated in the collision? A bullet of mass 10 g is traveling horizontally at 200 m/s when it strikes and embeds in a pendulum bob of mass 2.0 kg. (d) Find the total heat added in the ADCprocess. A hand-driven tire pump has a piston with a 2.50-cm diameter and a maximum stroke of 30.0 cm. A gas follows \(\displaystyle pV=bp+c_T\) on an isothermal curve, where p is the pressure, V is the volume, b is a constant, and c is a function of temperature. 48. The temperature of the gas changes from 300 K to 350 K as a result of the expansion.

If so, what is the source of the energy needed to do this work? Show these steps on a pV diagram and determine from your graph the net work done by the gas. What is its final temperature? 40. If the temperature of the gas rises by 10.00 K and 400.0 J of heat are added in the process, what is its final volume? 27. 20. It is the standard free energy which is equal to the difference in free energies of formation of the products and reactants both in their standard states. 38. 58. The movement of the wall is controlled so that the wall moves in infinitesimal quasi-static steps. Pressure and volume measurements of a dilute gas undergoing a quasi-static adiabatic expansion are shown below. Which is greater for water in this temperature region, \(\displaystyle C_p\) or \(\displaystyle C_V\) ? 51.

35. Hope this helped! The temperature of the gas changes from 300 K to 350 K as a result of the expansion. (b) What average force do you exert on the piston, neglecting friction and gravitational force?

68. 18.1 Thermodynamics; 18.2 Absolute Zero; 18.3 First Law of Thermodynamics; 18.4 Adiabatic Processes; 18.5 Meteorology and the First Law; 18.6 Second Law of Thermodynamics; 18.7 Energy Tends to Disperse; 18.8 Entropy (a) Find the work the external agent does on the gas in the process.

Consider these scenarios and state whether work is done by the system on the environment (SE) or b. (b) When the gas makes the transition from C to A along CDA, 800 J of work are done on it from C to D. How much heat does it exchange along CDA? When the stopper is removed, the wall moves and comes to a final position.

13. Assuming that the gas temperature remains constant at 300 K, how many moles of gas are present?

What is the average mechanical energy of the atoms of an ideal monatomic gas at 300 K? In an expansion, 500 J of work are done by the gas. If volume decreases (P= constant) (T increases) work done is positive.

Does a gas do any work when it expands adiabatically? First, the pressure is lowered from 3 MPa at point A to a pressure of 1 MPa, while keeping the volume at 2 L by cooling the system. There are three variables, pressure, volume and temperature.

(b) Find the amount of work done by the gas and the change in the internal energy of the gas during the process. 22. Find work done.

Two protons located 2 nm apart are released from rest. Ideal gases A and B are stored in the left and right chambers of an insulated container, as shown below. 15. If it has a cause, it can only be eternal? 79. And, work is the ability to use energy.. The entire apparatus is immersed in a constant temperature bath of temperature T kelvin.

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