flowmaster 40 series mustang v6

I have a true dual custom H-pipe exhaust system with Super Flowmaster 40's I think they are alright mufflers, They have a nice deep tone never ricey.

i'm definately lookin more for sound quality and benefit to future upgrades than immediate power gain. I dont wanna burst your bubble, but thats just my opinion. for sure go with the flowmasters they are worth evey penny !!! cuz right now my sound just seems way to mellow. and if you look around enough you can find that Exhaust system cheaper then 300 , midas did mine for 276 and it sounds real good... 2004 4.6 mustang GT - completely stock ATM. 2003 Tropic Green Metallic 3.8L V6: MGW Interior Billet Accessories (knobs and pony shift), Bullitt Fuel Door, Silver Bullitt Rims w/245/45-17. Lots of talk about sound but how does everone feel thier performance is after the switch? -Sal. exhaust. I'd have to say it's the smart way to go.

4 Cylinder | V6 | Classic Mustangs | Tech & Talk, -03 SB Cobra vert- 2552 of 5082 Born 02/25/03, 2003 Cobra Vert (Redfire) #3938 of 5082 @ 05/27/2003, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. a friend of mine has an after market exhaust and it is not a flowmaster and it just does not have the same sound as mine . And they ARE all stainless.

and many more to come. I paid $370 or $400 for the whole thing.

So you'll be pleased with the flowmaster dual exhaust. Anyways im just wondering where is the best place to pick it up online? You are using an out of date browser. the two mufflers shipped were about 200. thanks so I guess the number im looking for is FLO-952548 ? does not quite soung like a v8 but it sounds very nice. Flowmaster Delta - Quieter then 40's deeper performance sound. He defended the cause of the poor and needy,and so all went well...But your eyes and your heart are set only on dishonest gain,on shedding innocent blood and on oppression and extortion. i've had some camaro buddies tell me to stay away from them.

PSALM 7:8, my flowmasters dont drone you *****'s dont know drone till you ride in a hoged out 5.0 with no cats and flowmasters with dumps.... lol. 2002 V6 auto. I want to buy a pair of flowmaster 40 series mufflers for my mustang, the GT mufflers are just too quiet. JavaScript is disabled.

I just bought a 2000 V6 and I was wondering if the flowmaster dual exhaust 40 series would make a difference as far as a deeper sound...i really don't want to buy it, install it and then have my mustang sound like a honda. I kno I am.

Ebay is the best, thats where mine came from and they were 120$ shipped. its not a horrid sound, its an ok sound until 3k rpms then it gets ricy sounding but not horrid.... just about any aftermarket mufflers will sound the same on the v6.... at least all the ones i have heard and spintech seem to sound worse than flowmasters also.
"I'm not driving too fast...just flying too low". It may not display this or other websites correctly.

I've got dual exhaust on my 2000 from flowmaster and someone told me it almost sounded just like their '96 GT. If so how do they sound. confidantly, purchased the gallon. So are these work the extra money and do they sound good, or just stick with the original 40 series? Last time I paid $45-48 shipped for a 40 original for my brothers truck, damn i just bought mine from www.sdpc2000.com only 60 bucks a piece. V6 Performance Mods - Flowmaster 40 series on a V6 - Has anyone put a single Flowmaster 40 series muffler of on their 05 V6 Mustang or any other stock muffler replacement?

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I don't htink there's much if any HP to be gained by swapping them out, and I like the tone.

I could say nothing for my complete awe. or i could just go mufferless.

Pre-2005 V6 Mustang. I got the Flowmaster 40 series about 2 months ago. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 40 Posts. kscoyote, on that site you posted, looks like the Bassani is the only option for a 2.25" tubing. They're quiet at idle, but they sound really aggressive at WOT, and not ricey like some of the aftermarket stuff does. Does anyone have the flowmaster super 40 exhausts? Registering is free and easy! the Flowmaster 40 series is a nice set and no way in heck does it sound like a fart cannon on a ricer .

Hope to see you on the forums soon! oh i put some cutouts on too sounds good till 3500 then i feel like im in my mgb with a glass packlol.... take offs or if your going just muffler borla is expensive but i think there the best... everyone has there preference though.
Better sound would be nice though. I feel the only sound you get out of the V6 is from the engine when you slam the gas down. Cheaper that way.

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