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These four Officials left some taxpayers livid and others scratching their head for answers.

He won awards for his role as the "Scambuster" at KJEO-TV in Fresno including his first Emmy. Sure, they obsessively root for …

St Louis County had 4 such satellite centers.

The company suspended 17 workers identified in the investigative report. Enter a custom message to send. But lucky for The Quins' Rugby director, there's a very specific blood rule that allows teams to circumvent substitutions rules.

- Elections officials say the number of absentee ballots cast in the 2020 heated presidential election will surpass that of 2016.

And they really REALLY like to win. This lovely guy is going into the Hall of Shame tonight.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video. It’s a good show and a great idea but it just gets to political I even share the same political views as them but I come on for a Escape and it’s just too much. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel more invested in sports than you ever thought possible. Many of the regular workers who are 60 and 70 years old opted out of working the polls this time around because of the COVID-19 crisis. It brought national shame to the Governor's reputation. [16], In July 2011, Wolchek again turned his cameras on slacking auto workers.

[3] He is the winner of more than 25 regional Emmy awards. It seemed too good to be true! Utica gym closed, patrons ask what the fungus is this? Thousands lined up today and various satellite locations and at election headquarters to cast in person absentee ballots. And then you better watch out. Contractor team build new wheelchair ramp and driveway for family preyed on by concrete creeps, Ripped off family gets new ramp by concrete heroes, More victims come out of woodwork against criminal contractor, Criminal contractor's list of unhappy customers keeps growing, More victims come forward with tales of crooked contractor, Family ripped off by concrete creeps get happy ending from generous business, Angry customer wants to see shady contractor get nailed, House remodeler with rap sheet is a ripoff says customer, Criminal contractor only builds rap sheet, These clothing collection bins take the shirt off your back but don't give to charity, Some clothing donation bins for charity only give to themselves, These clothing collection bins take shirt off your back but don't give it to charity, Fence contractor phony can't build a defense from Hall of Shame, Fence contractor can't build a defense from customer complaints, Customers say mechanic is holding their cars hostage, 2020 Election Results: Interactive map as Michigan votes for President, Michigan heading for historic election turnout with almost 3 million ballots already cast, Ballot counting nearly complete at TCF Center after challenger protest, SOS Benson says anyone who questions election accuracy is attacking democracy, Republican poll watchers demand to be let in during Detroit vote count, U-M fraternity waits on judge decision to keep name after allowing women, non-binary members, Joe Biden wins Michigan to score key battleground victory, FOX News projects. Visit, Puke and Rally (The Michael Jordan Flu Game), Rachel is going to need Rachna to hold her hair. He is known best known for his "Hall of Shame" segment and has exposed many scams and fraud. Visit Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Stories and video from FOX 2's Hall of Shame. It’s game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, and Michael Jordan’s Bulls are tied 2-2 with the Utah Jazz.

Tell us about your event or PSA. If you have a story idea, we want to hear from you! This is Jeremy and Tifanny, owners of Bonnici Concrete in Utica, who are righting a wrong by ripping out and replacing a bad job done by some bad guys. Don't miss the "You Paid For It" Hall of Fame airing Tuesday. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

Some petitioned for a state audit. Share something about Fox 2 Hall of Shame Special.

©2020 FOX Television Stations, Ballot counting nearly complete at TCF Center after challenger protest, SOS Benson says anyone who questions election accuracy is attacking democracy, Republican poll watchers demand to be let in during Detroit vote count, U-M fraternity waits on judge decision to keep name after allowing women, non-binary members, Joe Biden wins Michigan to score key battleground victory, FOX News projects. He worked in radio as a disc jockey for many years before moving on to become news reporter for stations in Fresno and Bakersfield. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

HALL OF SHAME TONIGHT: Most gyms have a weight room, but the Zellador Gym has a mushroom. Well the Presidency isn’t the only thing Trump cons his way into winning. He reportedly racked up nearly $85,000 on the townships credit card thousands of dollars for two trips to Las Vegas for him and his wife. Some people who were on quarantine orders got medical excuses to come down to the election board to cast their ballot. It's funny, informative, with just the right amount of swearing.

The run out Hall of Shame 2:17 Cricket: Following Marnus Labuschagne and Azhar Ali's comical pair of run outs, we thought we'd take a look back at some similarly humorous blunders between the wickets. Officials say at times there were 200 people standing in line.

[12] The story exposed several Chrysler auto workers drinking and smoking what appeared to be marijuana during their lunch break and then heading back into Detroit's Jefferson North Assembly Plant. Rob Wolchek tracks down a fence builder with a bad reputation. Coping with the stress of the presidential election and COVID-19, Stimulus checks on their way to prisoners; local attorney trying to intercept Pam Hupp’s check, ‘No’ to Proposition 1 in the City of St. Louis restricts employees from living outside city boundaries, 162 Wentzville School District staff members out Wednesday due to COVID-19, Religious leaders of different faiths set differences aside in call for unity, COVID resurgence forces Parkway to delay return to full-time, in-school learning, 7-day average shows nearly 1 in 3 COVID tests come back positive in Missouri, Public health may be election loser as coronavirus surges, Study: Americans worry about impact of 2020 election results on finances, This luxury gym wants to help you with post-election stress through yoga, Webster Univ. Back home, the Soviets have brutally crushed a popular democratic uprising in Budapest. Not only that — they were treated to a lavish brunch beforehand with the chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl that year as well.

But as Rob Wolchek found out the only thing he's built up over the years is a big long list of excuses.

Visit, Temper, Temper!

They don't.

[8] In 2016, Skupin was convicted of Larceny by conversion and four counts of possession of Child Sexually Abusive Material when investigators found child pornography on his computer while investigating Pay it Forward.

Her husband made $89,000 working for the district, that he wasn't entitled to. And tonight Rob Wolchek is going to introduce you to some new people who say they too were his victims.

At most gyms, you can pump iron, but here, they're pumping water.

She cut kids programs and didn't take a knife to six-figure salaries of administrators.

Now we're singling out four officials for our "Hall Of Shame." [10][11], In September 2010, Wolchek's "Busted on the Job" investigation made national and international news.

The guy who won the office despite…losing the popular vote. It’s 1985, and the hottest ticket in DC is to see the Washington Football Team.

His customers say Seth is the master of the fence farce. [1], Wolchek began his broadcasting career in 1978 as a DJ in Farmington, New Mexico at KRAZ, a country music station. We looked at dozens of our investigations before settling on these four.

This guy's record is as long as one of those receipts you get at CVS.

Rob Wolchek investigates a mechanic his victims claim has held their cars as long as two years. ST. LOUIS - Election Authorities throughout St. Louis are putting all the pieces in place for Tuesday's big election day. This podcast was recommended to me by a friend, and despite not being a "sports person" myself, I was immediately hooked.

Rob Wolchek has a new Hall of Shame involving a familiar face with a different name. Rob Wolchek is investigating a gym in Utica with a particular problem. They’re also very good about tying together social issues to the stories (Meta World Peace, Caster Semenya, Monica Seles, etc.).

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