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He finally decided to start focusing on making reggaeton music. Ferid stops playing dead and smirks before sitting up.

He jeers that he heard they were being attacked by a dangerous vampire, so he came to their rescue. In response to Saito saying that turning him into a vampire was a mistake, Ferid questions what the point of him saying that is.

From a voice in the shadows comes a weapon that slices Ferid's arm off. Ferid jokes about killing Fifth progenitors and working their way up to kill Saito. First appearance He has to disagree with the choice the human captains are making and shares a bit of advice: run now.

He appears to be at work manipulating many things behind the scenes. He says humanity's all-consuming greed is expanding unchecked, and vampires' boundless arrogance is making them look down at the entire world. Ferid proceeds to inform the rest of the progenitors of the events that occurred in Japan. Ferid appears again lurking around the streets of Sanguinem and looks at the children. Mika realizes what is about to happen, and Yu asks if this was a trap. Voiced by They force Mika into a trap. When Ferid asks him if he is beginning to hate humanity, Mika claims to hate both humanity and humans.

Feid is a member of Richest Celebrities and World Music Singers. Krul notices Mika and smiles at him.

It is split down the center and reaches his mid-calf. As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires as he pleases. When Krul orders the vampires to set out for Nagoya Airport, a bit further away, Crowley asks Ferid about what is really about to start. Yet he is not really interested in that part, what does interest him is that Saito, who is so busy fighting the first right now, has been looking for such daggers for a thousand plus years.

He throws the Akane’s head to Yoichi. He keeps his hair tied back into a pony tail with a ribbon. He and Mika both fall to the ground. He wears a black collar that originally has a pair of two white stripes lining it in the first chapter, but he replaces it with a similar collar with one stripe afterward. He also was in the college choir. When Ferid says that monster did not do much for them, Guren mentions that they were only decoys, alerting Ferid to Major General Shinya Hīragi's sniping attempt. As seen where he was able to utilize the portal making abilities of Jigenso, Ferid having successfully accomplished this by physically holding the Cursed Gear's owner and from their somehow activate the weapons abilities. He orders Mika to fight with him and kill Guren while the other vampires keep the other humans busy. When Guren attempts to strike Mika from behind, Ferid steps in, drawing his sword and blocking the attack. Ferid pulls out a filled syringe and asks if Mika will give Yu that dangerous, unstable drug instead.

He and Ozuna are both world music singers born in 1992. The price of their return was the culling of all the adult humans in the world by a virus.

Ferid acts shocked and asks when Yu and Mika became so reasonable. Answer. He is often described as unpredictable and says things to incite someone's temper but then says he is just kidding. Yu turns into a demon, screaming that he will kill Ferid and attacks him. Ferid Bathory (フェリド・バートリー, Ferido Bātorī?)

He says he may have plans for his secretes to reach the Progenitor Council on his death and mentions how the vampire queen has been meddling with the seraph of the end.

He reveals that Mika is the one who approached him. He says he thought he was part of Ferid's faction. Alarmed, Mika finally leaves Crowley to returns to Yu’s side. Mika curses the humans. Akane Hyakuya is the last one he kills. He would like Mika to drink human blood and stop aging as soon as possible, and he frequently brings up the topic when alone with him. VampiresGuren Ichinose He says there are two beings in Guren's body, and they share their time in control. With that Ferid is promptly cut in half yet cheerfully reacts that he is not dead. He continues talking wanting to know what the point of everything is, the destroyed world, endless human wars and why vampires have bodies that just do not die, using the opportunity to reattach his lower torso as he does so. Ferid says they must remind the uppity humans of their place. There is a wide dark gray strap beneath this cape moving from his right shoulder to his left hip. Relatives

His sinful key gripping right arm is chained yet Ferid says it is dull, struggling will not get Saito anything and he should let it be over. How much money is Feid worth at the age of 28 and what’s his real net worth now? Though widely regarded as less than the best host the show has seen, he stands out for putting together a charity episode of the show after 9/11.The New York Fire Department played against the New York Police Department, and together they raised $75,000 for … Mika says he will save Yu. As a vampire, he also has immortality and regenerative abilities demonstrated when his arm was severed by Krul. The boots have four golden buttons at his thigh and three at his calf.

", Ferid and Crowley leave to meet Yuu and Mika.

She says he belongs to her. He informs the other Progenitors that the vampires are now weak and powerless against the power the humans possesses. Ferid asks where he heard that and suggests he received that information from Mika.

The humans disembark and demand an explanation. Like all vampires, Ferid has elongated pointy ears, red eyes, and fangs. Hooded vampires hear the commotion and arrive at the scene.

Seeng the upper torso of Saito with chains coming out the bottom, Ferid questions the plan, and point when it is assumed has has either one. The seventh progenitor asks the higher progenitors for permission to abandon Japan, and in return he shall send them Krul.

Yu says he will not believe a word Ferid says, but he will listen to what he says about Guren. In his haste, Ferid is thrown with such force that he head has smashed through the other side of the wall.

Within one day of exposure torture Ferids hair has burnt off as Ky Luc sits under his cross smiling. Krul appears as well and stops them from finishing off Mika. Ky Luc cheerfully cuts off Ferid’s UV light-guard.

Saying he prefers children's blood but the Hyakuya Sect member will have to do, Ferid drinks then remarks it is disgusting. Hearing from Crowley that Ferid force fed him a vial of Saito's blood and so should have taught him, Ferid replies he is the picture of familial responsibility.

[23], Asked what the knife is for, Ferid confirms it is the one taken from the child that was turned into a seraph of the end. Ferid feigns ignorance about this and glances at Mika, who appears shocked and confused.

Unnamed father and mother (Deceased)Saitō (Sire) Crowley says there is "too much fun" going on, so Ferid must be behind it somehow. As a vampire, Ferid is naturally far stronger and more powerful than a human. Turning his thoughts to Saito, he contemplates what his objective is and if he is simply collecting human sin then it is likely the seraph of the end kept here. Ferid smiles as Urd chases after Krul's scent. However, a shout from Lest Karr demands that Ferid greet his betters properly. World music singer who has written songs for artists like Reykon, Nicky Jam , and J Balvin. A portal appears behind Lest Karr and Ky Luc and he gets there attention by saying over here, morons. Wiki User Answered . He claims he is not guilty and says he hasn't spoken to his father for a thousand years. He grabs Mika by the waist and flees with him.

He notes it began with them as to why they were all cursed, and wants to know what the point to it all was. In response, Ferid leaps down plucks up a young child standing between Yu and Mika. Ferid calls to Crowley and has his head seized and then hurled out of harms way straight into the wall behind them. Hurled downwards, Ferid uses his hand to rebound off the floor. He is super powerful and if Urd wants to kill him then he should come give it his best shot. On cue, Ferid approaches Makoto and tells him he has the bodies of all of his squad members packed up in bottles as well. Ferid mentions that the five humans cannot stop Yu now but he can because he has the right drug.

After Ky is confirmed to be far away now, he freaks out Shinoa and Mitsuba with his nude lower half rejoining his upper half, which leads to Shinoa cutting off Ferid's head. Yu wakes up sometime later and mentions that the drug appears to be working. Replying to the soldier it is no problem, as allies they help one another, Ferid then asks whether Crowley wants the man's blood. Urd then sentences both Krul and Ferid to ten days of exposure torture in the sunlight, and after that Urd will listen to what they have to say. Ferid turns to look back at Mika and smiles. He greets Krul with compliments and tells her how much he loves her, but she claims he only loves her power. This was severe enough for Mika to see escaping to the surface into a world he believed was completely devoid of human civilization and overrun by monsters as a preferable alternative. After the meeting concludes, Krul confronts Ferid, asking why he brought Mika and if he is trying to dethrone her. He is 27 years old and is a Leo. With his sword connecting and despite the scenario with his father and mother from the past Ferid is sure he has always been perfectly normal, especially for someone who was second in line for a royal throne. Vampires typically detest increasing their numbers.

Ferid mentions that they are forbidden to touch humans directly in the city, but Mika asks Ferid how much attention he paid to that law when he drank Mika's blood. When Shinoa begins, he says he was just teasing and came here to be their new friend. Another one of Ferid's unique abilities is his ability to somehow circumvent the usual inability of Vampires to use Cursed Gears.

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