how to set a trillion cut stone

You can find trillion cut diamonds in a variety of weights and sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 5.00 carats. I do have a couple of educated guesses on why everybody seemed to lose interest. Besides applications in ring designs, this versatile diamond cut has also found its use in jewelry bracelets and earrings. The cushion-cut is a classic shape that was very popular in the nineteenth century.

The Trillion-Cut Garnet and Diamond Ring gorgeously showcases the trillion cut by accenting a three-sided garnet, 0.75 carats in weight, with four small diamonds, one on the right and three in a cluster on the left.

Rounds are always popular in stud earrings and as center stones in classic ring designs. So, by the time Finker claims to be the originator, it had already been around for over 16 years. A trilliant cut diamond does not necessarily have to be aligned in an ordered manner. You Better Think Again…. Trilliant cut diamonds look larger than other shapes for their carat weight because they are cut to shallower depths of around 35 – 46%. -- CJ, USA, Sep 2020, Beautiful stone, thanks for your excellent service, Hi Ron, It's a beautiful stone [2.16 ct unheated Blue Sapphire] - thanks for your excellent service. There is a myriad of other jewelry types which can showcase trilliant cut diamonds. Personally, I find trilliant cuts to be most intriguing when mounted in ring settings because of their unique shape.

Due to its ability to bring out brilliance and sparkle, the trillion cut is especially beautiful in light-colored stones. Pass over any with poor or fair symmetry as well as those with a strong blue fluorescence.

The trillion cut can show impressive brilliance and sparkle and works very well for lighter colored gems. while soldering. Blue fluorescence can make the diamond look milky or hazy. Instead, look for one with a faint to medium fluorescence. This means it does an excellent job of catching light, giving it that sparkle that everyone gravitates towards.

The polish/symmetry needs to have a rating of good or better, and the length to width ratio should be within 1.00 – 1.10. I would say that most straight cut styles are called “Trilliant” and not a Trillian.

The pear shape is an elegant shape that is especially popular for pendants and drop earrings, though it is also used effectively in ring designs. Everything I have ever bought from AJS is gorgeous!! Since trilliants have a single line of symmetry, one side of the diamond should ideally be placed perpendicular to the wearer’s finger. As Arnie says..."I'll be back."

Another option for mounting a trillion cut diamond is the halo.

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