hyrule warriors adventure mode row 2

To open more blocks on the Map, other missions have to be completed before they may become accessible. If it attacks you, it will steal one of your sub-weapons (Bombs, Bow, etc.) Use on green glowing circles to unlock new rewards. Adds a fire attribute to the Ravio Board. 2-14 Adventure Battle - Capture the enemy keeps! It will only appear once all the Twilight has been cleared from the map and can be activated on any map square. Activates switches which unlock hidden rewards. 2 and Lv. The effect of the Rule depends on which enemy or obstacle is on the Map square and each enemy or obstacle can be defeated/dispelled by a different Item Card. Defeat the correct enemy in each room. The Lv. The Zora Tunic and Goron Tunics have also been moved here. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The Lv. These clauses can be removed with the Tear of Light Item Card. This map also contains all Lv. Adventure Mode is a game mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1]. If you go after Manhandla first, both Argoroks will very likely butt in before you're done and it's better to deal with two Giant Bosses at once than three. For example, while Cia's charging up her move that surrounds her with four attacking Shadow Links, press the X Button to charge increase the Great Fairy's attack power. This is the only Map with rewards for Medli in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Heart Container (Ganondorf) - "A" Rank reward.

In the first room, defeat Lana. Defeat the enemies harassing them (the one's marked on your map) and the gates to the Enemy Base will open up. Use on trees to uncover hidden stairways.
The Map is zoomed out completely to show the entire landscape. Track it down and KO it to get your stuff back. The Map contains rewards for the playable characters Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, along with new costume and additional rewards for other playable characters. In order to unlock the door to the Enemy Base you must capture the Mountain Keep, North Field Keep, Castle Keep and South Field Keep. Contains the second and third level weapons for Cia, Volga, and Wizzro. As soon as Cia's Weak Point gauge appears, hit her with the Bow to freeze her in place for a moment then rush over and beat on her. [6] Both worlds cover an 8 by 8 area on the Map, and traveling through a Fissure will cause the Warrior to emerge in the same position in the other World (eg, traveling through the first Fissure on the fifth tile from the left edge of Hyrule on the bottom row, or tile H5, will unlock the fifth tile from the left edge of Lorule on the bottom row, or tile H13). Heart Piece (Zelda) - Capture the W. Mountain Keep. Remember how the Dodongo's mouth glowed orange before you chucked a Bomb in?

Unlike most Adventure Mode maps, this one does not come with any additional rules in order to challenge players. ", "Clear time", and "Damage taken". [note 1] The Master Quest Map provides new missions and challenges, but with additional clauses that limit the abilities of the Warriors; such as no healing, guarding or items allowed, in addition to the regular mission objectives. Great Forest Fairy (more powerful version of Link's Great Fairy weapon) - "A" Rank reward.

When that happens, dodge out of the way and hit it them your Boomerang. Use the Fairy of Darkness to dispel the barrier protecting it and defeat Ganondorf. Heart Piece (Lana) - Capture the South Square. If connected to the Nintendo Network during gameplay, Network Link will sometimes appear on the Map screen. 2-5 Adventure Battle - Attend the Festival of Cuccos! In the first room, defeat Zant. That being the case, you may as well work your way up the west side and capture the West Keep to rescue the Fairy of Fire. Defeat the three enemy captains marked on your map. DLC only map that contains additional 8-bit weapon skins, recolor costumes, heart containers, heart pieces, and Gold Skulltula. For Gohma, hit it in the eye with your Bow after its laser attack. This is the only Map with rewards for Marin. If you receive a message that they're heading your way, hide in the north building and they might lose interest and bug off. Search an unexposed area of the map to see where other item cards can be used. Adventure Mode consists of a Map grid, based on The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule map, with each block of the Map containing different selected missions. Triforce Harp (most powerful version of Sheik's Harp weapon) - "A" Rank reward. Freezes fire statues to unlock certain passageways.

Completing a non-DLC map unlocks the Zora Tunic for Link while finishing all of them unlocks his Goron Tunic. At some point a Scout Captain will show up and call more and more enemies onto the field. The columns will have numbers starting from 1 from the left and 16 to t.. The modes are battles organized on a 16 x 8 square grid based on the original Zelda game's map.

As soon as the Fortifier Captains show up, track them down and take them out or they'll make weaken your keeps and make them much more susceptible to falling under enemy control. The following are the various Gold Skulltula Illustrations needed to unlock squares in the Rewards Map. A new section of the Map can be revealed on the Moon if the Four Giants are saved on the Map.

The Tears of Light card is required in order to remove them.

Do the same thing here. 2-15 Adventure Battle - Rescue the allied forces! Hyrule Warriors crosses the tried and true action of the Dynasty Warriors series with iconic weapons and enemies from the Zelda franchise. Adventure Mode; Adventure Mode; Row 1; Row 2; Row … Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Material Bag. Certain battle squares on this Map contain Song Stones and the Linebeck Trading Company. Like the others, it has costumes for characters to wear, heart containers, heart pieces, and Gold Skulltulas.
8-bit weapon skins are replaced with Lv. The counter can only be stopped by finding and defeating the Dark Ruler who is hidden somewhere on the map. The Lorule Map is included with the A Link Between Worlds DLC Pack, but cannot be played in Hyrule Warriors. Ganon's right gauntlet will glow orange before shooting a large fireball at you. Heart Container (Darunia) - "A" Rank reward. DLC only map that contains additional 8-bit weapon skins, masks for characters to wear, heart containers, heart pieces, and Gold Skulltulas. Both sections have their own starting tile, allowing Warriors to progress through whichever section they want. This is the only Map with rewards for Ravio and Yuga. Removes warrior restrictions from all battles for 3 battle turns. Use to dig into the ground that have been marked with green. A Scout Captain will appear while you're fighting. They can take down keeps very fast so you'll want to prioritize taking them out. Freezes nearby enemies momentarily. Once the keeps are yours, head to the Allied Base and clear out the enemies. Rather, 8 of the 11 item cards are designed to empower the player to some degree, making it one of the easiest maps to explore. By comparison, as certain characters and weapons are already obtainable in other maps and modes, the following can be unlocked on this map: Some costumes have also been moved here. Defeat it quickly or it will call in reinforcements. He has four major attacks and each one has to be countered with a different subweapon. Also present on the Lorule Map is the Ravio Board, which shows the active Nice Powers. Blows away tiles that reveal hidden rewards. A new map introduced in Legends, it is based on the overworld of The Wind Waker.

After every third battle, some sand will fall down to the bottom the Phantom Hourglass. Use in keeps cursed with Barriers of Light. Causes Golden Frogs to reveal enemies within warping squares. Creates sand pillars that reveal hidden rewards. Missions can be playable as many times as the player wishes. Give to Mother Maiamai to obtain hidden rewards. Increases completion time battle rank for 3 battle turns. It is possible to unlock more reward maps via the DLC maps, as they each come with a set of Gold Skulltula, and new puzzle, per map. Heart Piece (Ghirahim) - Capture the Northeast Keep. Whenever a battle square on the Map is finished or otherwise ended, the counter goes down by one. Some Battles restrict which Warriors or Weapons can be used in them. The competitor with the highest score wins.

For more Cucco fun, two different Cuccos will appear and start fighting. This is your queue to latch on to it with the Hookshot and yank him out of the sky. Defeat the three three enemy commanders marked on your map to open the Enemy Base. Players are given a limited amount of time to traverse the area, losing one hour for each battle they participate in. Adds a water attribute to the Ravio Board. Defeating enemies in battles will have an increased chance of producing two dropped items, with greater likelihood that at least one item is a Weapon Bag. Heart Container (Zant) - Capture the E. Mountain Keep. Unlike most Adventure Mode maps, this one does not come with any additional rules in order to challenge players. Use to clear away areas covered in Twilight. Item Cards are items that can be used to unlock new rewards or reveal hidden enemies in missions. Secondary objectives awarding a heart or Gold Skulltula may be present based on the selected player character or the stage. The Twilight Map is included with the Twilight Princess DLC pack. Use in keeps cursed with Barriers of Water. These situational commands are available only in this mode.

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