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You'll soon receive news from us! The California-based luxury vehicle conversion company upgrades the interiors of high-end SUVs to a level that makes the cabin of a private jet seem like a Texaco bathroom stall by comparison. Lexani EXTV Kalahari. Your email has been registered! Wheel upgrades, external racks and lights, and Kalahari-exclusive paint jobs make the outside as cool as the inside. But the middle of nowhere tends to be pretty light on luxuries, so what if you want to haul all of your favorite stuff with you? What influenced the 2022 Hummer EV's futuristic design & interior? We speak to new car buyers and motor-enthusiasts who prefer the unbeaten path, paving their own way in search of adventure, culture, and the best in gear. As with all other products of Lexani, customers can customize their vehicles with unique trim colors, seat materials, cabinetry installations, electronics, security features, and others.

Tuner Lexani turned the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into the ultimate off-road camper van, with the capability to reach out-of-the-way places while bringing along the conveniences of modern life.

The Sprinter is a popular basis for camper-van conversions, something Mercedes itself has acknowledged with a prototype Sprinter camper van powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, the EXTV – Kalahari looks menacing from the street and pure upscale on the inside. We head to snowy Ottawa to put these tires to the test. Unsurprisingly, the best part of the van lays on the inside of it. Lexani said the LM-EXTV has been in development for over a year, and was tested in various harsh environments. No matter where you park it, the LM-EXTV gives you access to plenty of tech. Disclosure: Clicking on these links and making a purchase may earn us a small referral fee, at no extra cost to you. Kalahari View This Vehicle. These 5 compact utility vehicles are the best, according to our motor writers.

But how different is it, really? For those looking to take luxury even in the most remote places, the Kalahari seems to be the best choice. Ready to take on all off-road ventures such as; camping trips, ski outings, mountain biking, and more.

There’s another LED bar on the roof, mounted on a custom roof rack. The EXTV Kalahari has an interior loaded with convertible beds, a kitchenette, storage for bicycles, skis, and other outdoor gear. Shopping for new winter/snow tires? – Learn More. Now they’ve turned their eye to the off-road sector, offering to modify 4×4 Mercedes Sprinters with their signature brand of luxe (with just a touch less gold than their usual designs). 144-2 . Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Here are some of the best budget-friendly, ultra performance, midrange & premium winter-rated tires for cars, SUVs & light trucks. Here are all the cars with Android Auto, FWD vs. RWD vs. AWD: Drivetrain layouts and what they mean. 2pm EST. Lexani doesn’t make stuff for those people. Subscribe and get the latest goods straight to your inbox. L'EXTV Kalahari dispose d'un intérieur avec des lits convertibles, une kitchenette, des rangements pour les vélos, les skis et d'autres équipements de plein air. We put the new Continental IceContact XTRM winter tire to the test. Looking for your next adventure? TractionLife is about hitting the road and enjoying life. Storage cabinets are scattered all around to store all of your clothing and gear. Lexani EXTV Kalahari - Luxury, everywhere. The cabin also features a heavy-duty AC system with adjustable overhead air distribution, in-dashboard Alpine DVD player with a parking camera, and three multi power 110V and 12V USB charging stations. It probably won’t be as luxurious as the LM-EXTV, but it could be a lot cheaper, especially if you’re willing to build in only what’s necessary. They focus on creating luxurious machines that range from Toyota SUVs to luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. When it comes to building world-class vehicle conversions that blend luxury travel with proper 4×4 adventure, California-Based Lexani Motorcars is definitely up there. With great power comes great responsibility, and also a great price to pay. If you’re one of those type of people then this all terrain camper van will definitely make your eyes water! With some glossy concepts and special edition rides in the mix. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Over 15 models & redesigns only, from small CUVs & full-size SUVs to all-electric. If we owned the EXTV Kalahari then we’d prefer not to be in the driving seat – there’s to much fun to be had in the back! The all terrain camper van comes complete with a 12v fridge and microwave, so you’ll never be hungry during stints of off grid living.The passenger seats are pretty suave too, with luxury leather and cushioned head and arm rests to boot! Either way, it’s functional, spacious, and it also looks pretty damn comfy too.The tables and beds/seats are all adjustable if you need to fit large gear inside, and the roof lights give the feel of a private cinema. In addition to making the Sprinters classier inside with updated tech, their Kalahari Editions have the option of added kitchenettes, convertible beds, and storage for bikes and gear. The 2021 Impreza remains Canada's most affordable AWD sedan, but Subaru sweetens the pot with more standard features like EyeSight & more.

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