modern day allusions

Music is an art in protection of the Muses. Why would someone threaten to torture and kill someone for campaigning for Jane Austen to be on a British £10 note? The God of Light and Arts. The company has incorporated only the last four letters of Pegasus in its name. Also, many constellations derive their names from it. His crew blocked their ears with wax so they could sail past.

Many things in the modern world trace their roots to ancient cultures and mythology. ● MidasHe was a king with a golden touch, meaning whatever he touched turned into gold.

Here are a number of examples to keep you in awe: From Greek Academeia ”grove of Akademos”. Modern Day Allusions By: Brenna, Iman, Sean, Boris, and Courtney Orion Movie Company: This movie company alludes to the greek god Orion the hunter. Nike is the number 1 sports clothing company in the world, often associated with winners.

The multi-headed sea serpent killed by Hercules. Christians turned the trident symbol into the devil’s pitchfork. ● DoveIn Greek mythology, Dove was a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Name given to many Greek restaurants around the world, so I hear. Roman name given to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. A messenger ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to bring news of victory in 490 Alpha (BC). There are actually a wide range of Mercury vehicles and many of them look totally different. Nature God who enjoyed playing the Pan pipes. The Apollo Theatre is a famous theatre in New York.

The modern take on the Olympic Games returned to Athens in 1894. The official logo of the car company Maserati. A Greek island relatively close to Athens is called Hydra.

Grace has since come to mean elegance and beauty of form, expression or movement. Hercules spilt some milk when he was breast feeding up in the stars.

Please tell me the allusion and where it came from. You might also like to go through this list of movies based on Greek mythology.

The first woman whose name means “all-gifted” opened a box (jar) which released all of the problems in the world. In modern day New York City, there is the famous misic hall called the Apollo Theater Another allusions to Apollo is the Apollo, which was a rocket. You have come because you want to know something.

His name is thought to mean “of a silent district”.

If you are at war, all you want is PEACE. You have to see it for yourself.

Greek god Apollo was behind her. To escape from him, she turned herself into a Laurel tree.

In American English if someone says I don't do politics, what don't they do to politics. ● HermèsHe was the messenger of Greek gods.

A siren is now a loud wailing sound which is used as a warning or signal.

There are literary thousands of allusions based on Greek myth and legend out there.

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He’s an Adonis.

● PanAmong many other references to this name in literature, a famous allusion is that of Peter Pan.

We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more!

The snake haired Gorgon whose gaze turned people into stone. In the modern world, Hermès is the name of a company that specializes in luxury goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, etc. newspapers, books, commercials, tv shows, ect. The FTD flower delivery company uses Hermes and his winged heels in its logo.

A leading photographic camera and technology company. In the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ the guys from Lambda Lambda Lambda are affiliated with the frat house Omega-Mu. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The Medusa Cement Company sells cement products worldwide.

Homer’s poem Odyssey portrays him to be a hero. Just like the Commie pinko's in America in the 60's. Allusions are an artful way of telling a story.

That Islam MEANS peace.

Anyone going on a long random journey is on some sort of odyssey. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Delphi Forums encourage discussions, chats and finding answers. First, though, I want you to know that this is your last chance. I need examples of allusions in everyday life ie. The Apple commercial alludes to the book 1984.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. An Achilles heal now refers to someone who has some kind of small but significant weakness. The Goddess Artemis turned the huntsman Actaeon into a stag after he saw the Goddess naked. It is also the name of a borough in Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

● Toronto ArgonautsIt is the name of a Canadian football team.

The Lion king is based on Hamlet West Side Story (1961) is based on Romeo and Juliet 10 Things I Hate About You is based on The Taming Of The Shrew Hamlet Lion King and Hamlet characters Scar=Claudius Simba= Hamlet King Mafusa = King Hamlet Simba is the main charcater in Disney's A race of giant Gods preceding the Olympians. Aegean Airlines is derived from his name.

Elmer is believed to be the Greek God of glue.

Pandora, in the modern world, is a jewelry company founded in Denmark. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Mercury Marine is a manufacturer of outboard motors for boats.

The reason it was named after Orion was because there was five executives and they thought there were five stars in the The planet Mars is named after the God of War.

Here’s another mean looking Mercury. Copyright © Entertainism &, Inc. His estate, six stadia from Athens, is said to be where Plato had his school. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It’s also a type of programming language.

The app is related to Pandora because she opened a box full of randonm chaos, and the app has a diverse library of music.

The 9 sister Goddesses who each specialised in an art or science.

Hercules is associated with a top-selling computer Graphics card. Here’s an Aeolean harp on the south coast of Ireland. It is a popular camera company.

This makes people of the modern world, associate these companies or their products with those Greek figures. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A sea nymph who held the Trojan War hero Odysseus prisoner for seven years on her island. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Erotica is able to stimulate sexual feelings. Under the Aegis of: means with the sponsorship, authority or protection of. ● Buick ElectraBuick Electra is a full-size premium automobile made by the Buick division of General Motors. Now no one believes a Cassandra.

● StarbucksThe logo of Starbucks is a Siren.

Prometheus Entertainment gave us Ancient Aliens. The Three-headed dog who guards the entrance to Hades (the Underworld).

● OdysseyThis minivan produced by Honda derives its name from Odysseus, the Greek king of Ithaca.

When in reality they are secretly at war. ● AresThis car name is derived from the Greek god of war with the same name.

Take the names of companies, products, and even movie and book characters, for example. This was our list of allusions to Greek mythology. Calypso was the boat in which Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997) explored the oceans of the world. Pandora’s Box now refers to any source of unforeseen difficulties, similar to opening a can of worms. It killed him. ● King TritonThe character King Triton from ‘The Little Mermaid’ is derived from the Greek sea god Poseidon. It is also the term used for a long-distance running event.

This basketball team derives its name from this mythical creature. Hermes staff, the Caduceus, is used as a symbol by medical practitioners.

6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. ● Phoenix SunsPhoenix refers to a bird that was reborn from the ashes. ❤️, A post shared by C A S S A N D R A M A M O N E (@cassandramamone) on May 24, 2019 at 4:42pm PDT. They allow the writer to avoid bland tones and common, obvious statements.

Sea nymphs whose singing lured sailors to their demise on the rocks. In Greek mythology, Argonauts refer to a band of heroes who joined Jason in finding Golden Fleece.

The name of this character is derived from the Greek deity Pan. She promised Odysseus immortality if he agreed to to stay with her. ", Shia LeBeouf's motorcycling gear in the most recent Indiana Jones movie alluded to Marlon Brando's wardrobe in "The Wild Ones.". Remember: all I’m offering is Travel wisdom, Greek myth and Entertainment. You may think that’s absolutely crazy, but taking into account every other crazy out there, what I’ve just told you probably hasn’t even raised an eyebrow. Hercules transport planes are able to carry huge cargo loads. Allusions to Greek Mythology are all over the place in the modern world. A young man named Leander swam across the Hellespont every night to spend time with his lover Hero, a female priestess of Aphrodite. The Pegasus satellite program was launched in 1965. Atlassian is a ginormous company that provides software for big banks. Versace uses a Gorgon (Medusa) as its logo.

This Buzzle article enlists some allusions to Greek mythology.

The 10 year long adventurous journey the hero Odysseus experienced when returning home to Ithaca.

He’s Greek after all. Morphine is a drug extracted from opium, used in medicine. ! Person with most/best allusions will get the 10 points!!

e.g. They have been given to popular brands, and other things like cities and teams have also been given their names. (, Versace Eros 2012 | Fragrances (, Hermes – Saturday Night Live (, 9MUSES(나인뮤지스) _ Dolls(돌스) MV (, Irina Shayk is a charming model featuring a collection of swimsuits.

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