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In the end, the Commander was convinced. Disney’s MULAN..Xianniang (Gong Li)..Photo: Film Frame..© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. My people have suffered enough. But I was wrong. Shang demonstrates that he is very by-the-book, until the rules are thrown out and he has to re-assess everything that he has been taught. Mulan finally said these lines when she figured out she wanted to fight as her true self and that she is no longer Hua Jun.

China is going to war and they need all the men they can find. I did it to save my father.”, “I never want to see a naked man again!” – Mulan, “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – Emperor, “One moment. Didn’t work out.Honghui: Lucky you. Honghui said that she can turn her back on him but when the time comes, she shouldn’t do that to the others. Disgrace for you, disgrace for your family, disgrace for your village, disgrace for your country. Now everyone sees it. You seem to be missing something. [Honghui joins her in the lake]Honghui: What was that today? You are the daughter! Cricket: Have you even showered once yet?Po: You smell bad.

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Mulan: Forgive me, Father. In gratitude for your service and dedication, I invite you to take your place, with our greatest decorated warriors, as an officer in the Emperor’s Guard.Mulan: Your Majesty, I’m deeply honored by this immeasurable invitation. Not you. I will fight. But only the most true will connect deeply to his chi and become a great warrior. My debt is repaid.” – Shang, “My name is Mulan! Thank you. Mulan is a classic tale for all that champions women for their wisdom, strength, and courage, and whether you reference the original cartoon or 2020 live-action film, many Mulan quotes … Your job is to bring honor to the family. However, while fans are excited for the live-action adaptation, the original still holds some truly wise words of wisdom. I am the guardian of lost souls, I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu.”, “Okay, people, people, look alive! Take a look at the most beautiful quotes by her that will definitely steal your heart! You forget, Mulan is a daughter, not a son. [as Böri Khan’s men are heading for them]Honghui: You need to find the emperor. Fallen to our swords. Commander Tung: Your chi is powerful, Hua Jun. There is still debate as to whether or not Mulan was a real person or merely a work of fiction. You forget, Mulan is our daughter not a son. Their father once joined the army and has served for many years. Böri Khan: We will crush every garrison until the Imperial Army is on its knees. But chi is for warriors, not daughters. You are a mighty warrior. You know, you just gotta … You gotta learn to let these things go.”, “What? Today, you become men.   [first lines]Zhou: There have been many tales of the great warrior, Mulan. Please. The soldier became a leader.

But with humble apologies, I cannot accept it. She knows who her master is. Leave me alone. The enemy possesses none of these, and therefore can be defeated. You just say the word and I’m there.”, “Oooh!

Pfft.”, “Uh, my ancestors sent a little lizard to help me?”, “I was just washing, so now I’m clean, and I’m gonna go. Ancestors, I could not. My mother says I was born under an auspicious moon. I guarantee it. Warrior. Mulan: You told me my journey was impossible. That’s my great honor.Commander Tung: I look forward to seeing your father’s face when you give him this news.

I serve you. Mulan went back to tell the Commander but he was too stern to believe her. That coward will take the Imperial City, and your emperor will fall.Mulan: That can’t happen.Xianniang: But it happens even now.
The warrior yields to force and redirects it. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.
That place, as shown in the later scenes, was to go to a matchmaker and find herself a good husband because, in Ancient China, a woman brings honor to her family through marriage. By edict of His Imperial Majesty, the Son of Heaven, every family must contribute one man to fight.

  Commander Tung: He awaits your decision.

[Khan fires an arrow at Mulan but Xianniang flies in and takes the arrow] Okey-dokey, let’s get this show on the road! But the other virtues…Commander Tung: Hua Jun, you’re a good man. Flowers are a huge motif in the film, with magnolias representing the titular Mulan and being forever linked to her name in Chinese culture. The story of Hua Mulan is first told in the Ballad of Mulan, an old folk song. This was the trigger point for Mulan to do something to save her father and their family’s honor. She stole his sword, armor, and the invitation from the palace. Another idea that is brought up in this song, and is a major theme throughout the course of the film, is that Mulan was not made to play the part that she has been thrown into.

She told him that she was not there to make friends. My armor!

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