my cafe level 23

Cleo wants a Forest Pudding. Each will decline the invite (Bill because he's in love with Mary, Margaret because she has been married 13 times and is tired of going to weddings, Koffksy because he cannot afford a gift and Watson because work has been busy. Mike says it was all thanks to the dessert you made him, with a little help from fate, a ton of newspapers, and a large print job of Cleo’s posters. He gives the player a Blue Gift for their help. He comes back and says to sprinkle salt by the windows and doors. Rewards: Pink Gift from Watson, 15 diamonds and Saffron from Koffsky. Soon Ben lets us know that he's fallen head over heels for Mary and that he would like to surprise her by proposing marriage. Out of all his ramblings, it seems that Carl is one of the most prominent suspects as he’s come into some money recently. It seems that some citizens are furious about the activities of “Green Moon.” Bill had nothing bad to say about the mayor’s foundation, but he’s probably just not interested in it.

During the hypnosis, Watson starts to remember that he was attacked by someone looking like Koffsky. Kevin is sad because Elsa is distant, but she needs to discover what happened to her husband before getting involved with anybody else. Lucas suggests he uses a tactic called the queen’s raid, which he says is a fast, effective and classic move. When you talk to Bill, he asks for a Supercupcake with Nutmeg, Cardamom, Saffron and Salt and he finds some old newspaper articles about her. Lucas says he won’t be able to talk about what happened with Emily until he gets a Honey Milkshake with Tapioca, Cardamom and Rose. Henry wants a Chocolate Pudding. Either way, Ron has bought himself some time. When you speak with Lucas, he says for some reason he’s depressed despite wanting to break things off with Emily.

You learn from Olivia that he is scoping out the competition and plans to open one of his restaurants in town.

Even gave her one of her thirteen engagement rings she's stolen.

But things end in disaster and Emily is nearly crushed to death by one of the comets on the set, saved at the last minute by Lucas who ended up going to the hospital. What are the right answers​? Apparently, she’d been dropping hints to Carl this whole time. He also sabotaged Koffksy's relationship with his girlfriend Alice by pouring something into her drink at an important event because he was jealous of their relationship. My Cafe - Restaurant Game Clyde tells you when he was young and on tour he had met quite a few people—ladies, that is. *, From this you get to choose one of the three couches and keep it for the cafe! She comes up with a plan, but she needs help. Fulfill her request and you will be rewarded with a couple of bucks’ worth of tips. Eager to impress him, Elsa chooses to start with Jennifer’s story, since it’s about her love for a park. With Margaret's help Jennifer plans to get into the archives of the mayor's fund and exposes it as a scam.

The first battle is to see who cleans better.

You will need to talk to: Bill, Watson, Petrovich, Cleo & Kevin. Kevin thinks Donald is a very experienced politician. pizzachoco21 . Note: Giving Mike the 499 diamonds is optional, but if you do, you will receive a Gold Gift in return. She asks you for a Canelé with Whipped Cream and Forest Berries for the picnic. Through this feature you can order spices and fulfill takeouts for additional income. When you tell Petrovich where the missing fountain is, he says Felicia had planned a make-up dinner for her mother and Petrovich so they could start getting along, but now he’s going to give the woman a piece of his mind for stealing the fountain. His plan was ruined when Jennifer called over a helicopter and sent the flyers he was about to put up on Jennifer's house scattered all over town instead. I love this because you can personalize your cafe and talk to customers. Try to hunt for the server with the lowest-possible hiring cost and with a valuable skill.

Lucas is having some trouble with his time machine and still needs to work out the kinks. She admits that she has a problem with speaking nonsense when excited. Clyde will pass on a message that Bill needs to speak with you, but not without giving you 5 diamonds and a Pink Gift for everything you’ve done for him.

Rewards: Pink Gift from Koffsky, 5 diamonds from Watson. He says he needs a Bahraini Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and Saffron to calm himself down. Tip: Don't sell your Tier 3 wallpaper and flooring to Carl, you need it for this quest. The final stage of the quest involves testing the customers’ morals to see whether they’ve been turned into robots.

No spoilers for what happens there ;). Donald’s property values have plummeted and he’s hit rock bottom. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. The programmer says if it wasn’t for Ron’s tricks during their chess match, he probably would’ve lost against his opponent since he tried to distract Bill the entire match. In the meantime, she asks you to talk to Cleo to find out what’s going on with her and her phone. But when he goes to apologize, Felicia’s mother ignores him completely. 0.

Recipes «My Cafe» Search . When you speak with Watson, he says he’s too busy to deal with other people’s relationships and lets it slip that he and Olivia have taken the next step in their own relationship and moved in together. A few levels later Mary Ditt visits Ben in prison and tries to prove his innocence. Lucas advises you to tear the page. The two go back and forth planning their upcoming wedding. Cleo has her first match coming up, but neither she nor Mike know how to play chess. This will help speed things up and gives you something to do aside from staring at your screen. Mike leaves the town, but will return as a customer at a much later level. Some quests appear to be optional or do not occur at the same level for everyone depending on what you have already purchased, unlocked, etc. You tell the great news to Carl and he gives you a Supercupcake Display Case. Clyde is going to adopt Emily as his daughter and put down roots in the town. This couple will go through a lot to be together. After your customers return to the coffee shop following the fake fire alarm, Emily tells you she’s come up with new riddles and wants to test them on you. Going to watson place if i'm not mistaken, Answer from: OcinAll the answers revolve around the woman . Requirements: 3 Stands, 3 Bar Counters and 3 Bar Stools from the style you have chosen. Using a queen’s raid, Ron and his team win. He was only at Elsa’s trying to get evidence of the ghost on film so he could show Henry, but the private investigator ends up seeing the ghost with his own two eyes. With a little prodding, Jennifer agrees to give the mischievous ex-mayor a job at the mayor’s office, if only to keep him from getting into any more trouble. The Sony PlayStation 5 is less than two weeks away from making its official debut.

Turns out, the lecturer’s surname is Romantik. Koffsky gives you 600 diamonds if you lent him 500 earlier. Bill has nothing to worry about, however, because Mary thinks her boyfriend can do no wrong.

They would have never figured out it was Carl.

And secondly, why would he bother stealing the manuscripts if he already had enough money? Also, apparently, dogs can sense ghosts so, later, you borrow Cleo's dog, Marshmallow, which remains calm. Anyone already completed this story line? Things are headed in the right direction when you talk to Bill, although he says that while he’s really interested in Mary, he’s decided to love her from afar. Margaret is ready to help with the surfboards, but she wants some Fairy Kiss Tiramisu with Cardamom in exchange. After some back and forth, you learn that Petrovich made quite and impression at the party but that Felicia's bosses asked her to choose between her job and Petrovich. During which, Ben takes bets. After repairing the time machine, Lucas returns to the coffee shop and lets you do the honors: press the RED button and you two will travel to the parallel universe. Clyde gives you a Blue Gift for your help. After some snooping, Margaret confesses to the robberies. Requirements: two Tier 3 table for four people for Ben to interpret Ron's dream; then a Chocolate Latte with Cardamom and Vanilla for Ben to interpret Mary's dream; a Tea with Galangal, Ginseng, Milk, and Honey for Mary after that; a Berry Smoothie Ice Cream with Guarana for Ben to interpret Petrovich's dream; a Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca for Petrovich after his misfortune. However, her husband works a lot and hasn't been playing any attention to her at all recently. She explains that Mary was born as a result of a short-lived but passionate affair. All he needs is some confidence and maybe a little push, so you suggest that he writes Mary a note. From the case photos, you recognize the necklace in one of them as the same one Margaret is wearing. Requirements: 1 Chocolate Ice Cream with Saffron for Mary, 1 Iced Tea with Tapioca and Milk for Margaret, 1 Coffee with Cardamom for Watson. Both Bill and Mary say they’ve been fighting and it seems to have started out of nowhere. She also sees the results of Lucas’s romantic compatibility test with her on his coffee table. She wants a divorce but he doesn't.

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