neighbor au prompts

Write about a vampire or werewolf who moves into a quiet suburban neighborhood.


I’ve also never had more fun, -“Please, please, please just come down from the tree.

Find the perfect editor for your next book. I do love some banana pudding, though I’m rather inept in the kitchen. I’m scrambling to unlock the case and get ahold of the gun when I look up and see that Eddie is quickly making headway. Stale. And shouldn’t you not ask me during a live televised charity event?”, “It’s too late to do anything about that now. Can be Neighbor AU feat. She brought the cork to her nose. (Taken from a ramdom newspaper article title that was part of a “hilarous newspaper articles” list), -One a.m. beach trip to see what the retreating tides unveiled, -Amusement Park: the goal? Either way, Drake was likely dead. I like how you went with the POV of the vampire's neighbour, as well as the twist of the vampire hunter. Maybe they were pulled away unexpectedly before they could get started. My only critique would be about providing a bit of closure as I was left with more questions than answers but that may have been on purpose. Want to write but don't know what you WANT to write?

“Ah, yes. I will marry you.”, -I’ve been dating this older person for a a few years; they’re a very successful lawyer and I’m a freelance photographer, and sure, they pay for some stuff for me and buy me gifts and oh my god, I’m just now realizing I’m their sugar baby and I don’t know whether I should be pissed or impressed, -I need money to put me through college because my parents have tons of medical debt, and when I see you drinking alone with your Rolex on, I know you’re my best bet, so I offer a good lay in exchange for money. Thank you for the awesome feedback, I'm very grateful for it!

The suspicious neighbor prompts self-reflection. Fiction An older counselor came in, laughed for ten minutes straight and then left again, -It’s my first day at work and there’s already been two food fights, one child wet their pants, two others tried to jump off the highest point of the playground, three went off into the woods without asking and another is currently in the lake fully dressed.

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It feels like I've been infected with paranoia. hello!


-I’ve been chasing this group of naked five year olds around their cabin for half an hour because they refuse to put their bathing suits on to play in the lake.

That would explain the trashcan full of glass I woke up to in any case.”. Hopefully, found a cute girl or boy to date in high school…, Turns out growing up had only made Seonho taller, faster, and more assertive for his goal. While in the cell, Hartman allegedly removed drugs from inside her clothes and flushed them down the cell’s toilet. :D. Love this one! I unlock the door and open it enough to peek my head out. Only think I noticed: Is anybody home?” I call out while pushing the door open further.

Thank you very much for the great feedback, and for catching those edits I needed to make.

I’m still waiting on the rest of my furniture to be delivered and they were supposed to bring it by earlier today.”, “I saw one in your driveway earlier, that’s actually why I stopped by.”, “That’s odd.

After peering hard into the darkness of the next room, I recognize a few of the featureless shapes lurking within it and grow confident that it is the kitchen. It was red. can I ask shamefully ask for a sugarbaby prompt? “I hear banging on my door at three a.m and am less than pleased when I open the door to see you standing there, wrapped in a blanket and asking me to come kill a spider for you”, “You move in next door and for three nights in a row, I hear yelling and cursing from your house because we both keep our windows open at night, so one day I burst in because I’m getting increasingly worried and all that’s going on is you and your best friend trying to destroy each other in video games. In medical school I subsisted on an all-ramen diet for years. I figure I might as well leave the dish in the fridge to keep it from spoiling in case no one is home, so I press ahead into the kitchen with a few tentative steps. Minhyun dealing with kid!Seonho’s life goal to marry him. That is the way it had always been in Hamilton Heights, and the way it would remain, at least until that demon disguised as a man arrived and ruined it all. The water is freezing but the view is gorgeous, -Ski lodge to drink hot chocolate and enjoy the snow without freezing, -Camping trip somewhere far away from the city so we can enjoy the stars, -Picnic on the highest rooftop we can find without getting arrested for trespassing, -The museum because fossils are fucking cool, -Manicures and pedicures because who doesn’t love that, -Hike through the Grand Canyon (or Mount Rushmore, or City of Rocks, or somewhere else just as beautiful), -Cliche spot where every high schooler goes to make out, -Sports game (because one of them loves sports so much they rhe other is willing to indulge because it’s cute), -To help one of them adopt a pet (that they eventually end up sharing), -We’ve been dating since my freshmen year and everyone thinks that because you’ve graduated, we’re over.

I’m Gail Torres.”, “Please, call me Drake.

Glancing behind me, I notice the moving truck is no longer in the driveway. thank you <3.

I promise to explain everythin'.”. Could you do dialogue prompts where person A is the son of a billionare CEO and person B is the daughter of a billionaire CEO and they’ve known each other since they were kids and they’ve always despised each other. Still nothing. “By the way, yer looking mighty suspicious, darlin'.”. Submit a prompt you want to inspire others. Just promise me yer not goin' start screeching.”. The sun has set all the way now. Their parents don’t want them to get together because they’re rival companies. They didn’t talk about it for three weeks. “You’re no bother at all, if you want you can come in and use my land line. The sudden movement from behind causes me to spin on my heels; thankfully, it’s just a trick of the light from the setting sun and I relax once again. You have such a powerful way with description and detail; I love how Eddie had an accent and then it disappeared, conveying something sinister and strange about his mysterious identity.

Now I’m sure that there’s nothing there.

Eddie’s arm suddenly smashes through a nearby window, sending shards of glass raining everywhere. Share; Tweet; Pin; 15 shares. Tess and I were practically run out of town due to some nutjob conspiracy that I was secretly a part of Eddie’s team of vampire hunters. With a smile on my face, a fresh banana pudding tucked beneath my arm, I walk up the front steps of the house to welcome my new neighbor to the quiet suburb of Hamilton Heights, where everything is peaceful, and nothing is … Easy Family Writing Journal Prompts. In the kitchen she undid the foil and twisted in the screw and worked the cork out with a small sweet pop. But right now, still baby-faced and innocent, naive to the hurt of the world, it’s all they need. I didn’t mean to disturb you earlier.

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I don’t think daddy dearest would want to see us together.”, “It’s a public gala- if he didn’t want to see us together, he shouldn’t have invited my parents.”, “Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”, - “We can’t go on like this.

Professor Eddie Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter/Scuba Enthusiast. Thriller. I’m going to try to find my charging cable so I can plug up my phone and order some take-out.”. While his warning was ringing fresh in my mind, I also couldn’t bear to leave mess for my new neighbor. I give a timid nod, and step away as soon as he moves his hand off of me. The rosy wallpaper, which usually brings me such comfort has no effect on my mood. It’s warm, and feels skin, human skin. After waiting a moment for a response, I continue inside. As my eyes met his, I let out another yelp against his calloused palm. Quiet lassie,” the man hissed. Calm down now,” the man says in a harsh whisper. Trust me.” Eddie says, his Irish accent is gone now. I stand back up and step away from the painting, before getting very annoyed at myself.

I lean over so I can see out of the kitchen doorway and see the squat man high-tailing it out of the house, bounding down the front porch and into the front yard.

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