northeast facing windows

East and west-facing windows receive little sunlight in winter, autumn and spring, but excessive sunlight in summer. Their foliage contains calcium oxalates that are toxic to pets. Cut off yellow leaves and wipe down leaves with water to get rid of dust. But let me add that personally, I would only expose myself ONCE – and then I would run like mad.

Another space-filling ornamental with impressive foliage, the Japanese fatsia is a shade-loving landscaping shrub that does well inside if given bright conditions away from direct sun. West-facing: decorate as you would for a south-facing room. shown below. Will this be a good option?

The variety of If you’d like to learn more about peperomia plants and how to keep them looking their best, read my article that will get you completely up to speed.

so that solar radiation admitted through the glass is reflected by the shade With well-draining soil and judicious watering, this plant wards off most pests and diseases. If you look at my blog posts, maybe 1 or 2 back of the white kitchen, that’s Pure White on the walls, cabinets and trim (on my home page you’ll find it .

In the morning, this will be joined by an additional kind of flat, light (west morning) and in the afternoon, can be somewhat balanced out by the warm western rays coming in, depending on how large the west-facing windows are.

Most are considered pet-safe, but there are reports of indigestion.

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…, Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! Some exterior shades are operable, meaning that they can be The morning eastern light will be brighter with a soft warmth (I love morning eastern light). Hi Kay, without seeing photos it’s all just a guess as there is so much to consider when adjusting/choosing colours! It loves an eastern exposure and royally offsets the brilliant greens of your tropical collection. My Mom actually took this photo and surely regrets the day she sent it to me, now that it’s plastered in the internet. I do find White Dove to be quite flexible, all the while acting more or less like ‘white’.

I would have preferred to decrease the size of the windows but the builder would not alter the size of the windows on the front. reduce the glazed areas in the building facing the east and west directions Good question! They are happily non-toxic for pets. Of course, light is just one of the fiddly factors that keep this tropical ephiphyte feeling its best. the window-facing side. Some dedicated growers tote them into a closet each night to get the job done … you may want to consider them an annual. With morning sun, Fatsia make great east facing window plants, and they are generally easy to maintain.

be used to protect windows not otherwise shaded from the sun.

Avoid full length windows as the lower part of the window will invariably be in permanent shade – raise the sill height to avoid heat loss through ‘wasted areas’. Give them fast-draining soil and let the top half of the pot dry between waterings.

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