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Objective: Deliver a design for the drawing wizard. Using OKR examples. Finalize and launch 1 newsletter per month, Have 30 media calls/meetings by end of Q1, Have 15 calls/meetings with key industry influencers, Secure 2 speaking spots at the Annual Industry conference, OBJECTIVE: Build Strong Relationships with Forrester and Gartner, Do 2 analyst calls - provide the new product launch update, OBJECTIVE: Launch a New Customer Community, Create a Customer Community Strategy based on best practices, Publish 60 articles during the quarter and get 6,000+ page visits, Get 30% of our customers to participate in the community, OBJECTIVE: Make our community known by industry experts and thought leaders, Reach out to 12 industry experts and thought leaders in Q1, Interview them and publish the interview articles on our community site, Research and publish the Industry Report & Infographics for the community. IT Objective 1: Implement a reverse auction registration system and save 10% on purchases, The Logistics Team Objective 2: Outsource the distribution fleet to stores and reduce costs by 25%. When looking to set OKRs (objectives and key results), it’s understandable to want examples to spark inspiration—or at least compare with others to see if you’re stretching enough.For how to write OKRs, the actual formula is simple: Objectives are goals and intents, while Key Results are time-bound and measurable milestones under these goals and intents. Objective: Speed up development time in Q2. An OKR best practice is to start with top corporate objectives which are then cascaded to department or team OKRs. Objective: Gain 15 percent more conversions from new e-book. OKRs for analyst relations offer a range of key results, from creating documents and researching backgrounds to meeting with media and research company representatives. Objective: Successfully launch a beta version of the product. The goal of OKR is to precisely define how to achieve objectives through concrete, specific and measurable actions. If you aren't sure where to start with writing your OKRs, take a look at our OKR examples including company-wide examples, OKR examples for executives, and OKRs for specific departments in your organization. After you've chosen your objectives and key results, you can track your progress in achieving those objectives. In order to keep your team and company accountable, however, consider using a tool that allows you to track and manage all business data in one real-time, centralized hub. Objective: Improve the support experience. OBJECTIVE: Launch the new monthly newsletter successfully. "You might think, well, I've only got one objective, which ignores other aspects of the business. Ensure Adequate HR Compliance. Objective: Assist directors with new business collateral. Also, “key results” aren’t supposed to be a checklist of tasks or activities. Objective: Raise the efficiency of the release build process. ), Sell the whole existing fleet before February, Define a briefing for agencies and submit it by January, Double revenue on seasonal dates compared to the past. In other words, the substance of corporate and group objectives should "trickle down" to the team-level OKRs, so that the people on the front line of effort can support the big-picture aims with realistic, tactical goals. Thus, the Key Results of one, become the goal of the immediately lower level. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Defining objectives and key results is the first step to achieving your goals and growing your business. Objective: Improve fourth- to sixth-grade math scores. But, your objectives contain numbers, they aren’t objectives, they are Key results…. See OKR Scoring to learn more. Today, organizations everywhere are adopting objectives and key results (OKRs) to help define and track tangible goals that every employee can champion. Included on this page, you’ll find information on “trickle down” OKR goal setting, sample company-wide OKRs, and sample OKR goals by department, including for finance, HR, and marketing. Collaborate across teams and divisions to get work done. You will learn how Workfront enables the enterprise to: Copyright © 2020 Workfront, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To help set effective executive-level goals, here are some OKR examples for CEOs you can refer to. Objective: Nurture an increase in manager skills. This OKR example … The OKRs shown here for finance and accounting consider not just costs, but also process improvement. With public relations OKRs, the goal is to increase exposure of the product or service. Objective: Refine the tier support system. Objective: Gain real-time insight into business IT operations. Objective: Grow sales among art students. How to write good OKRs? Objective: Provide exceptional customer support. OBJECTIVE: Create a community for our partners/resellers (MQLs). Smartsheet is an enterprise work execution platform that is fundamentally changing the way businesses and teams work. As you can see, it is clear to everyone what needs to be done and how their results will be measured.

And to determine this, we need to use the two parts of the OKR acronym: So examples of OKRs will be quite helpful at this point. Objective: Develop a stellar briefing and presentation package. Your email address will not be published. OBJECTIVE: Grow our corporate global business, Hit company global sales target of $100 Million in Sales, Achieve 100% year-to-year sales growth in the EMEA geography, Increase the company average deal size by 30% (with upsells), Reduce churn to less than 5% annually (via Customer Success), Interview 20 customers per month and get feedback, OBJECTIVE: Build a great corporate culture (delight our employees), Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process, Achieve a weekly Employee Satisfaction / Pulse Score of 8+, Celebrate “small wins” and any type of progress every single week, CEO and SVPs to launch a monthly all-hands Town Hall and open Q&A meeting, OBJECTIVE: Launch the new product successfully in Q1, Win a “Best Product of the Year” award at the industry conference, OBJECTIVE: Generate more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Generate Net-New Unique leads via Account-Based Marketing, OBJECTIVE: Optimize our customer acquisition, Improve our new marketing automation process, Reduce the Customer Acquisition Costs by 20% in Q3, Build a new top-down and bottom-up Excel model to analyze the ROI, OBJECTIVE: Implement Account Based Marketing (ABM), Document and implement the new ABM process, Do 2 weekly alignment meetings with the SDR team, Do 1 weekly alignment meeting with SDR team managers, Generate 20% of closed-won sales via ABM efforts in Q4, OBJECTIVE: Improve Our Website and Grow Conversions, Improve conversions on Landing Pages by 10% in Q2, Get 10 new inbound links from relevant websites, Improve our internal on-page optimization. Objective: Increase personal output and efficiency. But I think it's critically important to go with a reasonable number — like, three objectives and no more than four or five KRs for each of those objectives.". For your convenience, we’ve divided them up into categories. If you're interested in learning more about the difference between OKRs and SMART goals, read this article comparing the difference between the two.

Objective: Reach quarterly revenue of $1 million. Objective: Increase the popularity of company product (yogurt). Therefore, it’s critically important to make sure you’re setting CEO-level goals effectively. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. OKRs encourage companies to align their effort from the C-level team down to the individual.

Objectives describe what you want to achieve; key results describe how you know you've met them. OKR Examples . Key results (KRs) are specific, measurable, and time-bound. Objective: Produce widely read and quoted original content. Objective: Reduce operations costs by 20 percent. Objective: Maximize email marketing campaign. It creates a common framework when setting an objective to talk about how to achieve big goals, track progress, and get measurable results. Over 80,000 brands and millions of information workers trust Smartsheet to help them accelerate business execution and address the volume and velocity of today's collaborative work. But before we show you some hypothetical examples of OKRs, it’s critical to understand how they work and how they can help in modeling organizational processes.

Objective: Build relationships with leading market research organizations. HR Compliance Team OKRs. The following OKR for a law office describes goals to help promote and build the business. Objective: Update marketing process to reflect the revamped product offering. Jump-start new projects and processes with our pre-built sets of templates, add-ons, and services. To learn more about how OKRs can help you, see the "Essential Guide to OKRs.". You might also want read this OKR tutorial. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Product management OKRs often involve improving a product or generating interest in a product.

Here are OKR examples for various departments: Because OKRs are used to align all teams with an organization’s top goals, your entire company’s OKRs are only as effective as the ones you set at the very top. They will help you write better OKRs and spot a bad one.

Objective: Review the sales analytics process.

Now, if you keep track of those numbers throughout the year, you’ll know if you’re getting there.

Objective: Raise professional artist awareness of the new masking product. See why Smartsheet is the platform you need to drive achievement, no matter the scale of your ambition. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. Objective: Develop an onboarding workshop for board members. Again, your employees know exactly what they have to do to achieve the goals, how they will be controlled, and what actions need to be developed. More than 100 stores spread throughout the country. Objective: Increase understanding of consumer behavior. An “OKR cycle” is often quarterly, but it can also be monthly. But one of the great advantages of using the OKR methodology is that it can be staggered for lower hierarchical levels, so the whole company pursues the same end goals, but using specific Key Results for each role. Key results typically include hard numbers. OKR Examples How-to Guide to Writing Good OKRs with Example Objectives and Key Results. Our world-class consulting team is here to help your organization realize the lasting advantage of Smartsheet. The sales OKRs shown below emphasize attaining a target dollar amount in revenue or making a certain number of contacts that could lead to sales. For a fast-growing startup, for example, the qualitative milestone of hiring a new chief technology officer can be every bit as important as any quantitative KPI.”. Objective: Attain highest-ever employee satisfaction score. Objective: Create a monumental launch for the new product.

Do you see how easy and transparent everything has become? With larger and more complex organizations, company strategic plans and goals often become abstract and lose meaning for employees, even discouraging teams.

OKRs are more than wishes. The following examples of human resources OKRs highlight personal development, manager development, and employee engagement aspirations. Marketing OKRs often center on increasing views, impressions, leads, or signups, and on creating new content. Get up and running fast with streamlined implementation and solution building to address your immediate business needs. Objective: Improve the returned goods experience. Objective: Publicize the brand community to customers under 30. So, it’s easy to understand that to implement an OKR methodology in a company, process automation software is fundamental in helping to define and understand Key Results in an agile and real-time way.

MKT Objective 3: Launch seasonal campaigns on Valentine’s Day, Mothers and Fathers days and double revenue compared to past years. This management methodology spread quickly among companies after Google started using it in 1999. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. Goal-Setting OKR Example for an Entire Company, Example OKRs for Technology/Engineering/R&D, Example OKRs for Top Management/Leadership, Improve OKR Tracking with Real-Time Work Management in Smartsheet.

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