p365 xl sas

The XL model is a more-comfortable-to-hold/shoot variant that allows for a couple more rounds in the magazine and a slightly better grip…at the expense of concealability and weight. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I've gone through Ruger LC9's, Springfield XDS, and Glocks and finally feel like I've landed on the perfect ccw that does it all. Is my carry. Thanks for the review of these three Sigs! The XL adds some other dimensions to the “specific mission” list. I’ve recently gotten to spend some time shooting all three versions and here I want to share my impressions and comparison notes regarding the original P365, the P365 XL, and the P365 SAS. P365 SAS FCU in a regular P365 grip module Remove the ridge by slide catch lever on the stock P365 grip module (or on the XL grip module) and the SAS slide controls will be accessible.

Though I didn’t attempt it, I have to believe that the XL model would be slightly less concealable than the smaller models, though it isn’t really a subcompact anyway. Please inform me when you get a P365sas in so I can purchase it. Not sure they’re worth it on this pistol. Breakdown is easy and cleaning was simple. I had second thoughts after getting home to read these reviews but I’m convinced it is the best concealed carry on the market. The “de-horned” nature of a pistol is not necessarily a bad thing, but the reasons for creating such a model are highly suspect, in my opinion. My SAS sights are good in low light/no light conditions - so I'm not sure what others encountered there, perhaps a bad batch of sight systems or tritium. As I mentioned earlier, the two smaller models are best for experienced shooters and are not ideal for beginners. If the problem persists, contact customer support. See Buds comments above as well. Not as snappy. Most likely over pull on the trigger. However, when one is trying to go more concealable then, say, a Glock 19 or similar-sized pistol without sacrificing too many rounds, the XL makes some good sense. I had the opportunity to briefly carry and draw the original P365 with a flush magazine in both an appendix holster (I regret I do not remember the brand) and a soft pocket holster (Kydex would have been better).

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I found short range accuracy with these smaller models fairly easy (with one caveat*) and was able to maintain sub-3” 4-shot groups out to 9 yards when shooting at a little faster than 1 shot/second. Blocky night sights like those on the standard P365 tend to snag on soft holsters that are popular for IWB and pocket carry. You will receive your tracking number in a separate email from.

I train with it exclusively during my tactical training.

I love it, I have both the Glock 17 and Sig P365XL….while I have nothing bad to say about my Glock, I am more impressed with the performance of my Sig…less recoil, very smooth and accurate, Sas is my favorite after shooting all 3 I like throwing it in my pocket and not wearing a holster.Ported barrel fires nice and I fell in love with the sights they make more since than any sights I have I like em more than a red dot.

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