seadoo 587 engine specs

Accessories & More The RXT-X also includes trim. Sea-Doo started production of their first three-passenger model branded GT. Seat Reference Chart On my site, I refer to particular engines by the Rotax model (587,657,717,787,947). The Spark line also received an all-new model, see the Spark Model Summary for information. The new RXT iS and GTX Ltd iS are really incredible state of the art watercraft with intelligent ride suspension, intelligent throttle, a new high performance VTS system, and brakes. All models now use the Rotax 1494cc 4-TEC engine. In 2003, SeaDoo significantly increases the horsepower of the 4-TEC power plant with the addition of a supercharger on two models, the GTX 4-TEC Supercharged and the GTX Limited Supercharged both with 185hp. All GTX’s and RXT’s, as well as the Wake 215, now incorporate iControl which includes iTC (fly by wire throttle), iBR (brakes) and the new high performance VTS.     As a point of reference from 2010, the MSRP of the 2011 RXP-X (without iControl) is $13,499 compared to $13,699 in 2010.

The HX included the 720 engine and a seat suspension system. The new DESS security system was available on the GTX, XP and a new model, the GSX. They now have the GTI SE 155 & 130, GTI LTD and GTI 130, with the introduction of the new GTI line and updates to the Wake 155. They are both powered by a 255hp 1503 4-TEC engine. The GTIs and the RXP-X changed very little from last year other than new colors.

1992 Sea-Doo Models

The two passenger RXP is rated at 215hp with a dry weight of 790 pounds.

Under the cover, SeaDoo redesigns the supercharger to eliminate the ceramic clutch washers in favor of metal clutch washer. In 2005, the long lineage of the XP comes to an end as the XP is eliminated. The lager hull stays hooked up much better than the RXP. The MSRP for the RXP-X is $12,999 and the RXT-X is $13,299. Sea-Doo continued to market the SPX until 1999.

It had the 800 engine, a larger front storage area and a two piece seat.   The entire 2017 lineup utilizes a bolted hull and deck design with a gasket which will allow for full access to everything by removing the upper deck. Return to top In 2006, the 2-Stroke GTI series models are dropped and a new GTI platform is introduced. In short the only notable changes were

Gaskets Some people may be confused by the way Sea Doo refers to their engines. This fully water-proof system comes standard on the GTX Limited 230 and 300 models, the RXT, RXT-X, GTX & Wake Pro models are pre-wired for easy installation. Reportedly it was the fastest stock to this point in time. In late 1997, a new 951cc RAVE valve engine, rated 135hp, was introduced in the GSX Limited. Return to top

Choke Cable Info Chart The 1997 951 engines were painted white. The XP model will continue to see upgrades over the next 13 years as the flagship performance model until the RXP is introduced in 2004. Without the gauge being married to the ECU the Doo will not start. Return to top The base model did not come with a motorcycle seat as standard, but it was available as an accessory purchase. Due to an additional 90 pounds, the power to weight ratio was lower than the 1996 XP which hurt acceleration. It was much more comfortable in accommodating two passengers when compared to the “tippy” X4 hull. The GS and GSI both have the 720 engine with a single carb. Reportedly it was the fastest stock to this point in time. The GSI has the same features as the GSX, other than the smaller engine. The GTX 4-TEC tops the scales at 785 pounds and 155hp. On the other side of the ledger, the GTS 130 has a lower price of $8,199, $200 lower than the exact same model in 2013. OPAS is offered on three new models, the GTI LE, GTX 4-TEC and the GTX DI. Base price on the GTX iS was $16,499. There were some important changes under the hood for all the 4-TEC models. In rough water the RXP might be a little faster than the RSP depending on conditions and passengers. The GTX is upgraded with the 657X engine and an optional touring seat available.

The acceleration of the –X models make it a challenge to hold on during a hard take off. Disconnect your VTS unit. Chart SeaDoo added an upgraded supercharger that produces more boost, a better performing external intercooler and some ECU and fuel management changes to deliver an additional 40hp above the prior 215hp high water mark. It weighs in at 869 pounds, compared to the RXP weight of 790 pounds. The GTIs and the RXP-X changed very little from last year other than new colors. In 2007 the MPEM was eliminated from the electronic control system and its functions incorporated into the ECU. Of the eight models available in 2004, four of them are 4-strokes, the three GTX models and the new RXP. In 2004, the RXP is introduced with a MSRP of $8899. However, the 2009 RXT 215 (without iControl) MSRP was $11,999, compared to the 2010 RXT 215 (with iControl) with a MSRP of $12,999. Two models are launched in 2006 in the new platform, the GTI and GTI SE models. The RXP provides a solid cost to performance ratio. Both XP models incorporated a new trim design that would continue to be used for many years. The SPX is the same as the 1994 XP with a 657 engine.

The WAKE, a new specialty model is introduced targeted at the wake boarding market. Both the SP and SPI were powered by a single carb 587 engine. It was a 947 carbureted engine with performance upgrades.

This means to replace the gauge requires a trip to the dealer to marry the two.

MPEM Ref & Prog.

The hull was narrow in design and required forward momentum in order to stay seated on the ski. It is a 1494cc Rotax three cylinder engine that was naturally aspirated generating 155 horsepower.

The RXP and RXT get a redesigned top cap with repositioned, wider handlebars that change the riding position.

In addition to the standard XP, an XP800 was introduced that incorporated the same features as the standard except it included the 800 power plant. It also includes a new seat design providing stadium type seating for the rear passenger and a new hood and sealed non-removable front storage compartment. MPEM Test Info No specifics have been provided as to which models will transfer to Mexico and which models will remain in Canada. Mikuni Carb Specs The race inspired X4 hull had significantly improved performance and handling over the prior design. The XP is once again upgraded with the introduction of manual trim. The GT was a smooth bottom hull design which provided minimal holding in hard turns. Spark Model Summary This can cause a complete teardown of the engine in the worst cases and at a minimum, replacement and cleaning of the filters and oil. Also, both WAKE models no longer have the ballast tanks as a standard feature in 2009.

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