socrates old charges

Anytus almost certainly disapproved of his son's relationship with Socrates. (Alcibiades had other strikes against him: four years earlier, Alcibiades had fled to Sparta to avoid facing trial for mutilating religious pillars--statues of Hermes--and, while in Sparta, had proposed to that state's leaders that he help them defeat Athens.)

Socrates remarks that Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon, who have brought the present charges before the court, are only the most recent of a number of people who have spoken out against him.

If I were a juror in this trial I would plan to vote note guilty.

Anytus, a powerful middle-class politician from a family of tanners, is generally considered to have been the driving force behind the prosecution of Socrates.

He has more reason to fear his older accusers than these recent ones, because the former have been speaking out against him for some time, prejudicing many of the jurymen against him from the time of their youth. Anytus almost certainly disapproved of his son's relationship with Socrates. The two accounts agree on a key point. A general amnesty issued in 403 meant that Socrates could not be prosecuted for any of his actions during or before the reign of the Thirty Tyrants.

Socrates is charged with impiety. When the ballots were counted, 280 jurors had voted to find Socrates guilty, 220 jurors for acquittal. October 2015 Socrates is telling the jury that he has been honest with them and that he does not corrupt the youth, the youth and others follow him around for the reason in quotations.

Socrates ends this small argument by saying "You have made it sufficiently obvious, Meletus, that you have never had any concern for our youth; you show your indifference clearly; that you have given no thought to the subjects about which you bring me to trial." On the contrary, Socrates--according to Plato--contends that the unmanly and pathetic practice of pleading for clemency disgraces the justice system of Athens. The prosecution presented its case first. The specific charges were impiety (namely that he did not believe in the gods of Athens, and instead had introduced new gods), and corruption of the youth of the city.

Plato in the Euthyphro describes Meletus, the youngest of the three accusers, as having "a beak, and long straight hair, and a beard which is ill grown." He points to his pupils in the crowd and observes that none of them accused him. He was uncompromising.

According to Xenophon, Socrates urged his son not to "continue in the servile occupation [tanning hides] that his father has provided for him."

Socrates argues that he is innocent of both charges. Plato wrote that, prior to the prosecution of Socrates, Meletus was "unknown" to him.

These charges stemmed from controversial decisions Socrates made as member of the Boule, decisions that ultimately upset influential figures and likely outraged public sentiment as well.

He argues that he never presumed to be a teacher, just a figure who roamed Athens answering the questions that were put to him. Most scholars see the conviction and execution of Socrates as a deliberate choice made by the famous philosopher himself.

Any number of words and actions of Socrates may have contributed to his impiety charge. Stone notes, however, that a good citizen might have done more than simply go home to bed--he might have warned Leon of Salamis. The prosecution presented its case first.

Apology is the actual recorded speech of Socrates by Plato, which was delivered at the trail to defend himself. This was Socrates' defense.

He notes that Plato wrote the Apology within a few years of the trial and must have expected many of his readers to have firsthand knowledge of the trial. The Apology is assumed to be the most realistic account that has been conserved of Socrates ' defense of himself as it was presented before the Athenian Council. An example of this is when Socrates says, "All Athenians, it seems, make the young into fine and good men, except me, and I alone corrupt them. Plato quotes Anytus as warning Socrates: "Socrates, I think that you are too ready to speak evil of men: and, if you will take my advice, I would recommend you to be careful."

Preoccupied with his moral instruction, he probably failed to attend important religious festivals. In reality, the people that charged Socrates were just afraid that his new ideas would spread to the next generation. In Plato's Apology, the trial concludes with Socrates offering a few memorable words as court officials finished their necessary work.

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