the best roundhead gamefowl

I have several different yards of roundheads, but all of them are pretty closely related. The first Albany blood that I have today came from Odell Beam in Gladewater Texas.

I took a three week vacation and only returned last week and since then have been up to my ears with work. Both breeds are pea combs and both are proven to have the best qualities suitable for slasher fighting. I might say that the Bair brown-red stock came from around this way: Bair bought from Shelton back in 1913 or 1914 a roundhead cock that eventually won seven fights. When the Zamboanga whites were very popular decades ago, everybody wanted whites. The best gamefowl breeding programs and genetics. This cock was a very fine specimen, firm but limber in muscle, well proportioned and well feathered and with a steady, friendly disposition. Cool headed, smart, very patient, fast on the ground and on the air, sometimes delivers fast unexpected strapping shuffles at the back of its opponent when both of them are in the ground. Pick up the lines that bind with each other. Bruner Roundheads.

Mr. Shepler wrote that he was sending me as a gift as fine a cock as he ever sent my uncle. I was breeding half brother and sister, half uncle to niece, etc. If you can, find out which one is your family’s best bloodline. From this setting of eggs, one stag was raised. They are names of American game strains, popular names of blood lines. The hen was old when I got her and I paid $7.50 for her, on this hen I bred a white legged R. H. cock that Judge E. W. Long of this place had raised.

Subscribe 4. He said the cock was an “Albany-Claret” and that his father was one of the greatest cocks he had ever seen fight. Please pardon this long letter, it is hard for me to stop writing when it comes to the subject of R.H’s.

Bair bred this cock called “Cackling Sam” on the little black hen, and from that cross obtained some sensational cocks. Mr. Wood lived in North Port Alabama and Judge Lacy was Mr. Wood's uncle. I have been breeding games since 1911 and have tried out several different strains, but reached the conclusion some 7 or 8 years ago that the Roundheads are the best. Eight years ago I got a very fine R.H. hen with yellow legs and slightly spangled, from Miss B. Shelton of Miss.

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I have never seen before or since a cock or hen, which to me was as beautiful as this hen.

Occasionally some of my stock will come spangle, and sometimes one will come what I call pumpkin colored plumage, or ginger colored plumage, but about 90% of them will come black-breasted reds. Genuine positive traits, not just bloodline names. The greatest site in all the land! In those years I made one infusion of other Lacy blood, which is carried, in small amounts in many of my Lacys today. When Bair left this section of the country for oil fields in Texas he gave me a stag which carried that “Bair brown-red” blood, and all of my roundheads carry that blood, but they only have about 1/32 percentage of that blood, and none of my roundheads indicate that they have any brown-red blood in them at all. The Albany-Claret cock Mr. Shepler sent me was not at all impressive in looks. As I then understood it, this E.W. I have what you might term two strains of Roundhead, most of one of these come with white legs, though some come with yellow legs. If after you receive the chickens you are not satisfied, please write me and return the chickens, and I will return the purchase price. From this mating I got a son that was one of my most used brood cocks.

It was a sight to see those beautiful Lacy cocks, as they would come up on these walks’ faces red, feathers shining, bursting with vitality, bright eyes seeing everything that moved. This smart cautious fighting tactics originated from Oriental lines where the Boston Roundheads came from. Also, it is my observation that writings about a family of fowl in the journals generally promote inquiries about it by chicken raisers of every type and every degree of knowledge and dependability. Carl Saia said that it is most likely a black Tuzo Aseel and Carl also pointed out that the Buckingham roundheads come with green legs. I have some other cocks, stags, hens, and pullets that I could let you have if you prefer them, but to be perfectly frank, I think you would get the best results fro the trio that I originally wrote you about. This cock was rather light bodied for a Lacy and limber muscled, but well muscled. It was brought by a steamer ship from England in the year 1864. It may be that the trio which I planned to send you will not suit your idea or be just what you want, and after receiving them you are not pleased, I do not want you to hesitate to say so, because I certainly do not want one to buy and pay for any of my fowls and not be satisfied. Is kelso good? He was a medium red in color, straight comb, yellow legs, rather small.

The hens, light wheaten color. He especially loved Lacys and Henry Wortham Hulseys.

From that mating I raised a nice bunch of pullets, enough for two yards of five pullets each, and on each of those yards I bred two white leg roundheads that I got from Shelton the year after he purchased the original hen. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. They also side step their opponent to avoid getting hit, multiple shuffler, has a very good timing to deliver its blow and they are high breakers. He was typical Lacy and did not show the Albany-Claret in his lineage.

The address and shipping bill of this fowl was lost. We don’t say that the 5k$ sweater is an outstanding bloodline, because there are 5k$ sweaters in the hands of some breeders that are just average or even rejects. Cowan RH Broodcock : Lacy RH Broodcock : Lacy RH Broodcock : Albany | Birchen | Black | Dom | Grey | Hatch | Kelso | Oriental | Other Fowl: All Fowl are for Breeding and Show Purposes Only! The stags raised from these pullets on Mr. Clayton’s yard killed themselves except for one baby stag before I got home from Duke. I do not approve of cockers promoting their fowl through writing about them in the gamefowl journals, and I do not want to be guilty of that practice.

They were some of the best cocks to be found in Alabama, winning consistently in all of the major Alabama pits. They call this game strains as Gill Roundheads or Boston Roundheads. He lived in town and did not keep fowl himself, but had excellent walks where people kept them for him. I put the pullets on a yard where Mr. Clyde Clayton of Boldo (near Jasper) was keeping chickens for me. This is what we are after. We do not just breed any lemon over any hatch just because we saw somebody won the World Slasher Cup with some lemon to hatch crosses. Uncle Ernest had many friends who, I know now, would have been glad to let me have anything they owned. Uncle Ernest and Mr. Shepler had been exchanging fowl for several years and Uncle Ernest considered him an excellent breeder and a “stickler” for deep gameness. Hatches, ROUNDHEADS, clarets, mugs, &more! Dan Gray Stag and Pullets. They were sought after by those with Lacy blood and by others who wanted to use them for crossing. The powered-up Lacy Roundheads were some of the best gamefowl to be found in Alabama during the time, attracting attention among breeders and winning consistently in all of the major Alabama pits. N.P.I.P. I really think this so called white legged strain has a slight infusion of Redquill blood in it — I say this because quite a few come a pumpkin or ginger red color, and when they are right young some of them come with moccasin colored feet and legs through later on they turn white. Just what the outcome will be I cannot tell of course. It was Carl’s success with his Lacy crosses more than anything else which made cockers in Alabama begin wanting roundheads again. 4337 Views Tony Junior. Little Creek Kelsos. That was a picture of the old Finley cock, but it was not a picture of Mr. Long, but was a picture of one of Mr. Long’s tenants.

He was known as “Cackling Sam”. Maybe, these texts could look and sound boring for professional roundhead breeders, but I am sure that it will help beginners to know their differences and appreciates the qualities and skills they possess. In 1935 the old Finley cock was bred on a yard of hens that were 3/4 Lacy Roundheads and 1/4 Hulsey blood, and from that mating they got a number of stags that were raised and they have made wonderful records in the pit this season. From this statement you will see that I believe in pretty close breeding, provided, the specimens you select for breeding are of the right kind and type. Gunter wrote Shelton for that setting of eggs & Shelton wrote Gunter, when the eggs were shipped that there was a small “ash” of blood in the yard that the eggs came from, that he was not “yet ready to divulge”. This baby stag grew into the white-tailed cock that was winning so many fights. I have never had one of them to quit or sulk and I think a great deal of them for that reason. He was exceptionally active and energetic, always on the move, but not nervous in disposition. Brunner/Jacbobs. I wish that I had more of it. I am always glad to hear from one who has good roundheads and who knows how to breed them, there are many breeders but few good ones according to my observation. Try to look for the best source of the bloodline you need. (Russell had quit fighting by then.)

This 1917 yard was in the handle of John Barton who then lived at the Dullin place about 4 miles southwest of Jasper. He knew the Lacys intimately, having been closely involved in the breeding, walking and fighting of them almost from the time they were originated.

The Boone blood came from a black hen that Fred Bair (who died about 4 years ago) got from Campbell of Ky. about 11 years ago. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. In fact, an aunt (Uncle Ernest’s sister) who did not approve of cockfighting said when her only grandchild was born, Oh, I hope he won’t like game chickens. The company kept the fowl for three months and gave them to Harwood. Sold for breeding only.

In the 80's I started with Lacy Roundheads from fowl that I obtained from Mr. Frank Ellis, who lived in Columbiana Alabama. Carl and Russell and I bred primarily to this cross of the cock I gave them and their hens as our main line of Lacys from that time on. I was very lucky. They only have about 1/8th or 1/16th of the black Boone blood in them yet 3/4ths of them especially when young, come dark or brown red in color. I was completely fascinated by them and absorbed in raising them. Uncle Ernest died in November 1942. Get the bloodlines from the breeders that have established their names in the field or the ones that are in a winning streak. Long, of this place, loaned me. Yes, to us, the name of a bloodline of game fowl means nothing. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Finally, I learned that when Russell Sutherland picked up the stags on the yard where the George Wood hens were bred to the brother of the Russell hen, he picked up the cock early and when he got the stags there was a baby stag left which was thought to be from the hens and their bull stag sons. He would look you square in the eye, not mean and wanting to fight you, but not afraid. They were light red fowl with black breast more or less streaked with ginger.

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