the divine person sent on pentecost

Mission implies inferiority in the one sent, when it means procession from the sender as principle, by command or counsel; forasmuch as the one commanding is the greater, and the counsellor is the wiser. Objection 4. They become stronger when we deliberately follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

Reply to Objection 3. Hence, the divine person is sent, and proceeds temporally only according to sanctifying grace. What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? For being sent means that the divine person is given. The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes Him in these terms: [The Holy Spirit is] “The Third Divine Person of the Blessed Trinity, the personal love of Father and Son for each other. But the invisible mission is not according to progress in virtue; because progress in virtue is continuous, since charity ever increases or decreases; and thus the mission would be continuous. He teaches history and Bible classes at a Christian college-preparatory school in the metro Atlanta area. That’s not something the Apostles — as we know them from the New Testament — could accomplish. Tagged as: ii, 5) that the Son is sent by Himself, and by the Holy Ghost; and the Holy Ghost is sent by Himself, and by the Son; so that to be sent in God does not apply to each person, but only to the person proceeding from another, whereas to send belongs to each person. Thus if the sender be designated as the principle of the person sent, in this sense not each person sends, but that person only Who is the principle of that person who is sent; and thus the Son is sent only by the Father; and the Holy Ghost by the Father and the Son. And since the rational creature by its operation of knowledge and love attains to God Himself, according to this special mode God is said not only to exist in the rational creature but also to dwell therein as in His own temple. Reply to Objection 5. ", Reply to Objection 2. Reply to Objection 1. Chastity keeps our mind and body in the purity demanded by our state of life (that is, maintaining the purity proper to the married state, single life, the vowed Religious life, and priestly purity. — and yet is also the archetype of man. But that a divine person be sent to anyone by invisible grace signifies both that this person dwells in a new way within him and that He has His origin from another. But mission is not to them, for mission implies distance, whereas Christ, as man, and all the blessed are perfectly united to God. Objection 3. Therefore the invisible mission is to every such creature. To the degree you do this, God will seem “realer than ever” because by this “renunciation,” the usual distractions that make Him seem distant or unreal will be gone – and God will take His real and rightful place in your life – as “Lord”! It was the promise of a share in God’s very nature (see 2 Pet. The scope and variety of these languages is clear from the words of the travelers who are looking on, and this underscores just how wondrous this miraculous sign was. Often we’re too wrapped up with what’s going on or too distracted to be aware of God’s Presence and promptings.

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