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I think what you heard on this call was confidence that our plans or AEP is positioning us well to achieve our plans. So as you know, Q3 is a seasonally low quarter for our business. And in that, to the extent that we can generate more enrollments out of Q4 versus Q3, that is exactly what we wanted to do.

So as you know, Q3 is a seasonally low quarter for our business. Yeah. Scott Flanders -- Chief Executive Officer. This represents a 47% increase in the total Medicare commission cash collections and a 12% increase in per Medicare Advantage equivalent member collections compared to the trailing 12-month period ended Q3 of 2019. In terms of the change as it relates to retention, some of the changes you made are related to the compensation for your sales force, your internal sales force. Yeah. Great. So what gives you the confidence that we're going to go up sequentially? Our third-quarter results reflect strong momentum in our Medicare online enrollments, significant growth in carrier advertising revenue, and investment in our telesales capacity and technology initiatives ahead of the Medicare annual enrollment period. You should expect to see the initial impact of the comprehensive retention program that we put in place reflected in this metric in the first quarter of 2021.

Would you say there was some variance?

So we have been able to leverage our data and analytics to better understand what drives persistency. This was primarily driven by a 37% increase in approved IFP members for major medical plan products, accompanied by a continued trend of longer duration for these products and an 18 point million in residual or tail revenue that we booked in this segment during the quarter. Elizabeth Anderson -- Evercore ISI -- Analyst. So implied in our guidance based on year-to-date results, our Medicare revenue in Q4 growth will be close to 50%. I guess, Derek, just a first housekeeping question before we go into my follow-up is that did you guys actually disclose what the retention figure was for the third quarter. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. You know, the other two leading indicators in terms of what we expect to improvement in persistency and LTVs are based on fulfillment mix that we commented on in terms of mix of online, which is 25% to 30% more favorable historically on LTVs, and also the use of internal agents versus vendor agents. So if you enrolled in Q3, you have the opportunity to switch plans again in Q4. MA enrollment growth was dominated by our online marketing and strategic partner channels, which grew well above the overall enrollment growth for the quarter, reflecting our emphasis on these high ROI channels with higher propensity to bring in consumers who are comfortable transacting online. So we have said that if churn were to remain where they have been the last 12 months coming out of AEP last year, we do not expect LTVs to go further lower than what we have already projected for this full year and this Q4. And then the other would be the pharmacy channel where we assist the customers to enroll in Part D plans or MAPD plans, where the pharmacy client of ours is a preferred pharmacy, and that has been a rapidly growing business as well. Good afternoon, and thank you all for joining us today either by phone or by webcast for a discussion about eHealth, Inc.'s third-quarter 2020 financial results. So one of the things that we're doing is getting feedback from our retention team back to our sales team on ways that they can be improving on the front end. Thank you, Kate, and welcome, everyone. The "expectations" (lines 23) are primarily characterized as. Thank you. Yeah. So better recommendation algorithms, better cues for them on the call, things they could be looking out for. Your next question comes from the line of Greg Peters from Raymond James. We will be presenting certain financial measures on this call that are considered non-GAAP under SEC Regulation G. For reconciliation of each non-GAAP financial measure to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measure, please refer to the information included in our press release and in our SEC filings, which can be found in the About Us section of our corporate website under the heading Investor Relations. The compensation structure of our in-house agents was also adjusted to link a significant portion of it to persistency of their enrollments. Steve, so when you look at the LTVs, it is important to look at them on a year-over-year basis. And so we promote directly to them. Underlying this 360-consumer experience is a customer center technology which we released last month and is unmatched in our industry. Our Medicare segment loss was $16 million, reflecting investments as we prepare for what is expected to be another record fourth-quarter selling season in terms of revenue, enrollment volume, and profitability. I will update you on the key initiatives and achievements that were made during the quarter in just a moment, but first, let me provide a summary of our third-quarter financial results. So that's an encouraging change. That would be my first question. So last year in Q3, we did have very, very good growth in terms of Medicare Advantage-approved member enrollments, right? And then just on an unrelated note, the IFP guidance, I mean, I totally appreciate you're not wanting to update guidance one week into AEP. Good afternoon, and thanks for taking my question. It does weigh more heavily in the most recent two years given the most recent data has a more predictive impact. For Q4, we expect the partner channel will grow in excess of 80%, driven by new relationships, as well as expanding relationships with existing partners, including large national retailers such as Walgreens and Costco. So if you're kind of back to that number, the enrollment growth in Q4 will be close to 60% year over year for Medicare Advantage. In the second year, average churn rates have dropped and have continued decline as policies mature. Good afternoon. So one of the things that our algorithms do is make sure that our best-performing agents are kept busiest with the best leads.

Well, I'd just like to ask the follow-up question, which is about commission receivable, both current and long term, because the rates of growth of that slowed in the third quarter on a sequential basis. Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. This is why very often, it's inaccurate or incomplete. There's a couple of different ways that we will get there. Yes. Thanks, Scott. Appreciate it. So we did not see that in Q3 and in addition to us wanting to optimize for return on investments between Q3 and Q4. More partners are digitally integrating with us for this AEP, which is expected to be another meaningful driver of online enrollments. They don't always recall every drug that they're on. Please note that we report churn as any planned switching by a paying member even if the change is made on our platform and eHealth remains the broker of record. concerning. From a more macro perspective, there has been a change beyond the seasonal pattern that we typically see with Q1 having the open enrollment period and then Q2 for that special enrollment period. At the same time, our total agent number, including outsourced call center agents, increased approximately 40%, which is well below the expected growth in fourth-quarter Medicare enrollments. We are seeing it in our enrollment numbers and in overall patterns of consumer behavior on our platform. We believe that this AEP, our new enrollments will benefit greatly from the comprehensive retention program that Scott described earlier in the call, and we expect that the initial impact of that to be evident in our Q1 2021 estimated retention metrics. Yeah. This includes 28% year-over-year growth in approved Medicare Advantage members. So in terms of kind of how that measures the guidance, I think you're right. So the year before, in Q3 2018, we had 0% growth for Medicare Advantage year over year. Sure. So there was a gap in how we were serving our customers that was very apparent very quickly.

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