total vanishing legend of dragoon

If not, work on building up some more SP with that first character to repeat the process. Albert could use Wing Blaster, and Dart could use Explosion. If you do that, you will be stuck in this battle forever, spending all your Recovery Items trying to stay alive long enough to eliminate him. He likes to use Burning Waves and Down Bursts, so watch out for Kongol in this battle. Dart's magic attacks like Final Burst and Flameshot will be useful here because of the Fire-based attack, but it may actually be better to stick with his D-Attack and Additions because of Damia's high magic defense. All the descriptions contain exactly what I have for that boss in the main walkthrough. Eventually, when you are given a choice, choose, "Mind's eye, awaken!" When the Virage gets to around 2 lives left, start putting your guard up, regardless of how you were playing this before. After a time, the Urobulus slithers up into the rock where it cannot be hit with melee attacks. Use Meru and Miranda for magic attacks, since the spirit has a relatively low magic defense.

While Shana's Magic Attack would be very useful in this battle, she simply would not hold up as well against Fruegel's powerful physical attacks.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fun Fact: Fanbases are 100% unpleasable. Instead, focus on using Additions and D-Attacks.

After the Magic Shield, Shana's effectiveness would have been almost negligible except for healing magic.). Remember that he has a high attack and defense, and low magic attack and magic defense.

Use her as a supportive character in this battle. If you are at a high enough level, this and a Psychedelic Bomb X will probably bring each piece of armor to 1/4 health or below, and possibly destroy one or two of them. Melbu does not attack while he defends, meaning you can take the time to Guard or use Recovery Items. And don't forget to use Flameshot or Final Burst either, both of which will do a decent amount of damage. If you use any Fire-Based Attack Items, have Meru throw them. Focus on using physical attacks to defeat this Virage (and honestly, any Virage). This is one of those battles where you will probably be wanting to use a Healing Rain or two if you have them. Just when you thought it was almost over... Caterpillar. It may not work quite as completely, but it will do its job. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Can Anyone List All Of The Dragoon Spirits, And Where To Get Them? Of course, it is necessary to get rid of this Wire to defeat Drake. After five times, Lavitz will remain facing the other way. Questions 7-9 are not as important, and although these are the "correct" answers that Shirley praises, it is possible to succeed without using these options. If you have any Earth-Based Attack Items like a Pellet, have either Rose or Shana throw them. After they're gone, Mappi returns. Dart should actually be at an advantage in this battle with his Red DS Armor, because he will absorb all the Fire-based magic attacks Zieg throws at him. There is nothing you can do about it except wait until Melbu spits the person back out, causing some pretty heavy physical damage to the person he spits out and the person Melbu spits them at. We recommend using him as a place to level Additions and practice completing them, as that will matter in the next battle. You must destroy each of the swords before you can attack Doel, but each sword with a well-trained Albert will only take one complete attack to destroy. First, only the real Elite can use magic attacks. Her greatest weakness is her physical defense, which is why I proposed bringing Albert into this battle. Not to mention that it has some vast HP reserves. At this point, it would be a good idea to use the Psychedelic Bomb X. Wait to use attacks that attack all enemies until the Last Kraken summons two Cleones. Have Shana throw some Dancing Rays or use Star Children. However, with those powerful (and numerous) magic attacks, you will need to watch his health as well as Dart's. A Total Vanishing can be used in battle to destroy a minor enemy.

There is also no definite strategy that works better than others, except to work hard to complete Double Slash, as this will make the battle go by faster. You may now attack Fruegel. If you have spent a long time training before this battle, or if you are blessed with Legend Casques, the difficulty of this battle drops to Moderate.

In short, that's half as many attacks toward the rest of the party. For the duration of the battle that you cannot deal damage, be sure to watch Dart's health.

Despite Kongol's horrific magic attack, using the Psychedelic Bomb X still does decent damage to Indora because of his low magic defense.

Try to watch the health of each character in this battle, although Haschel will probably do better than most unless he is continually hit by Kanzas's D-Attack. This can really hurt. You have two enemies to choose from, but we recommend defeating Feyrbrand first. Eventually, the Windigo throws the party member out, exposing its weak heart.

However, don't rely solely on magic. If not, continue them until all the ghosts are defeated. As it has no charging time, this should be your first target. Eventually the Wire will break and you can resume the real battle. In addition, if a character becomes Stunned, you can save you Dragoon SP for later by just waiting it out.

Recommended: Speed Up, Speed down, and Signet Stone Repeat Items used from your inventory will help increase your odds.

Albert's attack is very high, and with a leveled Gust of Wind Dance or Flower Storm, especially supplemented with various Repeat Items, you can deal a lot of damage. However, don't destroy them as you go. The Last Kraken has a very high magic defense, so try to focus on using physical attacks with Dart and Haschel in this battle. Whichever is the odd man out. At the bottom of the Flanvel Tower, an apparition of the Wingly Magician Faust appears. You can either focus on attacking with Dart and Lavitz, using Shana as support, or you can just go all-out attack and use your (probably) numerous Attack Items with Shana and her incredibly high magic attack. Bringing Shana or Rose into this battle in place of Albert exacerbates this problem. And because of this, watch out for Miranda's health, as these attacks will deal double damage to her. It is aimed at one person, doing full damage to that character and half to the characters on either side. Use her as a supportive character while Dart and Albert attack. There is only one enemy in the game with more HP, and that would be the final boss.

Another irritation is his ability to Petrify one of the party. Using the Dragon Buster is a "Can't Combat" move, causing instant death to the character - unless they are equipped with a Talisman.

Otherwise, use her to heal the party with Recovery Items or her Dragoon magic.

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