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Prior to their departure, Jacob tells everyone to “throw out all the alien gods which you have, wash yourselves, and change your clothes.” Some of these gods might have been pilfered from Shechem, but others might have been with them from the beginning of the journey.

After solving a mathematical puzzle that obstructed their way (with Hwa Ryun's help), they entered the room where they encountered the guardian, Bloomer. When she arrives, she quickly warns Baam to forget about obtaining the second thorn fragment and just runs away to avoid Karaka and Hoaqin. Rachel relied on Baam to protect her from it, but after he killed the Bull, she unexpectedly stood up and pushed him out of the bubble saying, "Sorry. What ever you desire, While none of this is new information, the fact that God repeats his promises at this point is highly significant.

Jacob is very wary of Esau prior to meeting him. Rachel came in before they had time to decide and asked them to spare him so he could become her legs.

Yellow The text states that the labor is hard; the birth is difficult. She declares that it's foolish to devote your own life to a predetermined destiny and that destiny only has value when it is created by the individual. Active Baam shatters Rachel lighthouse after explaining that he's going to gather all of the thorn fragments, climb the tower and open the door leading to the final floor of the tower. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Vol.2 Ch.169: 37F - Hell Train: A Month (4), Vol.2 Ch.07: 20F – The Strongest Regular (2), Vol.2 Ch.147: 30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (35), Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince, Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle, Compilation of all additional materials (2011), Vol.2 Ch.118: 30F - Hell Train: Revolution Road (6),,,, Rachel refused to believe this, so Headon offered her the Ball Test Baam took in the beginning, to which Rachel refused, replying that she didn't want to die. With Hoaqin's first part free, the group left the room where they encountered Ja Wangnan and Yeon Yihwa. When will Yuri Zahard and Wal Ha Ik Sung show up if at all? But his beloved Rachel dies, and Jacob must bury her. Daniel finally joined up with the group and they proceeded to enter the Entrance floor where they came across Mirotic. Dan, repulsed by her request, having been warned by Khun about her condition, bluntly refused, snidely remarking that she had two perfectly functioning legs of her own which she could use for herself, also confronting her about her betrayal of both Baam and Khun. Born Rachel attempts to stop Baam, demanding he tells her why he is going forward in addition to what Garam told him. At that lonely border, her yearning for her children will provide a redemptive force. Then God leaves. Reuben is the firstborn. Po Bidau Family Floating Castle Rachel is tasked with rescuing Grand De Sah with help from De Lee. Another option is even more likely.

Headon offered her a trade: if she could fulfill his yet unknown request, he would let her become the heroine of this story. Vol.2 Chapter 337 Nonetheless, Jacob has changed the unfavorable nature of the name to one that is more favorable. She asked him about the legend of the Tower and told him that she had always dreamed about reaching the top of the Tower and looking at the starry sky.

Now she is dying because she is giving birth to a son. Rachel remarks how impossible a task it is for two regulars. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So it is hard to confirm what she would do if they do meet again.

They were attacked by the Bull, which attempted to destroy their bubble. Just then, the fighting was interrupted when they were all teleported to the train conductor's office.

Despite God’s admonition to remain at Bethel, a few verses later, Jacob and his entourage are on the move.

Volume 2 Not even Rankersdare to access such a place voluntarily. He also added that he would eventually get revenge on her for killing Akraptor, which she said she'd keep in mind. Rachel then watched as Daniel fought against the semi-illusory guardian but stayed silent throughout even after he revealed he could switch off Mirotic with a remote. He reacted angrily, but she told him to think about Miseng's condition as a team leader.

Khun kept her promise and told Baam that the person he saved was not Rachel. The text interrupts the story by noting that Rebekah’s nurse, Deborah, dies. Scholars have also noted that the route Jacob follows mimics the one Abraham took as he entered into the Promised Land. Baam then told Rachel he'd have to stop her and continued saying that he didn't understand her actions. When Jacob is running away from Esau, he stops at Bethel and builds an altar. Genesis 4: Cain and Abel and the Generations that Followed, Genesis 6: The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men, Genesis 10: The Table of Nations – Japheth, Genesis 10: The Table of Nations – Ham (6-20), Genesis 11: The Descendants of Shem and Terah (10-32), Genesis 21: The Birth of Isaac and Expulsion of Ishmael, Genesis 25: Jacob’s Birth and Stolen Birthright, Genesis 28: Jacob Leaves and Encounters God at Bethel, Genesis 29: Jacob Marries Rachel and Leah, Genesis 30-31: Jacob’s Dealings with Laban, Genesis 32-33: Jacob Wrestles at Peniel and Reunites with Esau, Genesis 34: Jacob’s Response to Dinah’s Rape, Genesis 37: Joseph is Sold by His Brothers, Genesis 40: Joseph, the Baker, and the Cupbearer, Genesis 42: Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt, Genesis 42: Joseph’s Brothers Return Home, Genesis 43: Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt, Genesis 46: Jacob and Family Move to Egypt, Genesis 47: Pharaoh Meets Joseph’s Family, Genesis 49: Jacob's Final Words to His Sons, Genesis 50: Jacob’s Death and Its Aftermath, Exodus 1: The Oppression of the Israelites, Exodus 2: The Birth and Early Life of Moses, Exodus 11: Announcing the Death of the Firstborn, Exodus 12: Introduction of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, Exodus 12: The Tenth Plague and the Exodus. RACHAEL IS AN IRREGULAR. However, Rachel stopped him and, after delivering another armour-piercing statement, she pushed a shocked Baam away and told him it wasn't a place for him to come up. Fortune? She explains that Baam would not forgive De Lee if he were to harm his companions. He reiterates Jacob’s new name and the promises made to Abraham and Isaac. She was shown to avoid Baam, taking her lunch out to go and not even caring if this cost extra points.

Following on, they made a bet where Rachel would reveal her history with Baam if she lost. Rachel was seen with Casano as they stood behind Traveller and Emily's tank. 'That person' is revealed to be Arlene Grace, as Rachel thinks to herself that she will be the one who will obtain the thorn and make Arlene's wish come true.

When the train arrived at the Wooden Horse station, Rachel came out of the train doors with Ha Yura, Daniel and Hoaqin after reassuring Hoaqin that it was okay to leave. Before Hwa Ryun left, she asked why Rachel was going to such lengths to see the stars. She then asks Grand De Lee about any weaknesses Hell Joe may have. All of it was just an excuse to keep the denizens of the Floor of Death trapped under the rule of the Grands. Since he lost control of the Floor of Death he just wanted to borrow the power of Baam and Rachel to reclaim the ladle, and with it, control. Six years later, Rachel made her first appearance as a part of Khun's team. Yet even with recent focus on her we still have only vague ideas about her past. After the famine when he comes back from Egypt, he returns to Bethel and once again calls on the Lord.

Is Daniel working with FUG to kill Haoqin?

Well, in the last chapter she gave a good reason. Tower Information After De Jah reveals the test involves dispatching Hell Joe. Rachel was chosen to participate in the first round of the Dallar Show in the game, "Catching the sweetfish", alongside the Mad Dog. They all claimed they were going on the hell train, but there is no way in hell they were going to get on it without Baam and FUG because FUG wants to push Baam by having him kill Haoqin. 라헬 (Lahel) Rachel approached Dan after he got scolded by Khun for putting the team at risk of failing.

Having successfully escaped, Rachel explained the situation to a confused Hoaqin before asking him to become her 'subordinate' and help her find a piece of the Thorn on the 43rd Floor in exchange for the location of his final clone. Nothing happens as a result, even though Jacob “hears about it.” Neither Jacob nor Reuben ever mention it again, – until Jacob speaks of it on his deathbed.

Isaac dies at the age of 180, and both Jacob and Esau unite to bury him. Outside When Baam attempted to start the conversation, she coldly interrupted him and shot him with two armour-piercing questions that left him shocked. Prince of Zahard 31:16). She also reveals that the final piece of Hockney's painting is in her lighthouse. Turns out Rachel …

For a long time, Rachel had a dream about reaching the top of the Tower and seeing the stars. Perhaps it is Reuben’s intent to solidify his mother’s position as chief wife. to Baam over and over again but, because she was behind the soundproof screen, she couldn't be heard. Rebekah had said that she would send for Jacob when things died down with Esau. She asks Casano how his mission went and then asks if he brought Emily with him, which he confirmed. Sleeping with his father’s concubines is one way of signaling that. Light Bearer As Baam was protecting Rachel, he had a flashback of Rachel being attacked by a large man. When Wangnan asks Rachel why someone nice like Viole would be following her, Rachel dodges the question and instead tells Wangnan that Baam is nice and she is bad. She then exclaims that De Lee's fatalistic ideology is getting on her nerves. After that, no one wants to go after them. 라헬 She was, of course, able to walk but pretended to be disabled however, Khun was revealed to have known that Rachel could walk immediately after the Submerged Fish Test. To Be Added.

He changes Benoni’s name to Benjamin, meaning “son of my good fortune,” or “son of my right hand.” Some scholars think the reference to “my right hand” is a metaphor for strength.

Headon prepared her with Akryung and Yu Han Sung with Hwa Ryun, the Guide. After the polluting desecration of Shechem, Jacob feels the need for purification. Others suggest that burying them neutralizes their significance. Rachel then receives a notification from Emily telling her that Baam is heading to the spirit room in which the thorn fragment is stored. Somehow, though, Deborah ends up with Jacob, and scholars estimate her age to be well over 100. She pleads with him to give up and wait for her like before, however, Baam simply responds with a "goodbye." Reuben could easily be in his early thirties or forties; he’s a strong man and ready to take over. So it is that when God instructs him to go back to Bethel, Jacob doesn’t hesitate.

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