trilene knot vs palomar

I’ve read that it is a good snug knot for tying heavy mono or fluorocarbon directly to a hook. And the FG knot was much stronger than them both for connecting braid to a stronger leader. I have tied a few knots (Davy, Double Davy, & Orvis knot) that are fairly similar, and they all worked well but just weren’t as strong as some of the more popular knots like the uni knot since they don’t spread the tension load evenly before the line makes its first hard turn coming from the rod. Today, the community has grown to host various contributing volunteer experts, guides, and professional fishermen with the goal of helping and sharing with fellow anglers. I generally use the knot, but if the clip is just as good, it would be simpler and quicker to change surface plugs/plastic baits on jigheads. Yes, it is typically best to always double everything when using braid compared to mono when tying a knot because braid needs the added surface area to ensure it doesn’t pull through. 0000045475 00000 n Since which knots you choose to tie is one of the few things under your control when fighting a fish, I’d definitely recommend going with the uni knot over the palomar knot. By the way, as a retired scientist I love your approach! And if you don’t see your favorite knot listed, just leave a comment on the bottom of this post (click here) and I’ll add it to my list of fishing knots to evaluate. Anyway, thanks for your web site. Probably still not as good but if it narrows the gap, would be interesting to know.

Ben that paternoster rigs is essentially the same knot as the first video I posted except with the twists to prevent it getting tangled, still interesting as it’s alot simpler than the T Knot setup and does pretty much the same thing. Do you have any suggestions that could be explored? Palomar is the finest fly fisherman’s presentation knot. Note: When the mainline braid is weaker than the leader, the FG knot is over 30% stronger than the double uni knot for all of the lines I’ve tested it on so far. The tests have been done using 10 to 20 lb PowerPro braid tied to 20 to 30 lb Ande monofilament and Seaguar fluorocarbon. This next version of the Palomar involves feeding the doubled tag end of the line through the hook eye twice and then doing a single overhand knot before feeding the hook through the loop. Thanks for adding the tip Frank. Which knot is the thinnest one?Cos of easier gliding through the glides for long cast. Fishing Knots: How to Tie the Six Strongest. Make sure to wet your line. Trilene Knot. Thanks for the suggestion. Have you tested the Miller knot? Put the line through the hook and back up parallel with the incoming line. I fish braid to mono.

Guide the tag line around and back through the double loop that you formed just above the hook eye. But all the splice knot tests which I have read involve lighter braid to heavier leader which is the reverse of what we use. Thanks for making time to leave the comment! Heavier lines, I drop the no of turns. I see people suggest other knots for this but was looking for something simple and the uni to uni is easy to do for connecting braid to mono or flouro leader and then the leader to a hook or plug. So i thought I’d try that. Thanks for making time to leave the suggestion! I was actually surprised that the difference was only 8% because the braid uni knot consistently beat the palomar when tied with braided line. Not just thicker… much thicker. my braid is 30lbs and i like to switch beween 20 30 and 50 fluoro.

So it’s essential for us to select the absolute best fishing knot for each connection to get the most overall line strength. You said that fg to Bimini consistently beat single line fg. Is that any different than the snell knot?

For this reason the knot that takes its name is one of the strongest knot around and if tied right will not let you when you need it. The target species doesn’t matter nearly as much as the line types being used, so that is the organization used in this post. From looking at the T knot, it appears to be a combination of a 4 turn surgeon’s loop tied first. In this video, I illustrate not only how to tie a correct palomar knot with fluorocarbon fishing line, but also how the palomar knot often gets tied incorrectly leading to break-offs on the hookset.

Thanks. Your Palomar Knot step 1 says Staring with 5 to 6 instead of Starting with 5 to 6. My grandpa taught me that knot when I was a kid.. he never did tell me the name of it and I didn’t ask just went with it and continued to use that not for over 30 yrs.. it is an amazing knot to use and now I have a name for it Thanks for these knots, Im going to put some of these vids on my phone if that’s ok. Wow this is great information thanks for sharing this. Although the clips make lure changes quicker, the non-slip loop knot takes me only about 15 seconds do tie that the time benefit that I could get from the clips is minimal. Give the Jacks Knot a try.

That’s the knot I use now. I tested the improved clinch knot vs. the uni, and the uni was slightly stronger when the coil count was kept constant. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. Thank you for the reply, I don’t plan on ever getting into the mono backing its just to save $$ on not spooling an entire reel with braid. Then pull the main line to tighten, which will pull both against each other, and cut off a short tag end. of braid mainline as backup. Then, I used my knot strength testing machine to put tension on the knots and see which one broke first. Curious if the uni would be sufficient when targeting large tarpon. This setup is becoming very common because it allows for the overall system to have optimal casting performance (due to the lighter line in the reel) while having a stronger leader line at the business end to hold up to the sharp teeth and/or rough mouths of the target species. I then splice on a 50# mono top shot about 150 yds. A quick comment. 0000011676 00000 n Given that the uni knot is a more efficient (aka – stronger) knot than the clinch knot, I would recommend sticking with the double uni over the sten knot. But I have tested the clinch knot (which is essentially the basis Trilene knot) to the basic uni knot and the uni knot won. When the coils slid off of the leader, how far did they slide? Have you tested snelling a hook to mono or fluro? There are a multitude of knots call the “GT knot” floating around the internet, and most of them are not nearly as strong as the FG knot (especially the ones which consist of just a uni on one side and a figure 8 on the other). Have you tried the FG knot yet? Hay Luke, I’m still waiting for a response to my original post.

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