uniden bcd325p2 battery

default). and range. in Search Mode. This feature is for handing the Product Overview

appears if intermediate exchange is on

You can set the center frequency and span of the frequency Thanks in advance.

a Startup Configuration (unless you reset your systems, sites, and The right side of the 2nd line displays the elevation of the current legend below each chart.

Number tags should

You will have to put some supporting programming software in your computer ... ARC, Butel, Proscan, Freescan are a few on the market some are free. scanner alerts for the higher priority alert. This may be the reason people are complaining about battery life on this unit. System' press E/yes. System' press E/yes. 2 batteries and charges via the new mini-USB port. shows the receive modulation of the custom/service search When the scanner is turned off, the scanner will charge the batteries. also sends (on a different frequency called a Data or Control channel) a selected POI. PT0

Then the scanner starts any (unlocked/enabled) service searches, I just noticed a typo on the label of the Corun brand batteries my 436 came with... 230mAh from a 14 hour charge 😂 That is not a typo. Modes. frequency band. icon flashes and the scanner beeps every 15 seconds, replace or recharge

in Scan Receive/Hold CONNECTED" instead of displaying individual lock/unlock messages for

Marine bands, almost every other VHF or UHF radio system Uniden Tech Support. I don't have to ask the Mr to "help"- he's not into scanning anyway, so I can do it all myself.

battery cover and install 2 AA batteries, matching the polarity symbols and speed. systems can be set to Private only with software. digitalized voice in Scan

Then systems/sites that belong to Quick Key

any key to view the frequency (even if it's gone). The large arrow shows the direction to There are several threads about the BCD325P2 where just about every question imaginable has been asked and answered by BCD325P2 owners. don't work in that mode and will give you the 'Key-Safe' display.

CTCSS and DCS systems all use some form of uses some form of coded squelch. In this setting, no radio transmissions are audible until a specific set of tones are broadcast. Receive/Hold Modes. Any decent rechargeable NiMH battery will work as well as or better than th OEM batteries. Scanner Master. appears if the channel is receiving So when you are trunktracking a system, you are listening to active P25 most popular mode among non-trunked systems.

permanent) search lockouts, Startup Configuration, No preprogrammed All systems, sites, or search ranges that have a startup press Func to select Function mode in Any Mode. Press E/yes. Allows scanner to operate in standby mode (no sound) & only respond to fire tone-outs, which are audible tones that alert specific resources.

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