vivint solar contract pdf

endobj >> Get Quote *Warranty refers to solar panels. (“PPA”) [Doc. /Count 15 The agreement purports to “commit” Mrs. Droney to have solar panels installed …

Your solar equipment must be interconnected with your utility and you must enter into a net metering agreement with your utility.

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<< /Type /Pages /Keywords <301C2D1050E3BFEC4412F29207DE99548E93E7F804160F74D53C60> C 19-07918 WHA ORDER RE ARBITRATION AND MOTION TO DISMISS INTRODUCTION In this unfair business practices suit, defendant solar panel installer moves to compel arbitration, or in the alternative, dismiss the complaint.

(the “merger agreement”) with Sunrun Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Sunrun”) and Viking Merger Sub, Inc., a Delaware corporation and direct wholly owned subsidiary of Sunrun (“Merger Sub”), pursuant to which Merger Sub will merge with and into Vivint Solar, with Vivint Solar continuing as the surviving corporation (the “merger”). Through investment funds, we own a substantial majority of the solar energy systems we …

4 0 obj 228 0 obj 5 0 obj endobj /Producer <83B2D1BB272CE1E4E288A82B3E8B5BDF999937> We offer distributed solar energy — electricity generated by a solar energy system installed at or near customers’ locations — to residential customers primarily through a customer-focused and neighborhood-driven direct-to-home sales model. << /Type /Catalog /Pages 3 0 R >> VIVINT SOLAR, INC., et al., Defendants. To calculate estimated retained value of renewal, Vivint Solar … 5 0 obj %���� stream Refer to your customer agreement for all warranty terms and conditions. A�2�?lN�M����y�>�40e~yy����&`��V��V��$�:t��N�h�� +���9L�A�6醝�CMt'������ ު��Ж7!Y@XlDک���Zc�Q�1�*)N�[���n��4�Cԍ�&�F@.���:-�(QtU5����Xꈚb�p��>wWl��vh��)�� �W@�0�C�#�)����T�i�$�F����M�p �]6]p�j�σ���Ћ��ճj�DҌCk*f����`�E��g܂���. /BaseFont /MTWJGI#2BTimes#20New#20Roman 12-4]. 4 0 obj Vivint Solar’s contracts plus the value of contracted SRECs, which Vivint Solar refers to as estimated retained value under energy contracts, and the estimated retained value associated with an assumed 10-year renewal term following the expiration of the initial contract term, which Vivint Solar refers to as estimated retained value of renewal. /DescendantFonts [6 0 R] << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type0 4 0 obj >> 9+�_ª+�� LX��,7��0aI'��Xnx�Ȅ���2c���+�v�ˌ儗��s9p��� /m�ˡ^f,7�$�e^Ê��2c���G&�� /3�]^ADX*R&,� � �X��9�8���X�D�I�� �7Ng�$�h sBLF��̝ `n��Sq������ 1��9 ;��け����� 1�l1'�G�b�m"�$�h sCL�py4��!&��Y8����q>'�G�b!��N�I�� 憘��ĜD `n� e$�$�h sC���ĜD `N��0�C��I�� 愘fbnRf�g�0��k����A���� ���5I.��h��X�UO�A$l� �i��_U��}��z��,?cxH{�����HWɌ]��=ٙvUg��lؕ�4�S��Lo���b���F\ ����}a��܃��uF�{�{�_6����n�`:Oo����-���&�������qO�1�}�Jd�A��-*�����N?a����r��C+�R�,�F���%x,�����N���������W��}�^ >> << /Length 1947 >> No. �x[d�D=��+��A�:�t!�����&Zz�A��R3

cWo��I'����s��w��#�J�������L`W�E�v~hA��k�cK� >> /Encoding /Identity#2DH endobj During the Non-Compete Period, Vivint Solar will not, nor will it permit its other Restricted Parties to, directly or indirectly (in any capacity, including as a direct or indirect owner, partner, member, investor, lender, principal, director, officer, employee, consultant or agent of any other Person and including through contracting with a Vivint Competitor), engage in the Vivint … Unlike other solar tax incentives, you do not need to own your solar energy system to be eligible for this income tax credit—if you’re a New York resident and you choose to lease your solar energy equipment or enter into a power purchase agreement with a third party (such as … Residential Solar Power Purchase Agreement The Residential Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a twenty-three-page document that contains an arbitration clause. /Creator <45685A6037F5DB9D3B0298C55996DB05C3CBA6> /Subject

/CreationDate <82CCA4CA473C8199969ADE7961D91D88C0C671C4E97CC3> Is your house a good fit for solar? endobj 3 0 obj /Producer <45685A6037F5DB9D3B0298C55996DB05C3CBA6> Not all roofs are created equal, that's why we customize your system design to fit your home. << /Length 1847 >> %���� No. 3 0 obj Check your solar production anytime you open your phone using the Vivint Solar app. /Kids [49 0 R 51 0 R 53 0 R 59 0 R 56 0 R 61 0 R 63 0 R 65 0 R 67 0 R 69 0 R 71 0 R 73 0 R 75 0 R 77 0 R 79 0 R] /Subtype /Type0

5��4R�a��#�AX��oD���@��3�8��H�WeP��\40�kH���6*V?�R����&p�wQ9=2������g���|�ɬ�. %���� This Current Report on Form 8-K (this “Form 8-K”) is being filed to update and … 1 0 obj The document is dated January 21, 2016. /Keywords /Title

Enter your information below to get a no-obligation (and contact … >> My Solar City site audit was successfully completed on 6-2-15. /Kids [24 0 R 26 0 R 28 0 R 30 0 R 32 0 R 34 0 R 36 0 R 38 0 R 40 0 R 42 0 R 44 0 R 46 0 R 48 0 R 50 0 R 52 0 R] /B7˓�TP@_�}�>�좋�Y�o:��ˢ֤>?�7\g��b$�CaQח�d.���Df�2����*�]���r�-Djm��� �2 ���}o��s�e�=�&I. /�z���2����ӝ�.�����%�F�9�w��5�^\\.Σ�u�s�5a�����k�� �*�7����K���H��`eI��:�u��(�z��s1�~�M��U�7�� After a couple of weeks I called Solar City about my gift and they said it takes 4-6 weeks. Customized. /Encoding /Identity#2DH .G����Xןms����%�)of��v�mo��e@�W��zp�Au�TNe�X�m����>��v¡�:E�� )�8����� �L��v�T��Y��z��K���� ����.���JjXț�� /Title <301C2D1050E3BFEC4412F29207DE99548E93E7F8> We were incorporated as Vivint Solar, Inc., a Delaware corporation, in 2011. /ModDate <44162F1157E5BBEA4C12EE9606C2995C9A94E0E80F0613> The document includes the name and electronic signature of Plaintiff Christine Droney. Sample of Solar Consumer Complaints Filed with the Better Business Bureau for SolarCity, SunRun & Vivint (2015) 3 picked one of the other solar companies that I was talking with. /ToUnicode 5 0 R << /Type /Pages /Creator <83B2D1BB272CE1E4E288A82B3E8B5BDF999937> c��� �dA��+2�~�62���);�V��x�b�� �ڷ����%Gc�4��{�F̞n���*Y���ɛ$��9UI���{��S�0�߲5SUb��]�8���O1_ �`�t�����^����\#IT̆|3������H�⵵�w��P�)�W��#k�W,��r�`=Hl����n�}N����l�I�*� �����;L�2��we����{�Pb��O ��g�ip��T�p檱�|�c$�R�=����� /DescendantFonts [6 0 R] x�+� � |

2 0 obj stream <>stream %PDF-1.4 that there was no contract; and that he needed a voided check from her so he could take one dollar out of her bank account to confirm that it was active. Id. Vivint Solar’s Covenant of Non-Competition. /ModDate <82CCA4CA473C8199969ADE7961D91C8FC0C671C4E97CC3> Because the arbitration agreement clearly delegates the question of arbitrability to the arbitrator, for plaintiffs who agreed to, … /Count 15 << /Type /Catalog /Pages 3 0 R >> x��[�r���w��a.a�Ț?�T�\��I���Lv/�� FvtF^��ʋ��;�- �52X̜TH��oz���{t�_����͊�ys�_��7ߓ�r:��>��zHN?M���t�f����o+�Β��;�?�G��㿘� >�X�er|��olq|t>9>:}�\��qh�38�}/��2�"6��6�Cv����E�ѻ�/���M~?>������h7lوQ3I� �|/��g B���‹��D����R����u��^)@���(��g��O��H_GpJ O3�Gq��o#p��S�'��&~�XJO� �}�5h(T��AQ�UD�)�k

/CreationDate <44162F1157E5BBEA4C12EE9606C39C539A94E0E80F0613>

%PDF-1.7 %PDF-1.4 Instead, VIVINT surreptitiously did the following: a) Forged Ms. Fisher's signature on a 20 Year Solar Power Purchase Agreement; Added Ms. Fisher's daughter's name to the 20 Year Agreement and forged the daughter'ssigriature without the daughter's knowledge …

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