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); They plan on rolling out RESPs in the near future. You can do a general stock search via the search engine and start trading with just a few taps on your mobile. Questrade offers a self-directed investor a lot more in investing tools, charts, market analysis, and numbers to play around with. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There's other hiccups and annoyances, but thats what I can think of so far. This is especially true for investors who want to take a chance picking individual stocks.

save. I will refrain from listing them here and instead will just share my own nerve racking experience. Your email address will not be published. Wealthsimple Trade is Canada’s newest brokerage, released by the company behind one the country’s most successful roboadvisors, Wealthsimple. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon. Making a deposit with Questrade, for example, usually only takes one day. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the products and features listed on this page will be added in the near future, however, we wanted to give our clients a voice in terms of what they’d like to see next from the Trade platform! If you prefer a paper account statement, a $20 fee applies.

Questrade does not charge a fee when you purchase ETFs, however, a minimum fee of $4.95 per trade applies when you sell. All other providers will have absolutely no use with $10 fees and WS just isn’t complete. There is no fee for closing an account with Wealthsimple Trade. During the month of May I was accumulating a position in HGD (CAD 2x leveraged gold miners bear etf).

Gone are the days when investment for most average Canadians was limited to high MER mutual funds, expensive online trading platforms and paying a huge commission to a bank or financial manager. I would rather pay a fee per trade than go through this nonsense ever again. They justify it as to “prevent impulsive trades”, but I assume there is some financial gain for them behind it. Wealthsimple Trade and Questrade have smartphone apps that are available on iOS and Android. Just as you would with Wealthsimple, add in your personal information and banking details to link up an outside bank. If they are reluctant to answer or say they do, look elsewhere, because you will get fleeced if you use a platform that outsources execution to HFTs. The popularity of fin-tech firms like Wealthsimple is mostly due to their significantly lower management fees (compared to traditional mutual funds) and hassle-free investment offerings. I was thinking of making a review video but I'm not sure yet. In essence Wealthsimple Trade and Wealthsimple operate as two distinct, separate entities. I guess there’s a point where these fees exceed the flat rate of other institutions? Posted by Enoch Omololu | Updated Sep 26, 2020. It's missing so many features. It beats me why this isn’t the case with every brokerage! © 2020 Enoch Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Wealthsimple was founded in 2014, has more than 175,000 clients and over $5 billion in assets under management. The delay in money transfers - the fact you cannot fund from another WS account is annoying. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

We also don’t make money by selling order flow — a practice whereby some companies sell their customers’ orders to high-frequency trading firms. Where can we find the official Wealthsimple Trade API to read the account? Customer accounts protected by CIPF within specified limits in the event ShareOwner becomes insolvent. He has a master's degree in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Aberdeen Business School and has a passion for helping others win with their finances. Wealthsimple Trade currently allows you to trade inside a TFSA, RRSP, or non-registered personal investment account. This community-run subreddit is for general discussion on the … This means that each and every trade you make in USD is going to be hit with a 1.5% currency conversion fee. It took 2 months for my TFSA funds to be transferred into Wealthsimple, my RRSP funds have yet to be transferred over.

I was wrong. User account menu.

Your email address will not be published. Was considering transferring tangerine funds to quest-trade but it trade brings tfsas ill go there. Has anyone used wealthsimple trade yet? @Joyce: They are members of CIPF which means that your investments are protected up to $1 million should the financial institution become insolvent. Conclusion: who should open a Wealthsimple Trade account? Additionally, the only stock exchanges available with Wealthsimple Trade are the NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, and TSXV. For the vast majority of people, Questrade is still the best option on the market. You cannot place LOO, LOC, stop, trailing stop, or trailing stop limit orders.

I called them, they said 15min lag, price dropped!!!

In jurisdictions of Canada other than Québec, WDA is registered as a restricted dealer. Can you imagine being “forcefully” locked in a trade for 3-5 business days while your ticker is trading and you have no way of getting out of that trade?

Has anyone used wealthsimple trade yet? }

The app doesn’t offer many added features that a serious trader would likely need. Furthermore, the ability only to have non-registered accounts keeps my wary at the moment to do some serious trading at the moment. Learn how your comment data is processed. Stock NBEV: Questrade shows 5.12$, Wealth shows 5.30$ both viewed at the same moment! This is the only unofficial guide that I am aware of: https://github.com/MarkGalloway/wealthsimple-trade/blob/master/API.md, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Wealthsimple_Trade community, Continue browsing in r/Wealthsimple_Trade. This is because you’re required to link an online bank account to Wealthsimple Trade as you open an account (you can link more accounts later on). Enoch Omololu is a personal finance blogger and a veterinarian. To Wealthsimple Trade’s credit, this is standard industry practice. Once my situation is resolved I am definitely closing my account with them. Overview of all the Canadian apartment REITs, How to check your credit score for free in Canada, You only want to trade in Canadian dollars, You aren’t bothered by the minimal customer support, You’re happy trading exclusively on your mobile phone. IF so -- whats it like?

Wealthsimple Digital Assets Inc. (WDA) offers Wealthsimple Crypto to Canadians under time-limited registration and regulatory approach coordinated through the Canadian Securities Administrators' Regulatory Sandbox. Wealthsimple Trade: commission-free stock trading for Canadians. With Wealthsimple Trade, you can also initiate small positions or invest without much starting capital without fees eating away at your returns. I’ve been looking for the best broker my friend in Canada can use to trade stock shares and options as well. I would have expected something more responsive. In fact, many brokerages charge over 2% to convert currencies. If you want to check on the status of your Wealthsimple Trade account, make any trades or transfer money in or out, you have to use your smartphone. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Wealthsimple Trade is the Canadian answer to the popular Robinhood app in the United States. A classic example of a brokerage with poor price execution is Robinhood: When you buy or sell shares on Robinhood, the app is likely executing your trade at a slightly worse price than another broker would.

Wealthsimple Trade does not have a minimum deposit requirement, or any other account minimums. Wealth trade helps in day trading like they advice when to buy or sell. Questrade has built an excellent reputation for customer service, and offers support over the phone, through chat, or by email. report. @Bose: No, that was not possible the last time I checked.

Ironically, they still offer that same repriced etf available to trade, but my position is locked until their clearing brokers make adjustment. Another factor to consider when choosing a brokerage is price execution. Wealthsimple Trade’s ease of use does have a downside, however. Before signing up, ask them if they sell your order flow to high frequency traders (HFTs). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Wealthsimple_Trade community, Continue browsing in r/Wealthsimple_Trade.

What would happen to people’ investments if these organizations become insolvent? Wealthsimple Trade is a division of Canadian ShareOwner Investments Inc. which is a member of IIROC and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). Not so much. My plan was to use the app as an order taker (that is what it is good for) with limit orders and trading leveraged etf’s on CAD markets only (this is to achieve 0% fee trades).

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