were the hittites black

The end of the kingdom was part of the larger Bronze Age Collapse.[56]. Hittite prosperity was mostly dependent on control of the trade routes and metal sources. The Hittites were an Indo-European group who migrated into Anatolia sometime before/during the 19th century BC, displacing(or more likely, integrating with) the native Asiatic Hatti people. With his own sons placed over all of these new conquests, Babylonia still in the hands of the allied Kassites, this left Šuppiluliuma the supreme power broker in the known world, alongside Assyria and Egypt, and it was not long before Egypt was seeking an alliance by marriage of another of his sons with the widow of Tutankhamen. License. Mursilli II had learned more from his father than anyone thought and quickly set about conquering tribes which had long proved a problem (such as the Kaska). a vast fortress-city sprawling over the rocky terrain, with craggy citadels and elaborate temples. [45] Only in the later period from 1400 BC until 1200 BC did the Hittite kingship become more centralized and powerful. The last king, Šuppiluliuma II also managed to win some victories, including a naval battle against Alashiya off the coast of Cyprus. The usage of the term Kattaha over Hannikkun, according to Ronald Gorny (head of the Alisar regional project in Turkey), was a device to downgrade the pre-Hittite identity of this female deity, and to bring her more in touch with the Hittite tradition.

Probably originating from the area beyond the Black Sea, the Hittites first occupied central Anatolia, making their capital at Hattusa (modern Boğazköy). However, the Kingdom recovered its former glory under Šuppiluliuma I (c. 1350 BC), who again conquered Aleppo, Mitanni was reduced to vassalage by the Assyrians under his son-in-law, and he defeated Carchemish, another Amorite city-state.

Known as Greek Tibarenoi (Ancient Greek: Τιβαρηνοί), Latin Tibareni, Thobeles in Josephus, their language may have been Luwian,[57] testified to by monuments written using Anatolian hieroglyphs. Part of the reason for both the weakness and the obscurity is that the Hittites were under constant attack, mainly from the Kaska, a non Indo-European people settled along the shores of the Black Sea. [18], The arrival of the Hittites in Anatolia in the Bronze Age was one of a superstrate imposing itself on a native culture (in this case over the pre-existing Hattians and Hurrians), either by means of conquest or by gradual assimilation.

Hantili was Mursilli’s brother-in-law. In: "Internationale Tagung der Keilschriftforscher der sozialistischen Länder", Budapest, 23.-25. While his lust was at its height, he was enticed into believing that he could Under the reign of Akhenaten, Suppiluliuma I continued to expand his empire by taking kingdoms and vassal states from Egypt, such as Byblos, with little effort. Because of the importance of Northern Syria to the vital routes linking the Cilician gates with Mesopotamia, defense of this area was crucial, and was soon put to the test by Egyptian expansion under Pharaoh Ramesses II.

The area was still known as "the land of the Hatti" down to the year 630 BCE, even though the people, by that time, no longer remembered the Hatti or the Hittite kings and their achievements. At its peak, during the reign of Muršili II, the Hittite empire stretched from Arzawa in the west to Mitanni in the east, many of the Kaskian territories to the north including Hayasa-Azzi in the far north-east, and on south into Canaan approximately as far as the southern border of Lebanon, incorporating all of these territories within its domain. For example, prior to these major reforms, the payment to be made for the theft of an animal was thirty times the animal's value; after the reforms, the penalty was reduced to half the original fine. Many of these cases include public torture and execution as punishment for serious crimes against religion. Mark, Joshua J. [77] In either case, the law codes of the Hittites provide very specific fines or punishments that are to be issued for specific crimes[77][79] and have many similarities to Biblical laws found in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.

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