who was the baby in a close call for boston blackie

Cute baby got a ton of screen time and a bit too much silliness for me.They really stretched it to get it to the 60 minute mark. Peyton, the son of millionaire Cyrus Peyton, had been jailed several years earlier for manslaughter, and Gerry confides that she never informed him or his family about the birth of their child. "Unhurried and without excitement, but quickly. Maurice Tarplin played Inspector Farraday; Jan Miner was Mary. Blackie must now set out to prove his innocence as well as capture the real killers. Looking for something to watch?
When John finds them together, he assumes the child is Blackie's and pulls out a gun. |   Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture, Want to contact us? However, it is all a joke on Blackie. There, Blackie is surprised to find Gerry and Smiley handcuffed

Studio: Columbia Release Date: January 24, 1946 Running Time: 68 minutes B/W Director: Lew Landers Producer: John Stone Cinematographer: Burnett Guffey and Gert Anderson Editor: Jerome Thoms Screenwriter: Ben Markson Story: Paul Yawitz Additional Dialogue: … been lying about her motherhood, visits her accomplices to discuss their a scheme to extort Cast Chester Morris as Boston Blackie Lynn Merrick as Geraldine "Gerry" Peyton Richard Lane as Inspector Farraday Frank Sully as Sergeant Matthews George E. Stone as "The Runt" from imdb Enjoyable Blackie entry with ample laughs, no big surprises 24 September 2011 | … When Blackie challenges its validity and threatens to call the police, Smiley appears, gun in hand. Acting on an anonymous tip, Farraday arrives soon after and assumes Blackie is responsible for the dead body. View production, box office, & company info. When Gerry mentions that From the switchboard operator in Gerry's Blackie has his sidekick, "the Runt" (George E. Stone), hide the baby at the apartment of the latter's girlfriend, Mamie Carleton (an unbilled Claire Carleton). Later convicted of robbery, Boyle was serving a term in San Quentin when he created the character of Boston Blackie.

Syndicated in September 1951, it ran for 58 episodes, lasting until 1953,[48] continuing in repeats over the following decade.
Peyton, while the other one, Hagen, has allowed Gerry to present his baby as the elder Peyton's A Close Call for Boston Blackie (1946) is the tenth of fourteen Columbia Pictures crime films starring Chester Morris as Boston Blackie. Claire Carleton as Mamie Cold War yarn about a US State Department courier who tangles with Soviet agents and seductive women in post WW2 Europe.

Russell Hicks as Harcourt For the Chicago bluesman, see. George E. Stone played Runt in all but the first and last films. "Enemy to those who make him an enemy. he becomes suspicious of Gerry's motives. assistant, Blackie rejoins The Runt and the baby. Certificate: Passed |   One Mysterious Night  

", "The Helen Reddy story and the song that inspired a revolution", 'Love, Weddings and Other Disasters' Trailer, 'The Opening Act' Interviews with Jimmy O. Yang & Steve Byrne. Matthews was originally played as a hapless victim of circumstance by Walter Sande; he was replaced by Lyle Latell, who played it dumber, and then by comedian Frank Sully, who played it even dumber. Production Dates: October 1 to October 13, 1945, Chester Morris as Boston Blackie Doris Houck as Josie Lesley Woods played Blackie's girlfriend Mary Wesley; Richard Lane played Inspector Farraday. Cyrus' lawyer, Harcourt, who explains that his employer had received a note that very morning gets a chance to teach Blackie a lesson about becoming involved with shady women. Silent Movies   She begs him to help protect her baby from her husband John (an uncredited Mark Roberts), who has just been paroled. Brian O'Hara as Blakie's cab driver

Writer Jack Boyle grew up in Chicago, Illinois. See the full list of A Close Call for Boston Blackie cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Isn't that Bobby Blake as the baby? A Close Call for Boston Blackie Blackie decides to impersonate Cyrus Peyton to catch her and her accomplices.

After releasing Gerry and Smiley, Farraday arrests Blackie "A Close Call for Boston Blackie" has a lot of humor in it as well as delightful performances from Morris, George E. Stone as The Runt and Claire Carlton as Mamie, The Runt's girlfriend. It's up to Blackie to figure out all of this, keep a step ahead of Farraday and the baby out of the wrong hands.

After stealing the note from It turns out that Gerry and Smiley Slade are trying to swindle her wealthy father-in-law, Cyrus Peyton.

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