who wrote standing on shaky ground

Robin Riker played his wife and Matthew Brooks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Bradley Pierce played their children. Song information for Shakey Ground - The Temptations on AllMusic Why in all the wide, wide world Bar Room Blues is an exclusive series of video guitar lessons by Steve “Red” Lasner covering classic blues songs from historically great guitarists like B.B. The Temptations did the original in '75. Why did I have to write this song

bar room bluesguitar lessonshaky groundstanding on shaky ground. Have I run into you here You know I stand on shaky ground. He loved his family and worked hard to support them, but in ways was struggling with adulthood as well. I find it hard to find the words to say, Neil: Wanna run away and hide Should have never let you go. He worked as a quality-control inspector for United General Technologies. Bob tries to clean the chimney, but when Dylan gets stuck inside, Bob's marriage may go up in smoke. Shaky Ground is an American sitcom, created by Bob Keyes, Chip Keyes, and Doug Keyes, …

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Episodes often focused on Bob's thwarted ambitions at work, or the fact that he was not a traditional husband and father at home.

Bob's in-laws leave their dog behind when they vacation in Hawaii and when it suddenly dies, Bob could find himself in the doghouse. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Neil: The Rolling Stones: Part 1 – History of Rock – Episode 17 – Guitar Lesson – Andy Aledort, The Beatles: Part 1 – History of Rock – Episode 16 – Guitar Lesson – Andy Aledort, The British Invasion – History of Rock – Episode 15 – Guitar Lesson – Andy Aledort, King of The Blues Instrumental – History of Rock – Episode 14, 4 Blues Soloing Guitar Lessons With Corey Congilio. Neil & Dara: I've built so many walls around me Now the walls are tumbling down. Bob has Carter play sick so he can stay home to "nurse" him, but actually he wants to watch the hottest fight of the year and avoid having to attend. Before their broken furnace can be replaced, the Moodys must contend with the cold reality of costly asbestos removal — and living in a small trailer in their back yard. Bob and Helen's fifteenth anniversary is clouded when Bernadette finds a love poem from one of Helen's old flames. Is a life too hard to bear, Dara: Shaky Ground is an American sitcom, created by Bob Keyes, Chip Keyes, and Doug Keyes, which starred Matt Frewer as Bob Moody, a hapless but supportive and caring father.

The version by Delbert McClinton seems to be the most popular release today. Some episodes were surrealistic in nature, such as Bob trying an experimental hair-restoration product that slowly turned him into a werewolf. Also, if you want more guitar lessons like these, be sure to check out Red’s Guitar Sherpa class. I should have never let you go, Dara: In another episode he takes up "Dance Fu", a combination of the martial arts and jazz dancing, to protect his family's right to go to a restaurant after a bully from work threatens him. Bob loses a promotion to a much-younger manager and quits his job, then must break the news to his wife.

Now the walls are tumbling down, Dara: Neil: Let the tears begin to flow. Check it out. I should have never let you go, Neil & Dara: When the school board considers axing Dylan's music classes, Bob takes a stand against budget cuts and starts a petition drive — without much success. Feel so tangled up inside Anyone can make mistakes Other episodes were more down to earth. In another episode his daughter asks him to stay in the kitchen and not embarrass her at her first party, but when it flops, he livens it up with disco music and a game of Twister to everyone's delight and helps his daughter approach a boy she likes. After spending long hours at work away from the family, Bob tries to bond with youngest child Dylan. In this lesson we’ll look at a few options for both rhythm and lead. I just got to let you know

The show aired on Fox from December 27, 1992 to May 23, 1993. Howard Rosenberg of the Los Angeles Times described the show as "sneaky-funny" in his 1992 review.

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