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rubble. Maine CDC briefing at 2 pm on foxbangor.com, Facebook, AUGUSTA — The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday that another Mainer has died after …. I know this is a ridiculous question, but didn't anybody say if you would just learn how to use Word, you could do it all electronically? The President hated people making all these corrections because he's already gone through his cards. Was this before or after his heart attack? Steve Hadley was notorious for not getting it in on time, which is hard. My job is to do the best for him. So it's not always that rewarding. We didn't hear from him for a while. We are in the News Corp building in New York City, Mike Nelson interviewing and Bill McGurn being interviewed about his experience with the George W. Bush administration. October 8, 2018. It was very frustrating to get answers from everyone. If it's a Frank Lloyd Wright house it's not going to have your colonial kind of window--it has to fit into the theme. I don't have any desire to do this. I had no desire to work in the federal government. see how that happens, because most people read speeches.

In fact, I learned that was not really true. To have a little humility. To plant a tree in memory of William Patrick McGurn, please visit. You think it's short and choppy; it won't sound short and choppy. My wife said, "We've been under terrorist attack.

So when did you start thinking of yourself as conservative? No, my parents were not politically active at all.
It's just a very different kettle of fish. I just say, "Eleven o'clock I want you home." The President was late. So you have that. I'm not a bluffer. We had four or five fact checkers, two researchers I think. I think he got there at five o'clock, literally, every morning. We're going to do this." As far as I could see he just had them read different speeches and go through it. It's early on. The one year we had fun I suggested--we were having trouble with Iran and stuff. You don't get an expense account, so if I took someone there it was all on me, even for work. He said you can come back whenever you want. He was disciplined so he could take everything I think that way. I heard President Clinton came alive. So when we did a speech, it might be two pages but it might have four pages of footnotes to back it up. I went with my brother. That's run of the mill for people handling classified material. I don't even know what you would call it--a thirdly? That is probably how they would define themselves. This speech was just the first. There is a plaque. Very few people--in fact, in the campaign Bernie Sanders is saying he was one of the few who opposed Iraq. I'm only using his name because I'm blanking on all the other Cabinet Secretaries now. I remember talking to my grandfather. You'd be surprised. No, I'm pretty sure--I may have been in a public event where he was speaking, but I had no intimate time, or even in a room where you would say I was with him. The Katrina speech--a friend of mine from New Orleans, Raymond Arroyo of EWTN [Eternal Word Television Network/Global Catholic Television Network], gave me the last line. They need a clear shot, like Jackie Robinson. He's thinking, They'll do what I say. If you cut out TV, you have a lot of time to read. After this meeting--when he doesn't like it, you have to go fix it. I didn't think I would. If he got 50 people at a rally, I'd be surprised. The most notable time--I think the President used his Saturday address to defend the terrorist surveillance program. He saw it separately from the Pentagon. So there's a lot of stuff that isn't rhetorical uplift, worker recovery. They'd probably say, "I'm Cantonese," meaning the dialect that goes all through China. My dad was Bill and his dad was Bill. You lost your house. Despite the State of the Union saying here are all the things we want to do, generally there are one or two or three priorities. I'm guessing you hadn't read every speech or press conference remark. Did you feel that that was kind of your baptism by fire? There weren't people under me except for maybe the interns. No. One of the things that was always maddening was examples in the President's speech. My wife was American and she had been there about five years.

Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Maybe just to clarify this, because I think you said the President would like to see it two days in advance. We were living in the town I'm still living in, a different house but same town. Partly it's a reward to some of the other people.

One change from Mike Gerson when I was there: He always used to list at the bottom in rank who had been involved. One of the things I didn't realize when I got there was how rank-conscious the White House is. I'm wondering--at this stage, how are you looking at American politics? Childhood friends, not necessarily my friends, but families who were around. A speech solidifies that. You'll know that months in advance. It raised the consciousness that wasn't there before. I'm friends with all of them. But there were a lot of things like that. He deserved the chance. Paul said, "You've got to go if you get the chance." But you list them--they must have looked at the original thing, because at the bottom it says who did it. They're there. It doesn't excuse a lot of things, but I'm proud that I didn't have any of those accusations or anything when I was there.

I'd never been in it before. I didn't admire columnists and so forth. I just think you owe people a certain confidence. That's a good intro. The State of the Union, the early ones--even when I'm not writing speeches, when you're the chief speechwriter you're editing everyone else's things. The bicycling took a lot of stress out of him. They don't. Yes, "reach out and touch the face--" Right. I was by that time at the White House and I had a picture on my desk. I think he had some other people and so forth. I can see it. That's out of the meeting. In the meantime, we had gotten my youngest. It's hard to explain. They have a lot of problems. The first point of our strategy for defeating al-Qaeda is this." It was really messy. You do it or you don't do it. Nelson: Through--. He was just great to my family. Yes, yes, applause. I remember the story about Clinton. I was on my back and spoke in a gravelly, unpersuasive voice. I knew a lot of the people on his staff. Everyone who works there, I think even if you work at the Department of Education you can do it. With any speech you really want to know all the setting and the history behind it so you can allude to it or at least convey to the people you know who they are and what the place is. If President Bush had just visited--basically, people want to see the American President say I care. In general. There was something in the beginning that he just hated. Then within an hour-- the Journal has offices in Princeton. I'd known Ed a long time before. I could do that, but Sorensen could just freeze them out. But generally he would do a two-page statement before and then say, "Now I'm taking questions." What is my policy? For most of George W. Bush’s second term, yours truly served as his chief speechwriter. A lot of people would be afraid when the President got the speech, especially if he didn't like it. You might say this guy is a hero and then you find out he's got a wife-beating charge on him.
As senior staffer you have several privileges. As a speechwriter, it started with Reagan and pointing to the guy who jumped in the water and saved people. He rejoined News Corp. as a columnist for The Wall Street Journal in April 2015 where he now writes the Main Street column; he is also an executive at its parent company. That was illuminating to learn a little bit about what I didn't know. But when you're writing a Presidential speech, aren't you writing for the eye too? I'm a big believer in the liberal arts. Sometimes if it were simple, the people would do it by themselves. Yes, there still is. So they were kind of fomenting the Hatfields and McCoys. Did you feel like this was maybe steering you toward a career in opinion journalism rather than reporting?

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